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25+ cool mens haircuts

It’s almost summer, so time to pick a cool new haircut. Here is a collection of 25 cool men’s hairstyles and fresh looks from the best hairdressers around the world.

This gallery of cool men haircuts contains a variety of fade haircuts . short haircuts . Haircuts of medium length , classic men’s haircuts, undercuts , textured looks, spiky mens hair cuts, crop and quiff hairstyles.

Find your next haircut and stay fresh!

Modern Side Part Haircut + Hair Design

r.braid medium length mens haircut with hair design

By r.braid

This is a great hairstyle for guys who have thicker hair. The hair is styled in a side part. The haircut is characterized by a cool hair design in a high fade. The top of the hair is structured and cut in medium length.

Short structured undercut + separate beard

mikeyyyyyy_ textured undercut for men

By Mikey

A cool undercut hairstyle for men. Loose, natural hair on top. Longer fringes in front.

Medium length side part Haircut

cutscoolcats medium length mens haircut

By SchnitteCoolcats

This is a great medium haircut with lots of natural flow and movement.

Short structured haircut + surgical part

By javi_thebarber

A smooth-looking short haircut for guys with thick hair. This middle fade has a surgical part that separates the two lengths of fading area.

Structured Crop Haircut + High Fade

By Tombaxter_Haar

A killer short haircut. A hair dye with high fade content with structured hairs on the top that can be neat or messy styled.

Medium Length Mens Haircut + Drop Fade

By mikes_custom_kuts

Messy natural medium length haircuts for men have been popular in recent years. Here is a great looking messy pompadour hairstyle. Great looking drops fade.

Short Classic Men’s Haircut + Simple Hair Design

igorviniciusbarber short haircut for men with hair design

By igorviniciusbarber

A classic, simple men’s hairstyle, which was processed in the front to a pompadour.

Side part pompadour hairstyle for men

By r.braid

Totally cool side part Pompadour hairstyle. Perfect low skin color.

The haircut of cool messy men

By mikes_custom_kuts

This is a great look for guys who have thick hair. The messy hair at the top is released to flow and show a natural movement. Beautifully contrasted with bald faded and separate beard.

Short Men’s Haircut + Cool Neck Design

By barber.josh.o.p.

Barber Josh O’meara-Patel is the master of precision neck design. This is totally awesome and looks good with a short structured haircut.

Mohawk Fade + Cool design

andyauthentic Mohawk fade and hair design

By andy authentic

Super clean skin fade and hair design fading a cool Mohawk, haircut.

Simple classic undercut

By hairbymikebernstein

A handsome classic men undercut hairstyle brushed back. Use a matte pomade, work a small amount in wet or slightly damp hair. Use a hair dryer and a hairbrush to re-attach.

Cool Spiky Mohawk Haircut + Bald Fade

By Barberobengie

Spiky haircuts for men are totally new. This is a great looking bald pate with hair design that contrasts with the prickly medium length hair on top.

Short Haircut + Killer Hair Design

By ricanbarber_

Very cool day style hair design worked in a short haircut.

Undercut hairstyle for thick or wavy hair

By xbigwesx

Undercuts look good on men with dense or wavy hair. Here is a great example. Nice contrast to the severed beard.

Side part Pompadour hairstyle

By odyszeus

A cool half pompadour half fohawk haircut with a hard part and a bald fade.

Structured Fohawk + Low Fade

By mikes_custom_kuts

A versatile, easy to style short haircut for guys. A great summer haircut.

Bald-headed haircut

By r.braid

If you have many tats, this haircut could work for you.

Quiff Haircut + Surgical Part

By Tombaxter_Haar

Quiff haircuts for men are still very popular. A perfectly mixed high and low fade split through a surgical part.

Cool haircut for wavy hair + low fade

criztofferson cool haircut for curly hair men

By crizofferson

A very popular haircut this year. It has a low fade perfectly mixed into a medium or longer length of hair at the top. Styled in a loose side piece.

Medium long textured undercut

By odyszeus

Another good-looking undercut with textured hair on top. This time the hair on the top is a bit longer and messier.

Curly Hair Mohawk fade haircut

By Schnittwyatts

If you have curly hair, you should try this haircut. The loose curls look great in contrast to this temple / mohawk fade.

Side part pompadour hairstyle for men

jenegafpa's cool long fringe pompadour haircut for men

By jenegafpas

Super long pompadour with fringes and medium fade.

The classic short men haircut + Bald Fade

By hairbymikebernstein

This classic men’s haircut will never go out of fashion. Always cool, always good looking.

Killer Mohawk fade haircut

By jmdabarber

Super clean hair design and a great mohawk.

So, there you have it the latest cool men’s hairstyles. Take a look at our other quick search Men haircut galleries for more inspiration and haircut ideas.

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