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30 Sweet Long Hairstyles for Women – Be Stylish and Radiant

A nice dress, real make-up, matching accessories and high heels can not complete your look if you’ve made a mistake in choosing a perfect hairstyle.

Hair is an essential element that contributes to the beauty of both men and women. For women, hair styling becomes even more important as women have long and thick curls. If you have the same, you need to be aware of the time and effort that goes into the styling of your hair every day. For a normal woman, it is not possible to go to the hairdressing salon every day. Women who have very long and thick hair often complain about styling issues. But thanks to fashion expert, you can choose one of those cute long hairstyles, and run the party or the runway.

These hairstyles have been carefully designed and developed to meet the needs of women with long and thick locks. If you have long curly or wavy locks, these hairstyles will also come to your rescue. You have many options to choose from, and if you do not have the technical skills to make these hairstyles, you can combine them with others to suit your needs. All these hairstyles will make you look gorgeous.

Platinum Blonde wavy hair with double pigtails and Bun

Fashion trends change from time to time, and lately, the popularity of platinum-colored hair is increasing. If you have curls so long, with soft curls or waves, then the Platinum Blonde Wavy Hair with Dual Braids and Bun is the ultimate hairstyle for this party season. As the name implies, you have to make a messy bun on your head, and it’s surrounded by pigtails. (19659002) Platinum Blonde wavy hair with double pigtails and Bun

Blond wavy hair with side bangs

Women who are aware of their wide forehead can try Blonde Wavy Hair with Side Pony with Ease. Her long curls will look good when left open, and the side swept bangs will hide the brow properly. If you attend a corporate event, you can tie the hair into a ponytail and frame the pony around your face.

Blond wavy hair with side pony

Medium-fine dark to fair blond hair

Middle Parted Dark to Light Blonde hair is a hairstyle that will look good on women with different types of hair. In addition to women with long hair, women with moderate, wavy hair can also play sports. If you are not confident enough, you can combine it with other styles. The front strands give a naturally messy appearance.

Mid-cut dark to fair blond hair

Layered Wavy Long Balayage Hairstyle

If you have shiny and wavy long locks, then you can look gorgeous if you style it properly. With the help of the layered wavy long Balayage hairstyle you will look like a celebrity. With a little styling gel you can keep your long curls under the leash. It complements every dress you wear and is the perfect hairstyle for any occasion.

Layered Wavy Long Balayage Hairstyle

Ponytail hairstyle for long hair

Most women who have medium to long hair may like to tie the traditional ponytail. So the popularity of the long-haired ponytail hairstyle will never go out of fashion. It is easy to care for and also takes less time. Just string up your hair, tie it into a ponytail and fasten it with a rubber band. The longer your hair, the more beautiful you will look.

Ponytail hairstyle for long hair

Braids for long hair

If you are going to a party that has an ancient Greek theme, then the Braids on Braids for Long Hairstyle is the perfect hairstyle for you. In this you have to make a set of braids and then put them on top of each other. It can only be chosen by women with long and thick hair. Once you tie the braids, you get a neat look.

Braids on pigtails for long hair

Mid Parted Blonde Wavy Hair with Buns

Mid Parted Blonde Wavy Hair with Bun is the perfect hairstyle for women who are not afraid to wear an edgy and unique look. Long and wavy hair looks good, no matter what style you choose. Keep a significant portion of your hair open while making a small roll and place it on top of your head. It’s a combination of two styles, but it works every time to grab the attention of your friends. This hairstyle has a relaxed feeling.

Mid Parted Blonde Wavy Hair with Bun

Long Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights

The popularity of Lange Hairstyle with Blonde Highlights has always been in the fashion arena. If you have long locks, you can enhance the look with blonde highlights. The style works best when your natural hair color is red or brown. The blond highlights will make a contract, whether you keep your hair open or style it in a different way.

