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3 amazing Julianne Moore hairstyles

There is no doubt that Julianne Moore has one of the most beautiful mane among so many Hollywood actresses. She always has her way to look glamorous on the red carpet. I bet nobody would mind having one of their gorgeous hairstyles for this new season. Today we have rounded off her three amazing hair looks to inspire you!

Chic Chignon

This sleek updo features a deep side panel that gives an open look to your facial features. There is also a good chance to show off your beautiful earrings.

Narrow side part

Keep your hair straight and use hair products to avoid curling and streaks. Finally, create a stylish side piece with your longside pony for your hair look.

Sculpted waves

Divide your hair into different sections and iron them individually into a face frame shape. For a stunning look, you can make a central part to finish this wavy hair.

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