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4 temporary ways to color your hair

Sometimes we want to dye our hair without these damaging chemicals and bleach sessions, or we only want to have this or that color for a few days. Due to modern color techniques this is really possible. That’s why we’ve done our own research to illustrate all these amazing ways you can color your strands. Invited to a special event is a great opportunity to show off with a new hair color . When you are ready, we start.

Hair Mascara

To remind you of hair mascara, we’ll take you back to the ’90s when women could use a magic wand to wiggle their curls. Fortunately, this method is still used. You can walk as easily as you like, or keep things subtle. Note that you can also get pastels. You will definitely love the look of thin pastels in your hair. In fact, this technique is completely harmless. hair chalks

Hair clippings are another way to color your curls without damaging them. With hair combs you can add all the desired colors in your hair. You should divide your locks into sections and apply the color. You can use designated hair chalks or oil-based pastels. By chalking the hair you have a lot of control over the end result. Haircuts are created for everyone. Regardless of hair length and texture. Colored Hairspray

Hairspray is what it sounds like, a spray with a color. This is generally a temporary technique, but before applying, make sure how light your hair is because it requires a dark shade of super-bright hair. You will love this idea of ​​dyeing your hair. Semi-permanent hair color

Semi-permanent hair dyes last slightly longer than hair combs and hairspray, but they will not last forever. Therefore, you have to opt for a refresher to keep things fresh. There are so many shades of semi-permanent hair colors that you will definitely find something that matches your natural colors. The best thing is that you can change your hair color without damaging your hair strands. Try it and you will not forget it.

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