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45 office approved women’s tuxedos

The loose T-shirt or the high-heeled shirt buttons of your friend have greatly influenced the menswear. And what? I do not quote that, history saved it. Until long enough, women’s and men’s clothing was completely different, but with changing times, fashion changed and women’s fashion saw a big leap when it came to office wear!

Office Approved-Women-Smoking
Office Approved Women Tuxedo

Office Approved-Women-Smoking

Well, choosing the right office clothes can be quite difficult. A wrong color and a mismatch can ruin the whole look. Of course you do not want to be a fashion disaster in your office meeting, right? While tuxedos have been an important office wear for men, women have made it extremely stylish by wearing it in their own fashion! Women must thank men, because they are the reason why these Office Approved Women Tuxedos came into the fashion world and completely changed the fashion at work! “Sometimes this outfit can get pretty boring because there is not really much to experiment with.” Is that what you think? Hold on to that thought, my friend.

Office Approved-Women-Smoking

If you’re not in the mood for work style this Monday morning, If you’re in the mood for an office after this great last night’s party, you can wear your classic blue or black tuxedo and equip it well. Wear a matching tie or a cute bow at the nape and you’re ready to look stylish without doing anything. Are you wondering how to do that best? Well, H-Wood celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Evan Rachel Wood will show you!

Dig the pants for skin fit pants

Feel like experimenting? Then take off the cliché pants that comes with the complete suit. Instead, opt for your skinny fit pants the same color. They bring a touch of style. Unlock the blazer buttons to complete the look, unless you have to step into a wide room.

Pairing with skirts

Office Approved Women Tuxedos
Who said you can not wear tuxedos on skirts? Gone are those days when you simply could not change those suits. Keep all these tuxedo pants aside and combine them with matching skirts – midi or short skirts, whatever your office look. Naah? Take a look at how Jamie Chung, Kate Winslet, and Kim Kardashian influenced that look. You can also wear it in shorts, just as Zendaya wore a suit with shorts to one of the gala events.

Choose striped tops

Well! No body better than Emma Stone could be ravishing in this kind of tuxedo dressing. If you just do not feel well in those plain white buttoned shirts that come with the tuxedos, then it’s time to take that as a reason not to wear it. Choose striped casual tops for pants and blazers.

Go for velvet

Office Approved-Women-Smoking

Enough to knit this plain colored tuxedo for the various events and meetings of your office. Look goody now with the hot velvet tuxedos that rule the women’s fashion market. Cara Delevingne was spotted in a great blue tuxedo with nothing underneath. Let her inspire you for the paint and the material, so it’s officially approved!

Adjust the pants with the pattern of the blazer

Also referred to as the athleisure style, this pattern is the latest trend that simply throws the “boring” word out the window. Famous celebrities such as Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner were discovered as they styled this look. Denims with women’s tuxedo for those casual days

You have to wear Formals on all weekdays, but Friday are our cheat days, right? So, for those days, pair your jeans – you can wear denim shirts under black blazers or you can just wear your favorite jeans instead of pants. Miranda Kerr has been rocking this look for a long time.

The nerdy look

Tie your hair together in a ponytail or roll and wear glasses. Leave the top button of your shirt open so it does not look lewd, but also bring that nerdy look in for those days when nothing but coffee can keep you focused on work.

Dig the plain shirts

Crop tops or off-the-shoulder, plain-color jackets that match your tuxedo colors are a great way to look stylish and still have the checklist of your office-approved tuxedo outfit.

Scarf It Up ladies

If you can not decide what to wear differently, then just choose this boring tuxedo and style it with contrasting or animal printed scarves around your neck. Roll up your sleeves and you’re done!

Office Approved-Women-Smoking

Office Approved-Women-Smoking

Office Approved-Women-Smoking

Office Approved-Women-Smoking


Office Approved-Women-Smoking


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