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30 lange Frisuren für Frauen über 50 – Look Trendy und Modisch

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Long hairstyles fit in almost any face shape and women of all ages can wear long hairstyles.

The long hairstyle looks graceful for women of all ages. The main advantage of long hair is that almost any style can be tried on the length of the hair.

For women over 50 it is difficult to choose a suitable hairstyle that complements their age and appearance. While aging is a natural process, the hairstyle must also be carefully chosen as an age. That’s because the wrong hairstyle can add years to the actual age. On the contrary, a proper hairstyle can make you look younger than your actual age. After the age of 50, there are also many physical changes in the hair structure. So, based on that the hairstyle has to be chosen and also the hair has to be styled accordingly.

Whether growing older or not, the right hairstyle makes you look graceful and enhance your overall appearance. Long hairstyles for women over 50 are designed specifically for women who want to maintain their good looks and grace regardless of their age.

Messy wavy long blond hair

The messy hairstyle instantly changes her appearance and adds her grace. In this look, the long hair was parted carefree and especially at the hair tips made waves in the hair. The overall messy look of the hairstyle looks casual, but is so graceful to be worn with a formal outfit. The hairstyle also complements the look well. This hairstyle is suitable for both younger women and older women.

Messy wavy long blond hair

Long Ombre hair with bangs

Front pony in every hairstyle has almost an immediate effect not paying attention and attention to the age. In the long ombre hair with bangs, the long hair is perfectly complemented by the front pony. The long hair is layered on the front and stretched all over the head. The casually arranged pony over the forehead looks classic and fits the age. A pair of danglers and minimal make-up is all it takes to wear this look.

Long Ombre hair with bangs

Long blond, choppy hair with bangs

The long blonde, chopped off hair with pony is a unique hairstyle that, if you’ve done the right thing, can certainly cut off years from the actual age. The long blond hair is cut in layers. The hair is slightly parted on one side of the head. The front pony on the forehead are casually spread over the forehead. The ends of the hair strands are frizzy and slightly offset, so that they attract attention.

Long, blond, choppy hair with bangs

Golden, blond, long, wavy hair with side tufts

If you have thick, long blond hair, then the golden blonde long curly hair with side bales is the perfect hairstyle. The front part of the hair is cut in layers. The hair is also divided laterally to one side so that the front closures cover the forehead. While the wavy look was maintained throughout the hair length, the front pony folds and hair layers across the face were swept only slightly to add volume to the overall hairstyle.

Golden Blonde Long Wavy Hair with Side Bangs

Brunette Long Hairstyle with Side Swept Bangs

This hairstyle can be done better in brunette as well as any kind of hair. The long brunette hair is straight and smooth and gives the whole hairstyle a neat look. The front part of the hair is cut into bangs and carefully swept on both sides of the face. The entire hairstyle is neat and supple, which makes it look chic.

Brunette long hairstyle with side fins pony

Long Blonde Hairstyle for women over 50

This hairstyle fits perfectly with someone who wants to look graceful in a simple way. Long blond hair was kept simple. The casually sideways parted hair was made to fall freely over the shoulders. The front part of the hair is cut short so that it falls on the forehead and creates a graceful appearance. This simple hairstyle is great to wear on any casual or elegant dress.

Long blonde hairstyle for women over 50

Side Swept Blonde Hairstyle

The side swept blonde hairstyle is for those who have fine hair and a good hair volume. The length of the hair is medium. Fine blonde hair was neat and supple. Lateral hair separation has occurred and most of the volume is flushed to one side of the head. The front part of the hair is cut into layers that stylishly drop the strands over the sides of the face.

Side Swept Blonde Hairstyle

Returned long hair with ponytail

Long hair always looks graceful and stylish with a ponytail. In the combed back long hair with ponytail, the simple classic ponytail was slightly varied. The ponytail was made by taking all the hair on the back of the head. The strands of hair at the top of the head have been slightly reworked to get a slightly chaotic look. Ponytail wavy strands give the style a unique look.

Returned long hair with ponytail

Lateral, long, slender, red hairstyle

The long, smooth red hairstyle with side parting is best suited to wear a formal elegant dress. The long red hair was cut in layers. With a front vertex, all the hair was swept away from the back of the head. The hairstyle is neat, so the focus is on the hairstyle.

