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27 Trendy updos for medium-length hair


Tired of the same updos ? Then switch to one of these Trendy updos for medium-length hair , Here you can find everything from casual and effortless to ultra-glamorous and sophisticated – and much more.

Wrap Around braided low bun

Trendiest updos for medium-length hair

Casual? Yes. Fancy? Yes. Still nice enough for a high-end social event? Absolute. A low bun is quick and easy, and by simply putting a braid over your bun, you can create a striking style that works well with any earring and clothing.

Glamor Hawk: Chic Braid Updo

Trendy updos for medium length hair

Faux Hawks are not reserved for punk rock concerts and music festivals; They can easily be woven into an updo that is both charismatic and eye-catching. The swirl of curly volume in the middle of the crown is immediately enhanced by a series of polished fishtail braids, giving it a knockout style that will surely be the talk of the party.

Bun Hawk: Nice, loose updos

hottest updos for medium-length hair

A series of bold, voluptuous buns rolled up in a single file in the middle of the crown create an enchanting style that stands out from the crowd. This look works best with brighter hair colors and those with dimension highlights and lowlights to really demonstrate the distance and design of the Bun Hawk.

Unicorn Messy Fishtail Updo: Pastel Hair Styles

Glittering with a variety of exotic colors and an insurmountable dimension, this mesmerizing “doing” takes on the ever-popular unicorn style of hair coloration with a luscious mix of pastel yellow and green, all in a heavily disheveled and eventually voluminous fishtail braid

Bridal Big Bun Updo Hairstyles

Trendiest updos for medium-length hair

Buns are our focal point for everyday casual wear, but they can also be glamed for our big day. This beautiful bridal bun Tailored with tons of volume for a very eye-catching high-heeled finish, the stunning white and silver-wrapped headpiece polishes the style and pays more attention to this classy, ​​extra-large one

Messy Twisted Updo: Chic office hairstyles for women

Trendiest updo for medium-length hair

Sometimes it’s easy to become a beautiful princess by messing up your hair and twisting it to perfection! This messy look is twisted into a fabulous updo, perfect for any occasion you come up with. Get that look done in minutes – though it looks like you’ve spent hours on it.

Princess Braid

Trendiest updos for medium-length hair

Princess braid ‘for a reason – it is suitable for the most beautiful princesses out there! Breathtaking – no, breathtaking – this is a hairstyle that steals the hearts of anyone who sees it.

Lavender Ash Gray Double Braided Upstyle

Trendiest updos for medium-length hair

A glamorous upstyle contains so two romantic braids turning back into a structured bread roll. Make your look extra trendy by choosing an ash-gray hair color highlighted with a hint of lavender on the sides.

Twisty Bun updos for medium-length hair

Trendiest updos for medium-length hair
At every turn full of twists and turns, this lovely bun gets loads of dimensions and volume layers that are sweet and subtle. A great look for any high-end occasion, but works best with shorter hair, as too long hair can be overwhelming and unmanageable.

Bold Braided Low Side Bun

Trendiest updos for medium-length hair

Side rolls are always effortlessly chic and glamorous, but you can quickly improve on prom or prom through a braid pigtail on top. It gives a touch of femininity that is sturdy yet soft!

Crazy Braided Updo

Trendiest updos for medium-length hair

We just can not get enough of braids – they’re easy to pull together, but they add so much feminine class and sat hairstyles. Not only that, but they are a super fast way to add an extra dose of femininity to your look. Here we see a ‘crazy’ and fancy Box braided updo with pigtails flowing in every direction for some serious depth and personality.

Upside Down French Braid Bun

hottest updos for medium-length hair

You can put a braid on top of the crown or on the sides, but what about it? Do not let these locks go unnoticed under your bun; Instead, make her the star of the show by twisting in a cute French braid before pulling it all together into a knot.

Braided Twisted Low Side Bun

Trendiest updos for medium-length hair

The key here is contrast; and this look has a lot. On Dutch braid On the one hand it comes with a very eye-catching and unique Twisted Low Side Bun spun together. There is a lot of volume in this style, and it can quickly be dressed up or down for all your events.

