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20 simple Christmas hairstyles for girls

20 simple Christmas hairstyles for girls

Little girls are born to dress up. Whether at Christmas or another day of the year, choosing the right dress and accessories for your little princess is what every mother loves. With all the holiday preparations and errands you have to carry out during this hectic time, we have made a selection of the best Christmas hairstyles for girls to make your life easier.

1. Heatless curls

20 simple Christmas hairstyles for girls

No doubt, curls look pretty on little girls, but heat your young hair so these curls can actually damage their hair. Use a dishcloth that has been cut into long strips to roll strands of hair. Tie a knot and keep it overnight to get the best tight curls ever.

2.Christmas special bread roll

This sophisticated hairstyle in our selection of Christmas hairstyles for girls can be made by using a donut bun shaped shaper. Just make a high ponytail, pull the donut over it and style the hair around it. The end result is a very neat and voluminous bun. Decorate it with a big red bow or red threads to make it especially for Christmas.

3.Baubel hairstyle

20 simple Christmas hairstyles for girls

We have a half, a half hairstyle selected in our Christmas hairstyles for girls list. It is even more beautiful with beautiful red construction, placed at the point where the hair was put together. Pull the hair on the base of the construction to create volume on the scalp and make the whole thing much softer.

4.Bow Shaped Hairstyle

Bow shape hairstyle has the social media of a storm. Everywhere you look, young girls and teens make a splash with this sweet style. Make a ponytail and swing it inside. Pull it aside to make a loop and wrap a strand of hair over it as shown in the picture. Play a little to make the whole thing look better.

5.Christmas Pleat

20 simple Christmas hairstyles for girls

A simple twist in a regular braid can create a whole new look, as this cute Christmas plum shows. Just make a ponytail with the front hair part. Braid it as you usually do, and in the end, pull two strands from both sides to create a bauble look that reminds of Christmas.

6.Candy cane hairstyle

20 simple Christmas hairstyles for girls

A perfect braided hairstyle is one of our favorites in this Christmas hairstyles for girls selection. Just twist your braid while making it to shape it like a candy cane. Using white and red ribbon will look just like the colors of our favorite Christmas candy.

7. Pull through the braid


Although it does not look exactly like a Christmas tree, it somehow reminds us of one. The loops are created by dividing the sections of the braid and pulling the ponytail through this opening. In our Christmas hairstyles for girls we show you how this is possible in two styles; a single braid or even two braids

8. Eleven pigtails

20 simple Christmas hairstyles for girls

What is Christmas without elves? Make pork tails to depict Santa’s magical helpers and pull red and green ribbons through the main netting. This style can also be repeated for Halloween.

9.Frozen Elsa hairstyle

Elsa is without a doubt the favorite cartoon character of all young girls. Why do not you try a one-sided braid look for Christmas? Start making a French braid from one side. Make a regular braid and add strands of hair from left and right as you continue down. Be sure to walk along the scalp and toward the neck. Pull some thin strands of hair to complete the “Queen Elsa” look for your young lady.

10.Christmas Eve Hair

20 simple Christmas hairstyles for girls

This must be the easiest and most versatile hairstyle among the Christmas Hairstyles For Girls looks. Whether your princess’s hair is short or long, just watch out with a large, Christmas-colored ribbon to get that festive look.

11.Tinsel hairstyle

20 simple Christmas hairstyles for girls

Give your celebrations shine and shine the most important hairstyle easy, but add glitter on selected strands to make it look like shiny hair lights over the entire length of the hair. You can use the tinsel of the same color or if you are really bold, Go for the all-out multi-color look as seen on the picture.

12. Christmas bun with Holly

This is a great DIY idea among our selection of Christmas hairstyles for girls. You can either holly out the ornamentation area of ​​super stores or do it at home. You can easily find all the things you need to do at home. Just use foam boards and pipe cleaners to make holly trees and you’re good to go. Add these to a simple low bun to spice it up for the holiday season.

13.Light-up hairstyle

This idea may seem crazy, but it actually looks pretty cute. Use battery powered LED strands and attach them to either a single ponytail or two ponytails to brighten your hair during this festive season.

14.The Rudolph Updo

20 simple Christmas hairstyles for girls

Creating a Rudolph on your bun is such a good Christmas hairstyle for girls idea. Just make sure you use a sock or a donut to make a clean, clear bun. Put a red pom pom for your nose and use pipe cleaner for Rudolph’s horns. Adding googly eyes will give a funny twist to the whole look.

15.Santa Claus Hair

It will not be cool to have a Santa Claus right in your hair. This hairstyle can be easily assembled by first making a ponytail and then dividing it into two braids. Take a red ribbon and thread it through the braids. Add white pompons to complete the look.

16.Christmas tree hair

20 simple Christmas hairstyles for girls

A variation of Santa Claus hairstyle is the Christmas tree design. You can use a cable pattern already described in the sections above and attach little pompons to get another Christmas tree braid shown here.

17.The snowflake decor

Although this Hair Syle is most famous for weddings, but it also looks good to show the snow during the Christmas season. This bun requires a special technique. When you layer the hair over the donut, twist each strand to get a flake-like appearance. Then make a braid of loose hair and twist it around the knot.

18th Christmas stars

20 simple Christmas hairstyles for girls

A beautiful yet simple design for Christmas Hairstyles For Girls is this poinsettia look. Just side sweep your little girl’s hair and stick it to a loose knot by the side. Add stars cut out of foam boards to give your hair a beautiful “Christmas” look.

19. The rosary

Turn a regular braid on the head in the shape of a wreath and entwine with ribbons and flowers to make it suitable for Christmas.

20.The sparkle touch

Adding silver shine to a high ponytail will make it look like you’re celebrating the advent of snow for Christmas. Get this fantastic look by investing in hair glue to keep that shine so your hair is not ruined by normal glue.

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