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2019 Pompadour hairstyles for men

The Pompadour is a classic men’s hairstyle, brought back to life with modern twists in many variations. Pompadours come in different shades and shapes. The look of the pompadour is based on the hair length – it can be big, very big and big with a bare fade, a side part combo. If you intend to change your appearance, take a look at these modern ones Pompadour hairstyles for 2018 and let yourself be inspired. We hope you find something that you can copy from these examples.

2018 Pompadour hairstyles for men

Medium-long pompadour with skin thread

There are pompadour hairstyles for different hair lengths. It is not necessary to have extra long mane to peel off this look. In fact, medium-length strands are sufficient to create a chic and chic look, as shown below. This skin faded pompadour hairstyle was created according to the latest strands. It has an amazing blond hue that makes the whole look a top notch.

Pompadour medium length with Hautfade

Quiff / Pompadour with hard part and high fading

Well, it’s a bit of a complicated style that requires professional hands. If you want to replicate this look, you should ask for a haircut with high fading and a hard part. Note that there are some other patterns that enhance the overall picture of this cut. When it comes to styling, you’ll need to use your hair dryer or apply some hair product to keep your tresses in place.

Pompadour with hard part and high fade

Modern pompadour with medium beard

What about this pompadour style? It has long strands on the top, faded sides and a hard side panel. In addition to the cut, the styling is important, otherwise the cut loses its uniqueness. To achieve this style, you need to comb your hair and fix it with hair products. This pompadour was combined with a medium-sized stubble beard to give the style a chic feel.

Modern pompadour with medium beard

Great pompadour with mixed edge

It’s a retro inspired pompadour that does not have any extreme elements, but it still looks cool and trendy. The sides are mixed while the top is made to a high pompadour. It works well with men with medium-length hair. Somehow this haircut reminds us of the popular Elvis Presley. When it comes to your facial hair, you can either keep it clean-shaven or just full-blown stubble.

High pompadour with blended pages

Side part Pompadour with thick beard

Pompadours can be really versatile and all these examples are the best proof. There are options for men with different preferences. This particular headgear has a side pompadour and a separate beard, which is also very thick. Well, this look requires a lot of care, but it’s really worth your time and effort.

Side part Pompadour with thick beard

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