Long Hairstyles

20 pictures of long hair ideas for women

Long hair may be hard to style, but there are many different ways to create unique styles with long hair. It would be wise to find out which hairstyles would look good after you find the best layering for your hair type and face shape. Lightweight stratification is good for thick and wavy hair, choppy or textured layers are ideal for thin or fine hair. If you have curly hair, go with light layers.

As I said before, long hairstyles can be really versatile, simple wavy hair or a messy bun would be perfect for casual looks, but maybe you also want to get some inspiration about special event hairstyles. Updos are the most popular hairstyles for special occasions, they are perfect for creating really elegant and chic styles. Bun hair is always a good choice, the low bun will give you a cool and masculine style. Braided hairstyles are also another option, messy normal braids are a nice idea for bohemian and casual styles. Braided half updos and Updos will give you a really romantic and stylish look.

1. Classic long hairstyle for women

classic long hairstyle for women

2. Simple high bun

Simple high bun

3. Big big bun for long hair

Big big bun for long hair

4. Wavy Curly Long Hairstyle for Women

Long hairstyles for women

5. Best long hairstyle for black women

Best long hairstyles for women

6. Braided Half Updo Hairstyle

Long Hairstyles for Women

7. Box braids for black women

Long hairstyles for ladies

8. Super long straight hair

Long hairstyles for ladies

9. Natural waves

Long hairstyles for women

10. Braided updo idea

Braided updo idea


Long hairstyles for women


Long hairstyles for women


Long hairstyles for women


Long hairstyles for women


Long hairstyles for women


Long hairstyles for women


Long hairstyles for women


Long hairstyles for women

19. Long hair with a full pony

Long hairstyles for women

20. Elegant updo style

Long hairstyles for women

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