Wavy low buns for medium or short hair

Trendy updos for medium-length hair

The quickest way to give your locks a nice volume is to simply swing them! Waves do not take very long to complete your locks, and the result is very pleasing. Tie your waves back in goody low bun a few strands over the bun to add an extra feminine appeal element.

Accenting Mini Braid Messy Bun updos

Trendy updos for medium length hair

You have to love messy buns – they’re the first choice on school mornings when you do not have time, but they can also be glamorous to get to the prom. This chaotic bun is styled with an accentuating side mesh, miniature size, to achieve that look of cuteness.

Braided and twisted updo

Trendy updos for medium-length hair

If you are tired of “same old same age” even when it comes to elegant hairstyles, then you should try this unique number. On one side is a loosely braided French braid, on the other hand, the loop is perfect. With a few accent pink roses, it is the ideal style for a wedding – especially if you are the flower girl or another member of the wedding.

Mermaid Curly Bun

Trendiest updos for medium-length hair
Buns are always a good option for days when you’re rushing, but they can also be the ideal candidate when it comes to very elegant occasions. You can take your bun from boring to BEAUTIFUL just by curling up your curls before tying. Even if you have mystic-colored curls with a mermaid effect, you can still achieve the epitome of grace with this hairstyle.

Chic Hair Roll

Trendiest updos for medium-length hair
The best thing about this hair roller is that it resembles a Chignon, but with a chic and chaotic twist , A hair roller is a super lightweight and super-stylish hairstyle easy to put on

Fishtail Wrap-Around Braid Updo

Trendiest updo for medium-length hair

Normally we would see a fishtail braid that emphasizes a different updo, but in this particular style it is the main event. If you have shorter curls and still want to wear a sensual hairstyle with a romantic renaissance touch, try this beautiful fishtail wrap-around braid. If you have a sweet pony, even better!

Braided low bun with headgear

Trendiest updos for medium-length hair

There is something so classic about this style as if it came straight from an eighteenth-century wedding. On beautiful halo braid around the back of the crown is folded to a beautiful low knot, which is interwoven with a variety of feminine pigtails. With a head piece to tie the look together, this is certainly a sultry look that should be reserved for your most refined yet restrained events.

Romantic Soft Halo Braid: Low, Updo

A Halo Braid is notoriously feminine, with a soft effect that is downright beautiful. To give this updo style an even finer appeal, let loose a few strands and curl them into glorious ringlets.

Voluminous topknot: Simple, Everyday updo for the summer

Trendiest updos for medium-length hair
Forget about your boring worldly topknot; Add some spice and flavor to your look by spicing up your mane and making it voluminous before turning it into a ravishing bun. The height here is incredible while maintaining its elegance.

Horizontal Twisted Updo: Simple, Bun Updo for Women

Trendy updos for medium-length hair

Twists are usually straight and found -narrow, usually found on the bottom of the crown. But you can shake things up a bit and stand out from the crowd by wrapping your locks in a unique and sophisticated horizontal twist like this one.

Braided Messy Bun

Trendiest updos for medium-length hair
In love with this style; Why? Because it’s so chic, so sweet and ridiculously fashionable. This style has written “Beach Babe” and is the perfect choice for days at the pool. However, it can also go quickly with your finest clothes for a wedding or other beautiful night. Braids galore – even with one side braid which leads back to this messy, structured node. Loving this!

Pin Up Side French Braid

Trendiest updos for medium-length hair

So charming to a young girl, but women of all ages can certainly pull off this look! This beautiful little figure rolls all her strands into a fabulous French braid, a very polished finish that stands out unquestionably.

Fishtail Braided Mohawk Bun

Trendiest updos for medium-length hair

Buns can be oh-so-boring, right? Forget the same old style and turn things around with this unique and super trendy braided Mohawk bun from the fishtail! Seriously ladies- it takes 5 minutes to make this fishtail braid and the results are impeccable. Give your locks a certain dimension!

Halo Braid for Chignon

Trendiest updos for medium-length hair

Chignons are usually reserved for special events, but by simply adding a Halo braid To this style, it is casual and effortless enough for school days. Such a fabulous and ultimately delicate style that will look good to women of all ages.


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