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27 Fade haircuts for men

The type of fade you receive has a dramatic effect on the way your fresh haircut and hairstyle looks. Let’s go over all sorts of things fade haircuts that you can ask your barber to help you with your upcoming visits. If you want a super clean Men’s hairstyle then you will want to get a cool fade.

Outside the area of ​​your hair that is fading, you can go with short hair at the top or a medium to long hair length that creates more contrast. A longer hair length also gives you more options on how to style your look. You can straighten your hair, make it look more natural and drier, mess it up, or make it neatly with a combo.

Within the faded area on the sides and back of the head, your barber can dramatically change your look, depending on how he fades. In general, you have three options: a low, medium or high haircut. For any kind of fade, your barber will use Clipper to go from a very short length or even bare skin, and go to a greater length towards the top of the head. If you want a little more style, ask for a hard part or a specific hair design.

Let us fade into the details with these 27 fresh men haircuts that will continue to be popular choices for Men’s hairstyles in 2018 ,

Low fade haircut

low skin fade haircut

Haircut of Braid barbers

The haircut of these men is very cool. This low fade melts in the upper sides with a touch of more length and the medium-long hair is back dry and naturally combed back.

Middle fade haircut

Middle fade haircut

Haircut of Agus Barbier

Here we have a medium fade that fits perfectly into a structured medium-length hair length.

High Fade Haircut

High Fade Haircut

Haircut of Julius Cvesar

A super clean skin color meets medium-long curly hair.

Curly hair + skin fade

curly haircut

Haircut of crizofferson

The curly hair is cut short and blends seamlessly into the skin.

Box fade haircut

Box fade haircut

Haircut of Andy Authentic

More of a round box shape cut above and perfectly cut.

Long hair + fading

high fade long hair at the top

Haircut of Mikey

A flawless skin fades with longer hair at the top, which allows you to style a million different styles. Super versatile haircut.

Low drop fade

low drop fade

Haircut of Rok man hairdressers

Another great example of the drop fading with a view from behind. This faded haircut style gives a cool contrast.

Shadows fade

Shadows fade

Haircut of changers

The shadows fade beautifully from very short to short at the sides. May be low / medium / high, just like the skin will fade.

Comb over fade haircut

Hide combo

Haircut of Nick the hairdresser

Another classic male haircut. Clean Fade and Slicked Combo.

Fade soon

bald haircut

Haircut of Pat Regan

Perfect for hot climates. A low bald haircut.

Skin Fade + Disconnected Top

Ryan_Hardgrind-Zero Fade Mens Haircut Disconnected-on-top

Haircut of Ryan Hardgrind

Super contrast in this haircut. The longer hair on the top is separated from the medium to high fading.

Hide classic skin

classic skin coloration

Haircut of Squeak Pro Barber

A perfect example of a classic men’s haircut with a very very clean skin color. Well done squeaks.

Mohawk fade

Mohawk fade

Haircut of Andy Authentic

One of the cleanest fades combined with a hair design (a strikeout part) I’ve ever seen. This Mohawk fade looks so cool with the separate beard too. Good work.

Fohawk (also known as Faux Hawk) fade

squeakprobarber-mid-skin-fade fohaik

Haircut of Squeak Pro Barber

This one we call a fox fades. A simple clean short men’s hairstyle that’s perfect for warmer climates.

Delete fade


Haircut of Nick the hairdresser

A low drop in drop results in a sudden contrast between the top of the hair and the lower sides and the back of the head.

High Fade + Lange Texturen

High fade haircut with long textures

Haircut of Men’s World Herenkapper

An even higher fade combined with longer textured hair that almost gives a Mohawk look.

Taper fade haircut

Taper fade haircut

Haircut of Pat Regan

A super clean fresher and beard cut by one of the masters of Fades, Barber Pat Regan.

Temp fade / temple fading


Haircut of Pat Regan

Another beauty of Pat. Here we have a high temperature also known as Temple Fade.

High Skin Fade + Structured Hair

high skin fade textured haircut for men

Haircut of Julius Cvesar

Medium-hard hair with a high skin color that is as clean as possible.

Fade + Hard part

High-fade-part pompadour haircut

Haircut of Ambarberie

This haircut is amazing and the final hairstyle too. We have a mid-fade effect combined with a hard part that looks like a modern combo pompadour. So cool.

Fade + hair design

High Fade Hair Design

Haircut of Squeak Pro Barber

Another fresh hair design worked in a clean skin fade.

Burst Fade

Burst fade

Haircut of Andy Authentic

The Burst-Fade concentrates around the ears and creates an Iroquois look.

Skin coloration + Pompadour

high skin fade Pompadour haircut for men

Haircut of Juan Manuel Ortiz

A loose, wild pompadour with a high bald head. Very cool.

Short hair + High skin color

short hair high skin fade haircut

Haircut of Javi The Barber

Another classic short haircut, but with a modern twist. Javi The Barber gives the hair an extra texture and blends harmoniously into this mid-fade.

High Top Fade Haircut

high peak fade

Haircut of Pat Regan

What an incredible shape carved by Pat Regan. A nice wide high top and little fade.

Blow out fade


Haircut of Pat Regan

Pat can do all kinds of fades. Incredible work. Here we have a classic blowout fade.

Skin Taper Blowout Hawk

Skin cone blowout falcon

Haircut of Nick the hairdresser

One of the coolest haircuts we’ve seen this year. Very cool, long hair, shaped into a blowout hawk.

Want something more fade haircut Ideen?


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