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25 gorgeous Curly Pixie cut ideas

Speaking of blasts from the past, here is actress Meg Ryan, the queen of romantic comedies from the 80s and 90s. With titles like Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve got mail she reigned the canvas.

Another way to style your pixie cut is to use a long pony set. It’s a very modern cut that works especially if you have a round face because it’s a bit longer and makes it a little more angular.

Speaking of very modern pixie cuts, here is the undercut version. It is perfect if you are a lady with a fringe who is not afraid to cross the borders and who does not have too strict dress code in the office.

undercut curly pixie cut

18. The Wavy Pixie cut

A Wavy Pixie is a bit easier to style than a curly one. You can still use your curler if you want more texture or even your hair straightener for some small beach waves. Check out a few tutorials on YouTube.

Wavy curly pixie cut

19. The Naturally Curly Pixie cut

All you need to cope with this natural haircut is a handful of mousse every day or a few blobs of hair wax. Rub it into your hair and arrange your curls and curls with your fingers as it suits you.

natural curly pixie cut

20. The Retro Curly Pixie cut

Ask your stylist to give you an undercut along with your pixie so you can style it into a retro hairstyle. Get a murderous cat’s eye and some red lipstick and you’ll look like a modern version of a pinup girl.

retro curly pixie cut

21. The Asymmetrical Pixie

Asymmetrical cuts work best when combined with extravagant earrings. However, be sure to keep your make-up low, especially during the day so as not to be too theatrical.

asymmetric curly pixie cut

22. The Volumized Curly Pixie

If you’re a fan of volume in your curly hair, then discuss with your stylist the option that he or she will leave most of your curls on your head when you get the haircut. Then you can style accordingly.

Volume curly Pixie cut

23. The Temple Fade Curly Pixie

Temple Fades are very slim and lengthen as long as your face shape goes. Again, it’s an important decision that needs to be discussed with your stylist, especially if you already have an angular face.

Temple fade curly pixie cut

24. Lowlights in a Pixie cut

Lowlights can add a little texture, volume and depth if you have thin hair. Sometimes our hair can be so thin that even curls can not look voluminous. Try the lowlights trick instead.

simple curly pixie cut

25. Summer Highlights in a Pixie Cut

This is the modern version of the old blond highlights that we all wore in the 2000s. it’s much more layered and feathery now, so you can go ahead and try again.

Blonde highlights curly pixie cut

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