Page Parted Long Sleek Red Hairstyle

Long Brunette Wavy Hairstyle

The long brunette wavy hairstyle is a very stylish hairstyle and fits women of all ages alike. The top of the head is held straight and is side-split. The hair strands from the head, which fall over the shoulders, are wavy up to the tips. A layer cut into the front strands highlights the hairstyle.

Long brunette wavy hairstyle

Dark long wavy hairstyle

If you are over 50 years old and looking for great hairstyles balance your age, then you can go for the long wavy hairstyle. Basically, the ombre and long hairstyle is one of the excellent hairstyles that create an absolutely beautiful look, giving your facial features a distinctive look. The haircut is up to the shoulder and the soft and orange color of your hair gives you a sly and bold look.

Ombre long wavy hairstyle

Updo for women with long hair black [19659007Wenndu50gekreuzthastunddichfüreinigetolleFrisurenentscheidestumjüngerauszusehendannkanndieWahldesHochsteckersfürSchwarzeFrauenmitLangemHaaridealfürdichseinMädchenmitdünnemundschwarzemHaarkönnenmehrereFrisurenbekommendieziemlichgutaussehenLangesHaarbrauchtimmeraucheinegewisseFrisurundKomfortWennSiealsoeineinfachesundengesSeitenbrötchenhabenwerdenSieaufjedenFalleinatemberaubendesAussehenhaben

Updo for black women with long hair

Long wavy hair with volume and texture

A long hair always chooses the finest hairstyle so that a girl can flaunt her style easily. The soft and wavy ends of the long hair make for a chic as well as pretty look. Basically, the hairstyle also offers a very smart and attractive look. The haircut is up to the shoulder and makes for a little messy and uneven appearance. To get the full volume and amazing texture, you can simply try this model.

Glossy Long Wavy Hair with Curls

Do you want some variants in your hairstyle? Then, trying out this Curly Long Wavy Hair Curl can be perfect for you if you are over 50 years old. Basically, the long, wavy and smooth hair gives you the charming and beautiful look. The hairstyle is almost like shag. The soft and soft ends of the hair are the main feature of your hair, which gives you a very pretty and chic look.

Glossy Long Wavy Hair with Curls

Side swept long bouncy hair with layers

This is one of the very beautiful and flattering hairstyles for women who have already passed the age of 50. The entire cut under the shoulder adapts to the layers and gives you a very attractive look. The page swept is actually the main feature of the product and it also gives you the biggest leap. You can try this if you are 50 years old and have a thin, blond hair.

Side swept long hopping hair with layers

Center Parted Long Blonde Wavy Hair

Layers are considered to be the simplest and easiest way to make the hair look absolutely fantastic. The entire wave of hair actually has a charming look. Basically, trying out this particular hairstyle, you can look pretty perfect. The short, medium and long waves of the entire hair flow below the shoulder. The different waves and layers of hair help you to make the movement of your hair easy and simple.

Middle parted Long blond wavy hair

Long layered hairstyle for older women

This particular haircut actually gives you a sleek, slim and fabulous look. The absolute shine and the fashionable texture together with the long and wavy layers as well as perfectly feathered and soft ends, without sacrificing only the length. If you’re 50 years old and you want to look and look younger, then Long Layered Hairstyle for Older Women can help you look perfect. The hairstyle is also pretty easy to stir.

Long layered hairstyle for older women

Long blond shiny hair with pony

Who does not want an amazing and absolutely unique style? Well, of course, every single one. Even if you are over 50 and looking younger, choosing the Long Blonde Shiny Hair with Pony is also ideal. The front bangs are the highlighted part of the hairstyle. Basically, the blond and shiny hair make for a charming and stunning look. The haircut is up to the shoulder and gentle and shiny.

Long blond shiny hair with pony

Long Hairstyle with Beachy Waves

Layers are something that actually provides the ultimate texture and volume as well. And girls who have long and thin hair can also opt for Long Hairstyle with Beachy Waves. The wavy and blond Beachy Waves offer the finest volume. When it comes to styling, all you need is this special hairstyle to make your look charming, beautiful and beautiful at the same time.

