Bob Hairstyles

20 Unique Shoulder Length Bob Haircuts

If you want to know what hair length is for everyone hair types and face shapes, you’re on the right page. Because shoulder length haircuts are suitable for every woman and they are the perfect way to create modern and stylish looks.

1. Unique Bob Haircut

Choppy Layering and blonde Balayage make this medium length Bob Haircut seductive and textured in the most stylish way.

2. Straight haircut

Straight dull, medium-length hairstyle with honey-blonde ombre hue would be the best choice for fine hair.

3. Blond Hair 2018

Various blonde colors and layering would look great on women with dense hair and medium skin tones.

2018 blond hair

4. Thick hair

Here is a beautiful blonde haircut idea for women with fine hair, the blond highlights give shine and texture.

5. Blonde haircut

Blonde haircut

6. Dark brown hair

Dark brown hair

11. Winter hairs

winter hair

12. Blunt Bob

Dull Bob

14. Haircuts for girls

Haircuts for girls

18. Asian hair

Asian hair

19. Round face

Round face

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