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37 Best Short Haircuts for Women

It dries faster [19659007] It does not seem like a big deal, but if you do not feel like blow drying for an hour, or if it seems like eons of long hair are needed for natural drying, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with short haircuts be quick drying.

Simple styling

For long hair, you may need several different styling tools to get your favorite look before you leave the door. Conversely, there are many sweet short haircuts that you can style with pomade in 30 seconds.

Pink Undercut Bob

Undercut Bob Haircut - Cute hairstyles for short hair

It saves money

] Investing in quality hair products (including shampoos, conditioners, and styling products) is a good idea, but not cheap. If your hair is shorter, these products – and ultimately your budget – last longer.

Short hair adds volume

Finally, if your hair gets thinner or if you naturally have fine hair and are constantly trying to add volume, short haircuts may be the solution. The shorter you are, the less weight your hair and the more natural the volume.

Wavy Bob Haircut

Wavy Bob Hairstyle - Short Haircuts - Wavy Bob Haircut

Different types of short hairstyles

Many women mistakenly believe that shortcuts offer little to no versatility, but that’s just not the case. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of amazingly sweet, nicey, playful and professional short haircuts for women. Consider the following categories to narrow your options:


Of the various short hairstyles is little to deny that the Bob is one of the most popular. The classic variant consists of a length – typically either jaw or chin length – and straight edges.

Balayage Classic Bob

Balayage Bob - Trendy Short Haircuts

You could choose a side piece or something more classic with a middle section (think of Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction), but in any case it is difficult to make a mistake with this look.

Classic Bob Haircut + Bangs

Short Haircut - Classic bob haircut with bangs

Women with naturally straight hair will be lucky with this option. It’s also one of the best short haircuts for older women to keep the length and offer different styling options.

Short Haircut – Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Sweet Short Haircuts for Women - Blonde Bob Hairstyle - Bob Hairstyle

Silver Bob Haircut

Short Haircuts for Older Women - Short Haircuts - Short Bob Hairstyle

Pixie cut

The Pixie cut is another popular short haircut for women, and with good reason. It works well with straight and wavy hair and can be as flirty, nicey or as professional as you like.

Playful Purple Pixie Cut

Pixie Cut Hairstyle - Short haircuts for women

The Pixie is also one of the best short haircuts for black women; It offers plenty of space for styling, whether you want a smooth look or a bit more texture. Pixies are excellent short haircuts for older women too, as they can be playful or elegant.

Classic Pixie Cut

Classic Pixie Haircut - Pixie Hairstyle - Short prickly haircuts for women

Long Pixie Haircut [19659007] Natural Short Haircuts for Black Women - Pixit Cut - Short Hairstyles for Women

Short spiky pixie cut

Short prickly haircuts for women - Pixie Haircut

Buzz cut

The Buzz Cut Cut is often considered more masculine, but if you’re interested in a straightforward, maintenance-free style, this might be for you. It’s a handful of very short haircuts for women who are edgy and brave and do not need styling products. Short, sharp haircuts for women are making a comeback because they embody strength and power.

Edgy Buzz Cut hairstyle for women

Short Hairstyles - Buzz Cut Short Hair

Sexy Pink Short Buzz Cut Hairstyle

Very short hairstyle - Fast cut for short hair and hairstyles

If you really feel brave, you may even opt for a shave. This look may not be for everyone, but over the years there have been a few celebrities (Demi Moore and Sinead O’Connor, to name but a couple) who have made it nicey.

Sexy shaved haircut

Short Female Haircuts - Very Short Buzzcut - Shaved Haircut for Women

A modified version of a buzz cut may include a false hawk, which includes the buzzing of the head faces and leaving the head a “mohawk” on the tip. You can also opt for a chin-length bob with buzz that lets you live out elegance when it’s down, or show off with a ponytail bravado.

Bold Faux Hawk For Women

Sexy Short Haircut - Short Hairstyles for Women - Fauxhawk for Women - Fohawk for Women

Undercut Side Bob Short Hairstyle

Undercut Short Bob Hairstyle and Hairstyle

Layered curls

There are hundreds of layered short hairstyles, and these can be tailored to your unique hair structure and style. For example, the conical bowl cut, which is a variation of a pixie, includes long layers on the top of your head and a fading to a buzz on the sides and neck of your neck. It is disheveled and sweet, and it is gaining in popularity.

Tapered Bowl Cut for women

Tapered Bowl Cut for Women - Short haircuts for women

Sassy Layered Short Haircut + Pony

Short Haircuts with Pony - Short naughty haircuts

You could also consider the A-Line Bob, which is chin-length at the front and a few inches shorter at the back. 19659068] A-Line Bob – Short Hairstyle

A-Line - Bob Haircut - Asymmetric Bob - Short hairstyles for women

Other options for layered, short haircuts include the silver balayage bob, the other being the most glamorous short hairstyles for older women, and the stacked pixie, which is not only easy to care for, but also provides plenty of lift at the back. With the formation of wispy layers on the front and possibly a touch of pony, this is one of the most ideal short haircuts for women with thin hair.

Silver Balayage Bob

Silver Gray Balayage Bob - Short haircuts for older women

Adorable layered short hairstyle

Adorable short layered haircuts - short-cut hair

Short hairdressing of hairstyles

When it comes to styling short hairstyles, difficulty and time vary. It’s important to consider the time you need – as well as the products you should use – to restore the look of your choice at home. For example, if you choose a simple buzz cut, no styling is required, but you often have to cut short.

Simple buzz cut + fade

Buzz Cut Haircut - Buzz Cut For Women - Short Haircuts

On the other hand, a slightly longer style like Balayage or Ombre Bob may require a bit of work, especially if you’re starting with naturally wavy hair and want straight, straight hair, a glamorous look.

Ombre praise haircut

Ombre Lob Hairstyle - Short Naughty Haircuts - Hairstyles for Short Hair

To rock a faux hawk you just need a little gel or pomade to apply for a few minutes. All you need for a ruffled, chin-length shag is mousse or textured pomade. If you want a beach hair, but your hair is naturally smooth, you may need to spend some time with a curling iron and some setting spray to restore the look at home.

Edgy short haircut

Undercut Fohawk - Bold short haircuts for women

Short haircut + hairstyle ideas

Below are other short hairstyles and hairstyles for women that will help you decide on your next look.

Modern Shag Haircut

Modern Shag Haircut - Short Haircuts for Women - Simple Short Hairstyles

Short layered asymmetrical haircut

Short Haircuts for Women - Short Hairstyles - Short Hair

Short layered haircut for thick hair

Short Layered Haircut for Thick Hair - Short Hairstyles for Women

Simple Faux Hawk

Fat Short Haircuts For Women - Fauxhawk Haircut For Women

Fat pixie haircut

Fat Pixie Cut – Short Haircuts for Women [19659097] Trendy Tapered Bowl Cut


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