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22 Glamorous Curly Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women

Many of us had to go through the disappointment of the classic chemical wave. Spoiled, incomprehensible hair colors that stick out in all directions and a dream – cut off everything quickly. Now there are ways to minimize the negative effects of chemistry on the hair, it has been possible to choose a perm, not only in external indexes, but also in the way your hair is.

However, a lot will depend on the Master who will give you a permanent. From my own experience, I can say that the most successful wave ever was the very first. It was done with a soul, but under absolutely unthinkable conditions, the most common Lacon. I could not achieve such a result, but I’m sorry.

A true professional will do an analysis of the nature of your hair, and will choose the perm on the results. For example, a soft acid wave can be enough for tired hair. In contrast to conventional chemistry, the Acid Curl has a pH between 6 and 7, which almost corresponds to the natural acid-protective skin and hair. This means that the acid wave does not get too tired. If you have sensitive skin on your head, you need a biological wave that contains sulfides and very gently affects the scalp. Normal chemistry is only suitable for healthy or very thin hair. Her only virtue is that she keeps at least one widow longer than any other version of the wave.

2018 curly haircuts for black hair
Black hair color short curly haircuts
Blond Woman Curly Hair Ideas for Summer 2018-2018
Blond Woman Curly Hair Ideas for Summer 2018-2018
Bob Curly haircuts for brown hair 2018-2018
Brown hair color long curly hairstyles for black women
Center Parted Culry Medium hairstyles
Curly Bob hairstyles for women with diamond faces

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