Short Hairstyles

25+ gorgeous short naturally curly hair ideas

The natural look is always trendy, do not you think it’s time to embrace those curls? Today we have the most beautiful Short Haircut Ideas collected, which make you look stylish and chic. Take a look at these haircuts, which can give you the inspiration for a new style.

1. Latest short natural curly hair

Tapered short haircuts are one of the most popular hairstyles for curly women, especially among black women.

Short hair with bangs

2. Short natural hair

Pixie cuts with short sides, undercut or tapered style is perfect for curly hair. This haircut makes styling your hair much easier.

Short hair with bangs

3. Short hair with bangs

How do you achieve this spiral look? Use straws as a roller to moisten your hair and complete the look with hair mousse.

4. Short hair

Natural hair is always a good idea to create a fresh, sweet and unique look that is easy to achieve.

Short hair 2018

5. Short hair 2018

6- Black woman hairstyle

Short hair with pony - 6

7- Rihanna’s Pixie

Short hair with pony - 7

8- Pretty Black Girl

Short hair with bangs - 8

9- Inverted Bob

Short hair with pony - 9

10- Tapered Haircut

Short hair with pony - 10

11- Shorter pages

Short hair with bangs - 11

12- thick curls

Short Hair with Pony - 12

13- Unique Style

Short hair with bangs - 13

14- Curly Bob and highlights

Short hair with bangs - 14

15- shaved pages

Short hair with pony - 15

16- Hot Pink

Short hair with bangs - 16

17- Natural Hair

Short hair with pony - 17

18- Brave L ook

Short hair with pony - 18

19- Professional hairstyle for natural hair

Short hair with pony - 19

20- Long Elf

Short hair with pony - 20

21- Curly Bob

Short hair with bangs - 21

22- Short Circumcised

Short hair with pony - 22

23- Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

Short hair with pony - 23

24- natural hair for African American women

Short hair with bangs - 24

25- Curly Pixie Idea

Short hair with bangs - 25

26- For Black Women

Short hair with bangs - 26

27- Red Highlights

Short hair with bangs - 27

28- Natural Style for short hair

Short hair with bangs - 28

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