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2019 Curly Pixie Haircuts

Pixie haircut in light brown

If you choose a short pixie haircut, you should also choose a subtle hair color to soften it. So, one of the neutral and very beautiful hair colors that you can take for your curly pixie haircut. It is very shiny and trendy at the same time.

Short curly pixie for thick hair

Are you tired of taking care of your big curls? Go for a short pixie. It will give you a younger, fresher and nicer look. This haircut is more beautiful in shaggy styles.

Pixie haircut with long fringes

Her short haircut will look more feminine with curly fringes on the front. While having your hair cut, ask your barber to leave a long front fringe and then make a shorter cut on the side and back.

Short curly pixie with highlights

If you have black hair and it’s not that easy to choose a subtle blonde hair color, you can soften your cut with bright highlights. For your black hair you can take dirty blonde or dark honey blonde or even trendy caramel tones. You will immediately turn your monotonous hair into a fascinating and stylish hairstyle.

Platinum Blonde Curly Pixie Haircut

Platinum Blonde is the most popular hair color for short pixie hairstyles. It is chosen for both straight and curly hairstyles and tends to make your boyish cut pretty girly. Even if you have shaved sides, this hair color will soften it.

Short curly elf in Ombre style

Try to be different from the others with your new trendy short ombre hairstyle. Color the side and roots of your shot Pixie in a dark brown hair color and add light brown and red hair colors to the top of the curls. The effect is just amazing.

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