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40 non-boring ways to wear a shrug in style

Shrugging to the topic itself, or it has immediately turned upside down? Gone are the days when shrugging was just an extra garment! Shrugs are an everyday garment that can be found in every women’s wardrobe, but these non-boring ways to shrug with style will be fun. A cardigan like a garment is it, with long or short sleeves, sometimes even in a cropped version. Mainly worn as the outermost layer of the outfit with a shirt, t-shirt, dress etc.

Non-boring ways to -shroug-with-style

Non-Boring-way-to-one breastfeeding with style

Non-boring way-to-shrug-with-style wear

However, this piece often gets boring and old. But nobody wants to look boring even in his oldest outfit. Often we are caught between a dilemma of looking good and throwing away our old favorite clothes, shrugs are one of those favorite pieces. But when we are here, you do not have to throw it away. We are here with Non-Boring Ways to twitch with Style.

Non-boring ways to wear with style

Non-Boring-way-to-Shrug with style wearing

Non-boring ways to -shroug-with-style


Non-boring ways-to-wear-a-shrug-with-style style

Black is never sure about the trend. Try one with batwing sleeves and pair it with a cropped top and pair of high-heeled jeans. You will surely steal the show. It will give you a stunning look and it can go with any color of top and denims you choose. You have a black shrug, stop worrying about the rest, just show it off.

Lacy Queen

Try a few lace tweaks, preferably in bell-shaped sleeves, and pair them with your shorts or overalls with straps underneath and increase the temperature.

Fringed Is On

Fringed style is the talk of the city and when it comes to shrugging it can never go wrong. Choose a fringe shrug and pair it with your tights or denims and be sure you see it.

The Flowy Ones

Have you ever tried the flowy shrug? If not, try it now. It’s hot and trendy, fashionably natural. You can combine it with a simple bodice and tights or shorts with the right pair of heels or shoes and it will certainly enhance your look

Asymmetry is fun

Symmetry is boring, more like a shrug with an asymmetric hem. It’s one of the must-haves and it will change the style of your dress, no matter what you wear underneath.

Tassel Fantasy

Non-boring way-to-shrug-with-style

Tassels are loosely hanging threads that are attached at one end in a garment. A shrug with a tassel is quite trendy. Combine this with a distressed denim and high heeled boots and get that boho look. This is certainly one of the non-boring ways to wear a shrug in style.

Go Floral

Non-boring way-to-a-shrug in style

Flowers always add a grace and charm to your outlook. Complement your summer outfit with a floral shrug, be it in shorts, jeans or minis, it will definitely add a style quotient to your garment.

Something color blast

Non-Boring Ways-to-wear-a -hrug-with-style

Colors are always fun and playing with colors never goes wrong, there is always a new perspective, even more when it comes to clothing. A multicolored shrug with some abstract prints is good to go. Wear something simple and simple underneath, and that brings the rest of the charisma. Play on!

Tie That Up

Non-Boring-way-to-a-Shrug with style

Make a boring outfit like palazzo or tunic with a shrug with a tie to the stylish look. It will certainly enhance the look and give it a bold new style. Perfect for a casual getaway, flaunt and amaze the crowd.

The Cropped Ethnic

Try an ethnic cropped shrug with some of the Asian and Indian prints with your denims or tights and tops. Make sure your tops are plain and simple to highlight your ethnic shrugs as much as possible. You can even combine it with a simple buttoned shirt underneath and wash out jeans with boots. It will not fail.

Non-boring way-to-shrug-with-style


Non-Boring-way-to-Shrug with style wearing

Non-Borin G-Ways-to-Wear-a-Shrug-with-Style

Non-boring ways-to-wear-a-shrug-with-style

Non-boring way-to-shrug-with-style wear

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