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20 hottest pink / red ombre hairstyles for medium and long hair

Credit [19659005] Why go for a bang of color when you can have two? As this amazing lady has proven, sometimes two colors are better than one! She has rounded off her pink hair with a lively ombre to a deep lavender purple at the ends, and the two colors could not possibly be more perfect. Finished with great curls, this style is really very eye-catching.

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Beautiful pastel ombre for long hair

20 Pretty Choices, Pink Ombre Hair Looks
Credit [19659005] In our perhaps pink Ombre transition, this stunning pastel ombre look is the work of a truly remarkable hair stylist! Starting with a deep purple root and going over to a bubblegum pink at the top of the hair, the ombre effect ends up in a beautiful, deep pink, perfectly highlighted by these barrel curls!

Straight Blonde to Pink Ombre

20 pretty ways to style pink ombre hair looks

This beautiful long and fair hair of the girls is perfectly finished by a stunning ombre transition into a vibrant and bright pink at the ends. Her hair melts seamlessly from one color to another, creating a striking and beautiful visual effect! This girl has just left her long curls with a light natural wave, but we think curls would look fantastic too.

Chic Warm Blonde to Dusty Pink Ombre Hair with Twist

20 Pretty Choices, Pink Ombre Hair Looks

This beautiful, warm blonde highlights the hair at the ends in a beautiful, dusty pink and we think that the color combination is just perfect. This impeccably stylish girl has gently curled her curls and made for a beautiful and messy fish tail braid for half of her hair, creating the perfect boho hairstyle that’s just fantastic for festivals!

Deep Pink to Neon Pink Ombre Hair for Girls [19659020] 20 Pretty Ways to Style Pink Ombre Hair Look “width =” 520 “>

From one beautiful and bright pink to another, this immaculately stylish and trend-setting lady has gone for bold and bright with her pink ombre transition! From a beautiful pink at the root that blends into a breathtaking neon, light pink at the ends, this stunning pink hair has been designed to attract attention. We love the loose curls!

Dark brown to Pink Ombre

20 Pretty Ways to Pink Ombre Hair Look

This beautiful brown-pink combination is a sight for sore eyes – we just love it. This wonderful lady has finished her deep chocolate brown curls with an ombrian transition into a wonderful flamingo pink – and we think these two colors work seamlessly together. She likes ringellets on the ends of her hair and we think it looks gorgeous.

Baby pink to pink and purple pastels ombre hair for women

20 pretty choices, pink ombre hair looks

Why do you have a pastel color in your hair when you can have several? This lady works with her stunning long curls in pastel-colored perfection and we just love her. From a beautiful light pink at the root, which turns into a beautiful deep pink and purple-purple ombre at the ends, we think that this curly hair looks just stunning, do not you agree?

Blonde to pink and purple ends

20 Pretty Ways to Style Pink Ombre Hair Looks

This fabulously stylish lady has finished her beautiful blonde curly hair with an ombre enamel in bright pink and purple finishes and we think it just looks stunning! The combination of beautiful bright colors looks wonderful – especially when they are done with beautiful curls, as this lady has done! We think it would look just as good with straight hair.

Bright Blonde to Baby Pink Ombre

20 Pretty Choices, Pink Ombre Hair Looks

This gorgeous white blonde hair is absolutely gorgeous with tight curls starting in the middle of her hair to finish the ends, but this lady has gone one step further than her hair to curl – she has added a beautiful pink ombre transition to it bring their hair to life, and we just love it! Effortlessly stylish and flawlessly cool – Styles Weekly approved

Black to Pink Ombre Hair for long straight hair

20 Pretty ways to style Pink Ombre Hair Looks

We start our gallery with an incredibly eye-catching cut that changes from a beautiful dark black to a lively, hot, pimply pink look! The long and straight curls of this woman perfectly complement her stunning and vibrant hair – and we think it looks extraordinary against her cool leather jacket, right? This would look just as good if curly.

