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40 irresistible saree blouse designs

Not yet decided what to wear for the upcoming wedding of the BFF? After all, the pictures with the brides must be something special! Do you have some beautiful dresses as your choice, but do you wish if you could throw away the cliche and still wear something really elegant yet simple? Then look, who is your salvation here? Our most important proposal today is to invest in a saree! Excited or wondering why you could not think of it before? Do not worry, you still have time to focus on some really irresistible sari blouse designs to overthrow, which will suit your style and the occasion.

Irresistible Saree Blouse designs

Irresistible Saree Blouse designs
Irresistible Saree Blouse designs

Irresistible-Saree Blouse designs
High collar blouse

They are the latest fashion. Also in this style you can take off the traditional round or angular neck and try with your sari a Chinese collar blouse. You can have a peep hole on the back and some embellishments on the arms for extra flair. It will look very chic and you can combine it with any kind of sari – formal or casual. Grab these traditional saree and blush styling inspirations and I bet you would love the way people will compliment you with their eyes!

Lacy sleeves

Irresistible Saree Blouse designs
If you want to show just a touch of skin, you can choose a blouse with a lace top the same color as the blouse. A beautiful lace and tie pattern Keep the blouse at the back – and you have one of the most irresistible sari blouse designs you can imagine. Are these models not inspiring Saree as a perfect party material?

Back embroidery

Irresistible-saree blouse designs

For a nice little surprise, hold the front of the blouse level, but make the back of the blouse in heavy embroidery, preferably with gold thread (zari). Once you turn your back on someone, you benefit from this beautiful embroidery.


Combine one of your collar shirts with a saree for a trendy fusion look. This is a trend that is very strong, and the contrast between the male shirt and the feminine sari works wonders. You can try a patterned blouse with a simple saree or vice versa. Is not this one of those irresistible sari blouse designs you need to try?

Semi-transparent blouse

Still looking for a party you should make a blouse with the shoulders and sleeves of a translucent material. The top can be lined and decorated with beads or embroidery, while the shoulders and arms show a touch of your skin. A sensual look!

boat collar

The boat cuttings are in, and you can also use it for a saree blouse. Go sleeveless or have three quarter sleeves and let the back of the blouse dip as deep as you want. You can add some beads to tie it.

Fat and Backless

If you really want to be brave, go for a sleeveless blouse that has nothing on the back except a delicate tie that holds it all together. Uncover your back, but remember to moisturize it so that it glows and makes you look super goody!

Semi Transparent Back

If you’re a bit more conservative, instead of a fully backless blouse, keep the material in a thin strip, but cover the back in pure material. It’s not as fat as a backless blouse, but the suggestion of skin is there and you can look stylish in this style of blouse.


Have the neck of the blouse as a small round, but make everything nice with some bling and stones in a circular pattern. The rest of the blouse can be smooth, but the neckline will be the centerpiece with its ornaments.


Irresistible Saree Blouse designs
Irresistible Saree Blouse designs

Irresistible Saree Blouse designs

Ir Resistible Saree Blouse Designs

Irresistible Saree Blouse designs

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