Long hairstyle with blond highlights

Updo for long hair

If you are going out for a long-awaited dinner, then you need to add an extra edge to your look. So a beautiful dress will need an equally sophisticated hairstyle that complements the overall look. The updo for long hair is the ideal option. You can drop some curls on your face while the rest is tied up for a proper look. Updo for long hair

One-sided braid with long straight hair [19659005] For those women who have thick and long hair, the One Side Braid with long straight hair will be the best option. The smooth texture of your hair gives you a neat look, and the braid on one side gives your entire look a twist. It is the perfect hairstyle for a Sunday Mass in the church. Combine it with a simple dress and you will attract the eyes of all spectators.

One side braid with long straight hair

Side pulled blond hair with curls

These girls, who have the desire to look like a princess, will also need a hairstyle that will complete the performance. The Side Swept Blonde Hair with Curls is your favorite hairstyle to meet this requirement. The ends of your middle to long strands of hair form a spiral, while you can cover your forehead with a side swept hair part. [19759002] Side Swept Blonde Hair with Curls

Side Parted Ash Blonde Straight Hair [196590000] 19659005] If you want to be the center of attention or want to look totally gorgeous and gorgeous, then Side Parted Ash Blonde Straight Hair will not go wrong. The sheer length of your curls adds grace to your looks, while the side vertex partially covers your forehead and your face, adding drama to the look.

Side Parted Ash Blond straight hair

Voluminous dark wavy long hair

Voluminous dark wavy long hairstyle is the first preference for those who want to dress their hair in a retro style. The long black curls frame your face and fall over your chest area, enhancing the beauty of your face. Opt for this hairstyle only if you have thick hair. You can easily try different hairstyles or haircuts with this type of hair. Voluminous dark wavy long hair

Brunette long layered wavy haircuts

If you have long brown hair, then the brunette long Layered Wavy Haircut is the perfect hairstyle for you. It will also supplement those with medium length. They opt for sharp layers or a different style. This haircut allows you to tie your curls or you can keep them open. Brunette Long Layered Wavy Haircut

Long blond hair with soft inflatables

If you have long curls, with soft curls or wavy texture, then the long blond hair with soft feathery curls will meet your needs. The curls appear at the end of the hair and thereby enhance the beauty of the hairstyle. After the hair has been styled properly, it jumps up and down while running.

Long, blond hair with soft, feathery curls

Dirty, blond, long-scaly, layered hair

If you prefer the neat hairstyle, then Dirty Blonde Long Sleek Layered Hairstyle comes to your rescue. The best looks for women with long curls. The denser the texture of your hair, the better the layers will look. You can choose smooth and sharp layers or softer cuts that fit your needs. [19759002] Dirty Blonde Long Sleek Layered Hair

Long Blonde Wrapped Ponytail Hairstyle

Long Blonde Wrapped Ponytail Hairstyle is another hairstyle that is often seen at events on the Red Carpet. Here you need to make a ponytail and enhance its beauty by wrapping a long hair segment with this ponytail. This hair segment is taken from one side of the forehead to give a laterally swept look.

Long blond wrapped ponytail hairstyle

Long blond hair with high lace knot

If you are looking for something unique to suit your cheeky personality then long hair with High Top Knot is the best choice. With this hairstyle you need to keep the back of your hair open while making a small knot on the crown of your head. Her curly curls will vibrate with the air, while the strands are secured in a knot near your face. Long blond hair with high lace knot

Long hairstyle with feathery layers

Long Hair with Feathery Layers has gained popularity in recent times. If you want to look like a celebrity, then this is the cut you need to try. Here you have several layers that are superimposed. The longer your curls, the more layers you will get. Leave your hair open to create the illusion of voluptuous curls.

Long hairstyle with feathery layers

Long Blond Hair with Side Fishtail Braid

Long Blonde Hair with Side Fishtail Braid is your style to style if you have thick and long hair. It is more suitable for formal gatherings or weddings. It is very popular among bridesmaids. To get this look, you need to share your hair on one side. Then make a nice fishtail braid on the side that has more volume. It enhances your feminine beauty and also prevents your hair from falling all over your face.

