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29 long curly prom hairstyles

Curly and wavy hairstyles are usually very popular, whether long or short hair, curly hair is a great option for special occasions. For young girls, ball is one of the most important days, and you should look good on this particular day with your hairstyle and outfit. Maybe you have a special moment with the ball date you’ve been waiting for years, and your hairstyle on this particular night should captivate your style.

Above all, braided hairstyles are suitable for your young ladies. You can go with a braided updo or a half updo. If you like romantic styles Milkmaid would be braid a good choice. Your hairstyle should flatter the details of your dress. Be sure to have a hairstyle that frames your face perfectly.

So, here are the best long curly hairstyle ideas from special events like balls or weddings. Let’s take a look at more inspiration!

1. Long curly hairstyle

2. Hairstyle for long hair

3. Long braided hair

Wedding braided long prom bridesmaid

4. Half Updos

Wedding straight long half waterfall updo

5. Side braid

6. Curly hair

Curly Wedding Prom Waterfall Updo Styl Long Formal Curls

7. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Wedding Prom Long Up Half Down Curls

8. Updo

Wedding Curly Weddings Updo Straight Half Girls

9. Ponytail Hair

10. Low updo

Wedding Prom Updo Woman Shape Round Messy Low Case

11. Blue hair

12. Braid hairstyle

Wedding Long Square Side Surfaces Braid Shaped

13. Dark hair

Prom Dark Wedding Waterfall updo long ladies

14. High ponytail hairstyle

15. Hairstyle waves

16. Half Down Half Down Braided Hairstyle

17. Ombre Hair

18. Curly hairstyle updo

Wedding Curls Updo Trendy Prom Half Day Curly

19. Long ponytail hair

Ponytail High Curly Big Wedding Long Updos

20th waterfall netting

21. Retract hair

22. Hair half high, half down

23. Black curly hair

Curly Wedding Prom Long Curls Black Back

24. Updo

25. Side ponytail hairstyle

26. Blonde hair

27. Sweet hairstyle

Prom long wedding school Pretty cute

28. Side Swept Curled Hair

Nina Lace Dobrev Swept Side Shay Part Model Mitchell

29. Blonde hair

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