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2019 Light brown hair color ideas

Light brown hair color with all its tones and shades is in the thing now and it’s a nice color to choose for your dark hair. This is a very appealing and soft shade for long hairstyle and looks better on wavy hairstyles. You can find the best light brown hair color for 2019 and match your skin tone to get a trendy, healthy-looking and shiny hairstyle. This hair color also allows you to go for different highlights.

Among so many light brown shades are the hottest tan, Café Latte Brown, Light Espresso and Bronze Brown. Now we will discuss each one individually.

Light Golden Brown hair color

This is perhaps the most natural shade of light brown, with incredible sheen and incredible appeal. The sun kissed tones of the golden hues give your hair a rich hair color and underline your femininity. Light golden brown is a very soft and subtle brown color that works best with warm tones and light brown eyes with a deep dark hue. If you have olive or darker skin tones with yellow undertones, you can wear this shade with all its brilliance. The golden brown hair is perfectly reflected in long curly curly and curly hairstyles as well as braided hairstyles and shaggy layers.

Café Latte Brown hair color

For women with medium skin tones and light or dark eyes, light coffee brown is a good choice. It’s cute on different haircuts, but it’s best reflected on straight hairstyles. The shades and all shades of this hair color are clearly noticeable in straight hairstyles. You can wear it on your short hair as well as on your long curls.

Light espresso hair color

Bright espresso is a stunning shade of brown that ladies with a dark complexion can choose. It complements dark eyes and creates a fantastic contrast to light blue or green eyes. You can also combine it with your olive skin tone and hazel eyes. Light espresso is cool on long straight or wavy hairstyles.

Light bronze brown hair color

Bronze brown is my favorite light brown hair color. It has a beautiful shine that sparkles under the rays of the sun. This is the most flattering brown hair color you can choose in 2019. She works with medium to dark skin tones and with both light and dark eyes. This hair color looks good on curly and straight hairstyles and brings all the colors on curly updos.

At the end I would like to mention that light brown with caramel and dark blond highlights can be highlighted. So, enjoy the most gorgeous light brown hair color in 2019 .

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