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30 updos for long hair

It is not always easy to have long curls. Whether it’s early in the morning, if you need to go to school or the office, late at night, if you want to go to dinner, prom or your wedding day, here are 30 long hair updos that will turn you over wherever you go

1. The Intricate Braids

What can you do with long hair? Lichen it, of course. In fact, the longer your hair is, the more beautiful and spectacular the braids are. Here is a wonderful French braid, very loose and chaotic, with platinum white hair.

2. Buns and updos for long hair

The favorite hairstyle of the lazy girl is the bun. But not this one. Although it is messy and very deep in the back of the head, this bun is casual but elegant and stylish. Use as many pens as you need to keep your long hair in place.

3. The formal updos for long hair

The opposite of the last bun we saw is this. It is high on the top of the model and it has been braided and squeezed to perfection. The updo emphasizes the cheekbones, lengthens your face and gives you a few inches more.

formal updos for long hair

4. Dutch Fishtails

This type of braid is called a Dutch fishtail. Not only that, but the model has opted for a draft, which makes the braid and thus the long hair even more spectacular. It also helps if you have slightly lighter peekaboos in your hair to contrast.

5. Old Hollywood updos for long hair

Old Hollywood was all about femininity and sensuality. Think Marilyn Monroe, Lana Turner or Jane Russell. And long hair may be the best way to channel this idea. Take a cue from the divas who never went out of style and rocked it in Hollywood style.

6. Double Braid and Perfect Curls

If you are looking for wedding hairstyles for long hair, look no further. This could be for you. It’s subdued but not boring, and it’s feminine without stealing the thunder from the dress.

7. The Messy Twisted Updo

Here’s another in our selection of updos for long hair. It is a messy and twisted braid, with strands hanging from everywhere, and delicate hair accessories in the form of little twigs and flowers.

messy twisted updo with dainty hair accessories updos for long hair

8. The Hollywood Glam

And we’re back in Old Hollywood for this extraordinary updo for long hair. Keep your hair to one side and use your curling iron to create those heavy, loose curls. The dramatic make-up is a must.

9. Combine messy and formal

The beauty of updos for long hair is that you can do anything you want with them, as the length of hair always allows it. Here is a perfect example where the model was chaotically and formally combined to create a beautiful bun.

10. The super high and long ponytail

All you need for this long hair updo is a very good hair band, a ton of pins and a handful of hair products to make it look chaotic and voluminous. But as the result is so spectacular, it’s worth it.

Super long high ponytail updos for long hair

11. The 40s in updos for long hair

These are called Victory roles and remind us of bygone times. They consist of very voluminous curls, which beautifully frame your face. This hairstyle was all the rage in the 40s, but it makes a comeback by hipsters and retro lovers.

12. The Selena Gomez

Let’s just say that updos for long hair are not easier. Take a cue from Instagram sweetheart Selena Gomez and wear your wavy locks in simple yet effective beach curls.

13. The Gigi Hadid

Here’s one of our favorite celebrities with great hair. Her long mane is absolute perfection in this picture of her walking for a fashion show. Her honey-colored beach blows with her hair parted on one side, leaving her looking natural and fresh as if she had just come back from the beach.

perfect beach waves honey color gigi hadid updos for long hair

14. Vintage Royal Updos for long hair

This is something we imagine Queen Elizabeth could have worn to a fancy party in her palace when she was young. You can also wear this hairstyle with the help of your curling iron, a handful of hairpins and hair products.

15. Romantic updos for long hair

Here’s another proposal for your wedding. This bride looks perfect with her high lace hair, side parting and stiff curls. Also, one can not help noticing the oversized diamond embellishment she has in her hair, which attracts all eyes.

16. The Indian wedding

If you are Indian or need fresh inspiration for your own wedding, do it on the seas. The intriguing hairstyle consists of a simple braid that runs over the back of the bride and is decorated with as many ornaments as you can imagine.

17. The Sleek Chignon

This is a Chignon and it is a very formal way to wear your hair, but still a stunning one. These beautiful strands of women were brought to submission by skilled fingers. The silver hair pieces give a touch of glamor.

18. Viking updos for long hair

If you’re a fan of the show or the Viking culture and would like to bring some of it into your life, using your hair could be the perfect way to do it. Take a cue from Queen Lagertha and her shield girl and rock some Viking pigtails.

19. American Native Princess

Here is another beautiful culture that you can be inspired by. Turn the crown of your head into a dream catcher. Straighten your hair and beautify it with a set of feathers and pearls. This turquoise is not only beautiful.

princess native american turquoise updo for long hair

20. The Ariana Grande

Although she usually wears her typical ponytail, here is Ariana Grande taking a selfie and wearing some fake Bantu knots. In fact, it’s just two simple braids she has swirled on her head, just like the Bantu knots.

Ariana Grande hairstyles for long hair

21. The Angelina Jolie retro updos for long hair

Although she has these beautiful emerald green earrings and perfect sultry smoky eyes, one can not help but notice her hair. It is a perfectly messy retro beehive that was purposely chosen to showcase the expensive earrings and their gorgeous face.

22. The Zooey Deschanel

Who does not know Zooey Deschanels signature updo for long hair? The singer, actress and producer has adopted this look and now we can not imagine otherwise. Try it for yourself, for a quirky retro atmosphere.

23. The Cher

Continuing our countdown to celebrities who put on updos for long hair, here’s Cher and her very famous hairstyle from a few decades back. Before Zooey Deschanel and Ariana Grande found out they could choose a hairstyle and make it their own, there was one and only Cher.

24. The Sultry Bed Head

After a party night, your hair looks just like that. Use the sauvage look, wear a swing braid and make the most of your bed head. Do not forget the smeared make-up.

25. The Side Messy Knot

This long hair updo is perfect for a summery, casual or bohemian wedding. It will be a nice change from the formal dress and hairstyles, so enjoy it. Retro style makeup fits this messy side knot perfectly.

Side messy knot updos for long hair

26. Elegant updos for long hair

Here is a modern version of an old hairstyle. So old that we imagine Jane Austen was wearing something of it. If you are a fan, combine this elegant chino with a pair of old earrings and bright, nude makeup.

27. The retro hive

This retro beehive was made famous by none other than Brigitte Bardot. Her, however, was a bit subdued. Still, if you want to take an entrance anywhere, this is the hairstyle for you. Do not forget the heavy cat eye make-up.

28. Last Century updos for long hair

One of the biggest things about long hair is that it is immensely versatile. Therefore, you can draw inspiration from anywhere and every age of the fashion that you like. Here is a 20 th Century hairstyle, with soft curls and fiery red lips.

29. Bohemian Braids

Braid your hair on both sides of your head and tighten these braids tightly around your forehead. Put it in the back and add a showy scarlet lip to tie the whole look together. Now you are ready for your next music festival.

plaited, chic, bohemian updos for long hair

30. Decorated braids

One way to add some life to a very simple pigtail is to use some metallic hair pieces. Here are two tubular golden roses that make this chocolaty braid look new and sophisticated.

Couture decorated long braided hairstyle updos

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