Long Blond Hair with Side Fishtail Braid

Low ponytail with beachy waves

Are you planning to have a great time with your friends on the beach? If so, then you need the right hairstyle to complement your beach dress. It is a perfect style for day and night. Keep some wave locks free to fall on your face while deciding on a ponytail tied just above the neck. This ponytail shows your hair length and keeps it throughout the party.

Low Ponytail with Beachy Waves

Blond hair with voluminous curls

Most women with long hair like curls at the end of their endless locks. Those who do not have natural locks opt for perm to get the look they want. If you are blessed with naturally long and curly hair, the Blonde Hair with Voluminous Curling Hairstyle will help you bring out your natural beauty. It is easy to reach and maintain. You do not have to walk to the salon every day to wear this amazing look.

Blond hair with voluminous curls

Center Parted Long Straight Hair

There are different types of straight hair. Some have cardboard just locks, while others are blessed with soft curls or waves. If you want to wear straight paper hairstyle, then you have to opt for Center Parted Long Straight Hair. If you divide the hair strands in the middle, an equal amount of hair will be left on both sides. You will achieve the balanced, slim look that you want to acquire. Whether it’s a fortuitous night with your girlfriends, or attending a business meeting, this hairstyle will never go wrong.

Mid Parted Long Straight Hair

Blonde Balayage long wavy hair

If you want to be the speaker of your class, then the Blonde Balayage Long Wavy Hair Style will help you with this task. It only looks good if you have both hair length and volume. The hair is cut diagonally, starting at the forehead. If you go down, the length of your locks will increase.

Blonde Balayage Long Wavy Hair

Messy updo for long hair

Many feel comfortable putting their natural hair structure on display. If you are one of them, messy updo for long hairstyle is perfect for you. Here you have to make a big bun, without paying much attention to the segments coming out. The messy look is hard to come by and you need to invest time to get it right. It is the right hairstyle for any occasion or a casual meeting after the conference.

Messy updo for long hair

Fishtail Braided Longhair Updo

If you are a Bride Whether Bridesmaid or Bridesmaid, then this is the perfect hairstyle for you. The Fishtail Braided Long Hair Updo gives you a look that can be compared to the princesses featured in storybooks. The braid covers the back of the head. The width and thickness of this braid creates an illusion of voluminous hair. If you are the bride, then you can enhance the beauty of this hairstyle by inserting a stone-studded clip. [19759002] Fishtail braided long hair updo

Long blond hairstyle with waves

If the long castles of Rapunzel have spread its influence on your mind, then you must try Long Blonde Hairstyle with waves for each event. As the name implies, this look was designed for women with long blond curls, but that does not mean that it does not look good on women with other hair colors. You can try either layers or razors on this hairstyle. Whether you want to keep it open or tie it, you will look just as beautiful.

Long blond hairstyle with waves

Double Dutch braids for long hair

As the name implies, the Double Dutch Braids for Long Hair was inspired by early Dutch women. They braid their hair that way. If you want to look as beautiful as these women, then you should try this unique braided look. This hairstyle consists of two thick braids on both sides of the head. You can beautify these braids with flowers or hair accessories. It will add an extra benefit to your beauty and charm. It is mostly worn by women or children during a wedding ceremony. A traditional occasion as this requires a traditional hairstyle as well.

Unique braids with plaited braids

If you are inspired by the multifaceted look of Danayris Targaryen from the GOT series, then this is the perfect hairstyle that you can try for yourself. The unique braided ponytail hairstyle consists of three or more pigtails that begin at the front of the head and the connection at the back to form a larger ponytail. Hair is also wrapped around the knot of the ponytail. It gives your look a medieval touch. It will look best with evening dresses and traditional evening gowns.

Unique braided ponytail hairstyle

Crown braided updo for long hair

If you want to look like a princess on your wedding day you need to try the Crown Braided Updo for long hair. In this style you have to make a loose braid and bring it around the back of your mind. Then you just have to stow it behind the opposite ear. Improve the look of this hairstyle with hair accessories.

Crown Braided Updo for long hair


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