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20 Really cute hairstyles for your baby boy

Always look at your baby boy and wonder where the time is? They certainly are not grown up too fast, but are not nearly as fast as your hair is growing. This is the reason why picking the perfect haircut for your little ones can be a tough decision. You want the world to see how gorgeous your baby is and you definitely do not want to crawl him, embarrassed when he looks over his baby photos in the years to come! Here are 20 adorable haircut ideas that we are sure you will be inspired by for your baby boy.

Combed down
There is no age limit on dapper. If you want to be your baby boy, the smartest kid in the crib, give him a neat side parting and smooth down, his hair like this little one.

Spike and shaved
Are you on the education of a mini rock star? If so, he is sure to appreciate this lovable rebellious spike until quaff, complete with shaved pages. The flash shaved on the sides makes it even cool.

Floppy hair with undercut
A shaved undercut with longer, wavy hair on top is a trendy style for boys of all ages. When worn by teens and adults it can make you look like handsome members of boy bands. On a boy, but this haircut is almost too cute for words.

Cute curls
If your little boy is blessed with happiness, with tight curls, make sure to show off to your absolute best. The smooth, clean hairline emphasizes these cute curls perfectly.

Give your child a punk-rocker vibe by shaving his hair in a cool mohawk. Spike, his locks to ensure that he looks and feels like the hottest dead in the city.

Shaved lines
Shaved lines are possibly one of the hottest hair trends for men at the moment. If you want your son to see how adorable, like this chubby cheeked little boy, give him a twin shaved lines and an extreme side parting.

Combed down with shaved lines
This trendy cut looks like a combination of number one and number six. The expansive crown that has been combed down perfectly landscaped garden terrace makes this baby neat look and polished. The weak shaved lines, but give it a slightly rebellious edge.

Long up
Let the world see how cool and unconcerned your little guy is with this floppy style. Keep the pages short and let the top-flow free as in this relaxed style.

Perfectly tidy
If you prefer to cut your baby boy skirt a clean-shaven, try this delightful do. This blonde little boy has a side parting and a smooth style, but not a hair out of place.

Tight curls
This dogged haircut looks especially adorable on little guys with afro texture lock. Its spiral curls have been cut off so close to the head that they have been kept perfectly clean and tidy.

Hipster Baby
Your baby is going to be too cool for a preschool-with a haircut like this. Just like an adult-hipster, his locks on the top let him straight and completely shave the sides. This is totally fancy and will make any baby look cool.

Turned back, with angular lines
Want to see your baby boy, cute and super cute at the same time? Treat him to this perfectly swept back hairstyle with choppy layers on the top, which gradually fades into a class one cut. The shaved sides look great, especially thanks to the perfectly designed garden terrace cut lines in his hairline.

Thick and stratified
Baby boy with naturally thick hair looks will be absolutely adorable with this bouncy, layered haircut. The deep side part and perfectly styled-curls on the top go together nicely.

Baby Spikes
Just show how sweet your little boy’s facial features are by adding up his locks in little jagged spots. Cut the pages short, the style, trend and your son will turn heads wherever he goes.

Darling little darling
If you live for show-stopping styles in your own day-to-day life, then why shy when it comes to your baby boy? Give him a haircut like this, which looks fashionable enough to be seen in a chic editorial magazine. Long with cute babyish waves in the back and short in the front, with a jagged little fringe; This haircut is one that really stood your son.

Purple Mohawk with Zig Zags
We can not imagine something cooler than a little boy with vividly colored locks. This curly little purple mohawk is too cute for words, and the zig-zag fade makes sure that the cement plays its role as the most popular child in kindergarten.

Spider Man
Cobwebs are not just for Halloween costumes! Little boys and girls around the world day in, day out, always dreaming of a superhero like Spiderman. You can help your son get one step closer to achieving that dream by shaving a spooky spider’s web into the back of his hair, just like this mini-style superhero.

Double strip
We’ve already found that shaving strips in a little boy’s hair is a sure fire way to make him look adorable and feel as cool as it comes. Why do not you all go out and get twin lines Shaved all the way around his hair? Keep the top of the half long and neatly styled to hold him, looking smart.

If you would like to experiment with shaved lines on your baby boy, but do not like the dead straight stripes, try fading those wavy ones. The swirling lines at the bottom of the hair look great, especially when combined with the slick hair on the top.

Page sweeping and fade
If you are a chubby faced little cherub of your own, emphasizing his cute, round features with this haircut. The hair on the top is a bit long, and combed you neatly on one side, the hair on the sides shaved in a gradual fade, which we think looks good.

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