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2019 Trendy French twist hairstyles

Ponytail French twist

Tired of the same simple pony? Liven up with the trendy French twist. This hairstyle brings out your hair color and gives you a stunning elegant ponytail hairstyle. If you like, you can wear it on casual days in a messy shape and with facial frame strands, but as a office hairstyle, it’s also great.

French twist with side swept bangs

Why page swept pony? Because they are the best pony that fits this stylish hairstyle. Side Pony seem to complete the beautiful French twist hairstyle and make it even more subtle and seductive.

Bouffant French twist hairstyle

How attractive makes your French shoot the eye-catching Bouffant is just incredible. This amazing hairstyle is perfect for women over 30 who want to be the center of attention. You bring out all facial features and get a formal hairstyle.

Double French twist hairstyle

Double French twist updo hairstyles are much more fascinating. Although they are simple, they look very complicated and are too tight. These two turns, which meet in the middle of your hair, create a fantastic look.

Middle Part French twist hairstyle

Since the majority of French twist hairstyles are backcombed and are usually styled with puffs, you can change the overall look into a playful and youthful option. Just choose a French twist. Midsection hairstyles as pretty trendy in 2019.

Retro French twist hairstyle

If you like the trendy retro style and want to see its touch in your French twist hairstyle, try rolling or rolling the front part hair that hides your forehead. It could be your pony or the short layers near your face. Curl them and pull them back.

Wet-look French twist hairstyle

Who could imagine that wet-look hairstyles are so popular? They are everywhere. We see straight, long and loose hairstyles in smooth styles, we see ponytails and various updos as well as wavy hairstyles in wet look. It seems like you can combine this look with any hairstyle and the French twist is no exception. This style makes it more eye-catching, shiny and even firmer.

Highlighted French twist hairstyle

During Oscar de la Renta’s shows, we saw elegant French twist hairstyles in creative solutions. The hairstylist decided to add some strong highlights for dark and light hair, especially in the upper part. It was pretty interesting and nice on these french turns. You can use hair combs to get the same effect on your updos.

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