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21 Luscious Long Bob’s styling ideas to inspire you

Gone are the days of long curls that flow down your back and fly in the wind. When summer rolls, the thought of your long hair making your face and neck sweat is simply unbearable. But the thought all Do not like to cut hair. So, what is the perfect midfield, you ask? The perfect haircut where you do not have to cut off your long hair completely? The answer is simple – long bob. A long bob is brushing your shoulders and is very elegant. It can be styled straight, in curls or in waves and still manages to look good. This makes it perfect for college students and working women who are hard pressed for time when they get ready in the morning. That’s why we have put together our 21 best ways to make this beautiful haircut! So, let’s jump right in …

21 Beautiful styling ideas for your beautiful Long Bob

1st page Parted Long Bob

1. Side Parted Long Bob

When it comes to fashion and style, there is a certain beauty in keeping things simple. This straight cut long bob proves this point. It also shows how far you can cost a million dollars with a washing and blowing machine. Split your hair deep on one side to make your hair look voluminous and finish the look.

2. Curly Long Bob

2. Curly Long Bob
Long bobs can be a tricky affair for curly ladies, as their hairs risk cutting like a giant pod. The key here is to cut your hair into layers so that it falls a bit flat and allows your curls to open and look more defined. Needless to say, long bobs on curly hair look absolutely stunning.

3. Textured angled long bob

3. Textured Angled Long Bob
Angled bobsleds have been all the rage in recent years (thanks to Rihanna) and it looks like they will stay a little longer. Take the glam quotient of your long bob to another level by opting for a beautiful chocolate brown and blond dark color look. Spray on some texturing spray and step out like the diva that you are.

4. Beachy waves long Bob

4. Beachy Waves Long Bob

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means – it’s time to get your beach style done! And a big part of that is of course your hair. Choose this chic platinum-blonde long bob and style it in easy waves before heading for the sun.

5. Rounded edges Long Bob

5. Rounded Edges Long Bob

If you’re looking for that innocent schoolgirl look, here’s a style that suits your taste perfectly. Try this long, straight-cut bob and blow it out with a round brush to round the ends. Add a touch of blond on the ends to add some pep to your look.

6. Superlong Bob

6. Super Long Bob
Do you know the awkward interphase that your hair goes through when you want to grow a bob? Well, you can skip this phase altogether by choosing a long bob that starts on the longer side. Just slip your bob just under your shoulders and stuff it with some balayage highlights to finish off that gorgeous look.

7. Edgy Ombre Long Bob

7. Edgy Ombre Long Bob

Want to look like a dapper and chic college girl on the East Coast who has all her shit together? Then, boy, we are looking for you! Get your hair in a shaggy long bob and ombre his blond ends to brighten up your look. Style your hair in some textured waves and cut it on one side to complete your edgy look.

8. Blunt long Bob

8. Blunt Ended Long Bob

Gone are the days when women made sure their ends were cut so that they looked mixed naturally. A bold look that’s fashionable these days are super blunt cut edges. Get the ends of your long bob this way and go for a pure poker style to look like a total badass.

9. Highlighted Long Bob

9. Highlighted Long Bob

Sometimes (mostly) it just takes a simple little thing to turn the otherwise boring look into something really stylish. Highlights are one of those things. Just mark your dark brown long bob with a golden blond shade and style it in loose curls for a sweet and flirty look.

10. Sombre Long Bob

10. Sombre Long Bob
What do you get when you combine two beautiful hair trends? A beauty thing, of course! Choose a subtle gloom with a light brown tint at the roots of your long bob and honey blond at the ends to create a super-bright hair look. Some super voluminous waves, which are divided in the middle, complement this cut and the color perfectly.

11. Silver Gray Long Bob

11. Silver Gray Long Bob

Go a little shy and daring with your style and opt for an unconventional hair color. This silver-gray long bob makes you look like a beautiful and magical elf that lights up everyone’s life. Choose an outgoing style to give this beautiful look some movement.

12. Lateral pinned long bob

12. Side Pinged Long Bob

If you do not follow every style that supermodel Cara Delevingne does, what do you do with your life? This page pegged wavy long Bob style makes her a totally old Hollywood Glam Diva in the most elegant way possible.

13. Shaggy Brunette Long Bob

13. Shaggy Brunette Long Bob

If you’re a rock chic girl in a hard rock world, here’s a style you’ll definitely have to try. This layered long bob made in a gorgeous dusty brown shade is what dreams are made of. Cut it in the middle and go into town with your bottle of texturizing spray to rock that look.

14. Lion’s Mane Long Bob

14. Lion's Mane Long Bob

You are sure that Katy Perry roar (See what I did there?) With this hairy mane-inspired hair look. Using tons of mousse and texturizing spray, her platinum-colored longbob was made to look like a glorious lion’s mane, with tons of volume on the sides.

15. Long Bob with a wispy pony

15. Long Bob with a wispy pony

Well, here’s a pretty hair look that’s guaranteed to make you the best of the ball! Kerry Washington looks breathtakingly breathtaking in this long bob, made of curls that are removed from her face. The straight cut wispy pony in the front makes the whole style even more glamorous.

16. Long Bob with Side Swept Pony

16. Long Bob with Side Swept Bangs
Emma Stone is one of those mysterious blessed people who can literally cut and dye any hair. So it’s no surprise that she kills absolutely in this long bob style. She chose a blunt-cut straight-cut bob and added a long, sideways pony to create that elegant hair look.

17. Poker Straight Long Bob

17. Poker Straight Long Bob

Gwyneth Paltrow looks absolutely great with this haircut that looks femme fatale. Her platinum blonde mane is as beautiful as she is. But, combine it with a razor-cut long bob and you have a super trendy hair look. Style this praise in a way and cut it in the middle to make it look really edgy and cool.

18. Asymmetric Long Bob

18. Asymmetric Long Bob

Fancy adventures and want to try something new with your hair? Then that’s a style that basically calls you! An asymmetrical long bob is just the kind of hair look that will make people sit up and notice you. Dye it in a fiery, maroon color to spice up the ante of this look.

19. Subtle Angled Long Bob

19. Subtle Angled Long Bob

If dramatic angled praises are not your thing, here’s a simpler style that you’ll absolutely love. Go for a subtle angle on your long bob and just style it to perfect this adorable girl next door look. And the beauty of this particular cut is that it looks gorgeous in every hair color.

20. Retro Long Bob

20. Retro Long Bob

Retro hair looks have their own charm, which can not be modeled on any modern hair trend. Take this look, for example. This long bob was styled in rounded curls at the ends to create this 1950s inspired hair look that is so cute!

21. Chopped Pony Long Bob

21. Choppy Bangs Long Bob

The “just out of bed” look has been raging for quite a while – and why not? It makes you goody as hell! This shaggy long bob was made even more seductive by adding troubled bangs and squirting on a lot of texture spray.

Cutting the hair into a long bob is the easy part. It’s the real challenge. But do not be afraid! Because we’re here to help you with just that.

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