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33 popular and chic pixie cut looks

Are you thinking of an elf cut for spring or summer? Pixie haircuts always seem to be in style, and there are dozens of cute pixie styles that you can assume. If you are annoyed about your long curls and ask to cut your hair short for a new blue hairstyle, a pixie is a huge plus as it is both beautiful and versatile.

For those who are cerebrating, there are rich haircuts of a new participation for the summer months. Short hair in summer is accessible for preference and abundant for hot and cooking days. A Pixie haircut is trendy, feminine and chic. We accept that you will receive an overview of our top pixie hairstyle looks for summer 2019. To score a score, you can add some flaming undertones, weaken balayage or neon stripes.

This classic Pixie haircut is timeless. It is also great for natural hair colors. This silver blonde looks positive with this refined style. However, if you think that opting for a pixie is too drastic, you can choose something else, such as: B. a bob haircut. First, this haircut is very trendy. Second, it is not difficult to make it at home. And this is one of the few haircuts that can look the way you look.

This cut is great for people with thick hair, especially if you need a summer that requires little maintenance, but is super stylish. The most important thing to consider is whether a pixie flatters your features. Let’s see. Women with an oval face shape are probably the happiest. Thanks to this shape, they can carry virtually any haircut, including a pixie. And it means that women with oval faces can experiment in any way with their hairstyles. For example, it is possible to add a heavier pony to the pixie.

This two-tone look is very trendy right now. If you want to soften it a bit to stay more professional, you can use a subtle balayage effect. But if you feel brave, you can opt for more dramatic colors.

This naughty pixie is fun with his layers separated. Some bright stripes would add something satiny. Women with a long face should be careful when choosing a pixie. This haircut can emphasize your long face, which is not your goal. However, if you do not want to refuse to get a pixie, make sure you separate the cut on one of the sides.

If you have naturally curled hair, this is the perfect look for you. Ask your stylist to hold the curls a little longer and brush the curls aside. This look is low maintenance and stylish!

With its tidy bangs and asymmetrical cut, this look is stunning for those with a rounder face. If you want to add a little edge, try a bright color like this gorgeous purple. Or you can just wear the pixie. It will prevent your face from looking rounder than it actually is.

This funny cut with its longer sides and top adds a ton of volume. This look is almost a throwback to the popular Dorothy Hamill do of the 70s. So it starts a retro look with a modern flair.

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