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27 comb over hairstyles for men

Crested hairstyles have come back into fashion since Donald Draper put on the look of Mad Men. While many hairdressers refuse to call it a comb and instead designate the cut as a side piece, the men’s comb has become very popular over the haircut, as celebrities, hipsters, and day-to-day professionals all use the hairstyle that was once reserved for balding or thin-haired Men (eg Donald Trump) have changed the cool, modern look of today. Long, short or faded, comb attachments are versatile enough for all men. Let’s take a closer look at this classic, sideways curved style.

Men’s comb over haircuts

If you have not found a nice comb that fits your style, you may not have searched enough. Comb styles are very different so that men can really make their haircut their own. For example, you can choose between an undercut or a taper fade on the sides. The short sides and the long hair at the top provide a sharp, but cool contrast that catches the eye.

Comb over

Likewise, you can emphasize the side with which you comb your hair with a hard part. Or maybe you prefer some volume to your look and want a prickly end on top. The point is – you can cut this as you want and it will still look super hot.

How to get a comb over haircut

To get a haircut over comb, tell your hairdresser you want to start cresting your hair on the side. You may want to have an overlap where the sides are tapered and the hair at the top is long, or you can choose a more conservative, office-proof look and ask for short sides and an even longer top. The fade-comb-over can be as short as shaved pages or rejuvenated.

While the low-fade combo seems to be a common variation, the guys really have a choice of tapes – low, mid, high or skin. These options offer versatility for other types of combs and hairstyles – short or medium length.

Comb over haircut

How to make a comb over

To make a comb, you must decide whether you want a clean or loose comb. The neat look will give you a hard part and need a pomade to get that shiny, wet-looking finish; while the loose hairstyle provides more volume when fitted with a hair dryer and a matte hair product.

Styling A comb over

To style the comb, follow these steps

1. Apply your styling product throughout your hair. We recommend pomade, wax or putty for a textured finish.

2. Then comb all your hair forward to find the natural part in your hair.

3. Now use this natural part to comb your hair on the sides and comb the rest.

Remember that your hair does not have to be combed straight to the side; You can comb it diagonally backwards or spice up your hair in the front to create a small boost.

Comb over

Best Comb Over

Here are some examples of the best comb over haircuts. Whether you want the classic ’50s comb or the modern version, you’ll love these cuts and styles.

High Fade + Hartteilkamm over

Comb over fade

Low Skin Fade + Comb Over + Line Up

Hide low skin + comb over + line up

Shaved side ridge over

Shaved side ridge over

Middle fade + part + beard

Medium fading comb over + part + beard

Low fade comb over + full beard

Low fade comb over + full beard

Short ridge over

Short ridge over

Comb Over Taper + Hair Design + Beard

Comb Over Taper + Hair Design + Beard

Skin fade + comb with hard part

Skin fade + comb over + hard part

Undercut comb

Broken comb

Pointed comb

Spiky Kamm

Modern comb with part

Modern comb with part

Wavy comb

Wavy comb

Professional comb over + lower panel

Professional comb over + weak aperture

Short sides + thick crest over + wire

Short sides + strong crest over + line

Classic comb over + conical sides

Comb over hairstyles

Long comb

High comb over fading

Disconnected Comb Over Undercut

Comb over undercut

Messy Parted Combover + Hipster Beard + High Fade

Men comb over

Beard and comb over

Skin color comb

Long comb over + taper fade

Long comb over + taper fade

High Razor Fade + Short Comb Over + Thick Beard

High Razor Fade + Short Comb Over + Thick Beard

Hard side part + low fade

Hard side part + low fade

Big comb over fade + long beard + part

Big comb over fade + long beard + part


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