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20 gorgeous short hairstyles for thick hair

1. Short layered haircuts for thick hair

This first idea is a very basic layer of chin length Bob. It takes the edge off thick hair and, thanks to all its layers, makes it less voluminous and fluffy. Invest in some high quality hair products to make them look shiny and supple.

2. Short structured hairstyles for thick hair

Actress Raquel Welch has always had an impressive hairline. When she went over the hill and turned 60, she also got the big cut, just like most women. Only that, for her it was a super stylish multilayer pixie cut as she has such thick hair.

raquel which short hairstyles for short hair

3. Modern short haircuts for thick hair

This is a super cool long pixie cut, textured and very chaotic, with 2000s inspired spikes all around. But what we love most about it was the color. It’s a very silky iceberg blonde, almost metallic, that will work fantastically with smoky makeup.

4. Low maintenance short haircuts for thick hair

Will it be lower maintenance than that? This is a beige blonde bob with long bangs on one side. It has choppy ends and it is very straight and supple, so you do not have to worry about styling it everyday.

5. Felicity Jones

If you’re looking for celebrity inspiration when it comes to short hairstyles for thick hair, look no further. We have several on this list and actress Felicity Jones is just the first. She usually wears this fantastic black-brown bob with very loose beach waves and heavy set pony of the 60s.

felicity jones short hair for thick hair

6. The Lily Collins

We saw actress Lily Collins walk through thick hair for many short hairstyles. However, we must say that this pine length Bob is our favorite. It prefers her round face best and makes her look incredibly chic and feminine. No wonder she was chosen to be the face of Givenchy!

Lily Collins short hairstyles for thick hair

7. The Christina Hendricks

Some actors become known alongside their actors for different aspects of their aspect. This also applies to Christina Hendricks, who is well known for her commitment to redheads. So do short hairstyles for thick hair, ladies.

Christina Hendricks short hairstyles for thick hair

8. Short shaggy hairstyles for thick hair

Meet the Italian chic. This is a rippled and shaggy bob that will draw all eyes upon you. If your hair is not naturally wavy or curly, you can always create that look with your flat iron, along with some sea salt spray for that mermaid feeling.

9. Mandy Moore

We were pleased to see Mandy Moore and discover that she has turned into a fabulously fashionable and beautiful woman. Here she wears a chocolate brown, long, with blond and red stripes spiked pixie cut and a few beautiful gold statement earrings.

Mandy Moore short hairstyles for thick hair

10. The Anne Hathaway

Another celebrity who desperately needs ideas for short hairstyles for thick hair is our dear Anne. It was not always easy for her to tame this mane. Remember these scenes in The Princess Diaries ? But if she could do it, then you and then we all pretend to be the princesses of Genovia.

11. Asymmetric Haircuts for Thick Hair

How cute is this asymmetrical pixie? One side of it is completely scraped off, while the other retains all the beauty of your natural curls. This type of short hairstyle for thick hair really brings out the best of both worlds.

12. The Selena Gomez

A celebrity with amazingly thick hair has always been Instagram girlfriend Selena Gomez. Nowadays she wears her hair long and curly. However, there was a time in her teenage years when she went for this awesome and sleek Bob.

13. Charlize Theron

Probably the most beautiful woman in the world and for many years the face of the French perfume J’adore Dior, the actress Charlize Theron is a fan of short hairstyles for thick hair. Here she is wearing a very long and curly blonde Pixie cut.

charlize theron short hairstyles for thick hair

14. The Victoria Beckham

She’s probably had almost as many hairstyles as her equally famous husband. Obviously, some were more successful than others. For example, this is an asymmetrical, caramel-blonde, long pixie, perfect for hairstyles for thick hair.

15. The Meg Ryan

Although we got used to her long haircut when she became famous for starring in some of the best romantic films of all time, we also love Meg Ryan with this shaggy and layered hairstyle that almost gives the impression she has curly hair.

16. The Lea Seydoux

French actress Lea Seydoux also has healthy hair. That’s why she loves to make short hairstyles for thick hair. This is an amazing sandy, unkempt bob she has paired with almost no makeup. And we think she looks absolutely fantastic.

20 gorgeous short hairstyles for thick hair

17. Short hairstyles for thick, dark hair

If you love this haircut and want to copy it, then you need to break your hair dryer or rotating brush. Use some styling mousse and turn the brush gently so it does not get caught in the hair. You know perfectly well that it’s impossible to come out.

18. The Jaimie Alexander

We first know her as Lady Warrior Sif in the first Thor movie and she’s been turning her head ever since. Speaking of heads, she’s a fine example of how to handle short hairstyles for thick hair. Find her.

19. The Audrey Tatou

The second French actress on our list of short hairstyles for thick hair has opted for a very rich, cocoa-colored long bob. Obviously, her is completely Parisian chic, so you’ll have to copy it in detail if you want to look like you’ve just come back from an excursion to la belle France.

20. Mature short hairstyles for thick hair

If you have exceeded a certain age and your hair is wholly or partially white, we recommend that you do not dye it. Hug and enjoy what nature has given you, because it’s a great color and change that needs to be celebrated instead of hiding under hair dye.

mature short hairstyles for thick hair

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