Long Hairstyle with Beachy Waves

Long Blonde Hairstyle for Thick Hair

If you have a long blond, golden hair, then choosing this particular hairstyle can be ideal for you. The haircut in the hairstyle is up to the shoulder and these hair’s entire hair waves give your hair a soaring look. In due course, the curly and wavy look will give the girl with medium hair a sly and absolutely bold look. The softening ends of the hair add a charm to the personality.

Long blond hairstyle for thick hair

Messy ponytail hairstyle for long hair

If you have a long and straight blond hair, One of the most amazing hairstyle you can try is the high ponytail. The ponytail always has its own value and identity to create a very beautiful look. And if you have a little curly and soft ending, you just need to make a high ponytail and at the same time it will give a charming but messy look. And then you’ll never see the boldness.

Messy ponytail hairstyle for long hair

Long hair with curly hair

This black hair is the ultimate in outstanding features, but this specific cut is also incredibly beautiful and attractive at the same time. This angled and side-parted curly hairstyle is absolutely perfect for the girls with long hair. The page parted h Long Hair with Loose Curls hair is actually styled along with the voluminous bang and creates an amazing look. Basically, the curly and layered hair gives the personality more and more elegance and attention.

Long hair with loose curls

Long smooth straight hair with bangs

People with long hair and black hair can easily try this hairstyle. If you are looking for the hairstyle that can really do wonders for your face shape, this one is absolutely perfect. The absolutely smooth hair up to the shoulder helps to shape the face by extending it properly. The evenly sharp hair ends give the face an amazing, bold and sharp look. It is suitable for any face shape.

Long smooth straight hair with bangs

Long hair with loose curls and lateral pony

When women have thin and blond hair, they actually opt for the finest hairstyle that can give you an amazing and very stunning look at the same time. The Long Hair with Loose Curls and Side Parted Bangs is always ideal for girls with long and blond hair. The above part of the hairstyle is straight and the lower part is absolutely wavy. The golden waves of hair give your personality an excellent and bold look.

Long hair with loose curls and side pony

Long blond hair with subtle waves

Are you opting for a beautiful but small unique hairstyle? Well, then with this Middle Parted Long Blonde Hair with subtle waves you can help to make it loud in the crowd as well. The subtle waves make for a great look and the best part is that it’s very easy to manage right down to the shoulder length. The overall look helps you to showcase your beauty in front of people and creates an excellent look.

Medium Parted Long blond hair with subtle waves

Side Swept Long Hair with Voluminous Curls [19659007] This special haircut flows like a voluminous wave and it lies on the shoulder. The long and black hairstyle is absolutely sparkling and beautiful and enhances even the most beautiful beauty of you. The haircut is absolutely soft and silky and offers a very charming and bold look. The curved side gives the texture and creates the volume in your hair.

Side swept long hair with voluminous curls

Brunette Hairstyle with Waves and Side Bangs

Do you have a brunette and long hair? Then you have to try this particular hairstyle. The haircut is up to the shoulder and the soft waves and side pockets are the main features of the hairstyle. The blonde color gives you a totally fabulous look and the Side Pony makes you absolutely charming and elegant. This hairstyle is absolutely sparkling and also gives volume.

Brunette Hairstyle with Waves and Side Bangs

Long blond hair with loose waves and wispy pony

A bit off curl or even some waves will always make your hairstyle special. If you have the mild, thin and blonde hair then you can try this long blonde hair with loose waves and wispy bangs absolutely perfect for you. The special haircut is up to the shoulder and the dark blonde waves give your face a beauty. The gentle and soft curls and waves give your hair a nice texture and volume.

Long blond hair with loose waves and wispy pony

Half Updo and curly locks for long hair

Loose curls are something that gives you the distinctive look of your face. The girls with black and hair can try Half Updo and Loose Curls for Long Hair. If you have a long hair, then the styling of your hair is perfect in another way.

Half Updo and Loose Curls for Long Hair

Center Parted Tight wavy long hair

Ample of girls are there who are just looking for innovative hairstyle ideas and for them, with the Center Parted Tight Wavy Long Hair can be amazing. The centered, split and fully waved hair lies right up to the shoulder and gives the hair a strong look.

Mid Parted Tight Wavy Long Hair

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