Bubblegum Pink to Purple Ombre

20 Pretty Choices, Pink Ombre Hair Looks

This chewing gum pink to purple ombre just looks stunning, we are sure you I agree with you. A combination of two beautiful pastel shades, the transition from one to the other is smooth but striking, and it looks amazing on this gorgeous girl! She has gone through the hair for loose curls to bring out the gorgeous colors, and we just love it.

White blonde to soft pink ombre hair

20 Pretty Ways to Style Pink Ombre Hair Look
Credit [19659005] This white blonde to bubblegum pink gives us a nostalgic feeling and reminds us in the 90s of Christina Aguilera – which is not bad at all! It’s a classic combination that has come back into fashion on a grand scale, and if you look at this stunning girl and her hair, it’s not surprising why! She is great for combed back curls and volume and we think she looks great.

Dark pink to light pink ombre

20 pretty ways to style pink Ombre Hair Looks

This stunning girl has gone two different pink varieties – a beautiful and deep pink at the root that merges into a stunning light pink at the ends of the hair, in a beautiful ombre effect. We are really excited about this color combination and think how this lady went for soft curls works just perfect! The center parting creates a beautiful symmetrical look.

Chocolate brown to bright pink transition – soft curly ombre hairstyle

20 pretty ways to shape pink ombre hair look

This beautiful chocolate brown hair is long, curly and pretty eye-catching – especially because it’s finished with an absolutely gorgeous pink color on the ends! This lady has opted for a beautiful soft curl that makes this stunning ombre even more beautiful. We think that this hair would be just as perfect when it is straight.

Pink to Blonde Ombre Bob Hairstyle for short to medium hair

20 Pretty ways to style pink Ombre hair looks

This fabulous lady has gone for a light twist on the ombre look – starting from a bubblegum pink color at the root and transitioning to a gorgeous blonde at the ends, this lady ombre color works amazingly well on this incredible crop! This beautiful bob is brought to life with a springy curl and we just love it, right?

Purple to Pink Ombre looking for Medium Hair

20 Pretty Ways to Make Pink Ombre Hair Looks
Credit [19659005] This gorgeous and incredibly trendy girl has opted for a stunning color combination for her pink ombre look – and we think it looks like she’s straight out of the pages of a magazine! From a beautiful purple root to a beautiful, light pink finish, this smooth and straight hairstyle is curled at the ends under a stunning and sweeping silhouette.

Pink fringe and ends – ombre hair with full blunt bangs

20 Pretty Ways to Style Pink Ombre Hair Looks

We absolutely love this adorable lady’s Amazing Hair Combination! The main color of her hair is a beautiful brown brown, but she has brought her beautiful hair to life with a bright pink pony and a dazzling bright pin ombre to the ends. She straightened her hair and rolled up the ends for a nice finished effect.

Brown to Blonde and Pink Ombre

20 Pretty Ways to Style Pink Ombre Hair Looks

This beautiful dark hair goes from a wonderfully deep color to a beautiful yellow toned blonde and then a beautiful pink right at the ends – and we think the three colors work together wonderfully. This lady ended her look with big barrel curls at the end to highlight the colors and we just love the last look.

Pastel pink to white ombre

20 Pretty Ways to Style Pink Ombre Hair Looks
19659005] Another of our favorite looks from this stunning selection, this gorgeous hair makes this stunning lady look like a mythical mermaid! From a beautiful and soft pink with a light touch of purple to a beautiful silver white at the ends, this gorgeous curly hair looks absolutely flawless – especially in the beautiful loose waves she has worked through.

Pink to Blond to Pink Again!

20 Pretty Ways to Design Pink Ombre Hair Looks

This gorgeous lady has gone for a double ombre effect with her pink and blonde curls and we love it! Starting with a pink root ending quickly in a beautiful blond tone and then ending with the same pink, this stunning transition works wonders and you can really see the colors with their straight and supple hair!

If you’ve never considered adding a touch of pink to your hair, we hope that this wonderful gallery has inspired you that pink is the perfect color for your hair! Styles Weekly has an impressive collection or hair items – so be sure to shop.

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