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5 bun hairstyles for your wedding day

The hairstyle gives the look of a woman a lot of taste. And you must pay special attention to him on your wedding day.

In India, Bun is a traditional one Hairstyle for bridal hair of all religions and cultures. The reason for this is very simple – bun hairstyles support the heavy düppattas worn by the brides. Here are 5 bun hairstyles for your private day.

1. Traditional Bun Hairstyle:

Traditional Bun hairstyle

This is a typical bridal hairstyle that can be found at almost all Indian weddings, especially in the northern region. For this purpose, all hair is collected and twisted to a high knot. The wedding bridal hairstyle is then adorned with flowers (usually jasmine), jewelry or other accessories to make it more detailed.

2. Soft Bun Hairstyle:

Soft Bun hairstyle
Messy or soft bun hairstyle for your special day, as opposed to firm buns, have been popular for some time and are made in different variations and sizes. The advantage with loose bun hairstyles for the wedding is that they emanate a soft and pretty appearance; it can be bound a little lower than the traditional bun and allows creativity with flowers.

3. rolls on the side hairstyle:

Bun on the side hairstyle
This hairstyle is a variation of the traditional bread roll. In this style, instead of turning the bun upside down, it is moved to the side. For this hairstyle, blow-dry the hair thoroughly, comb it straight and pull it into a low-puffed bun, on one of the sides. This hairstyle will look good on brides that have well-defined cheekbones or large protruding eyes as they emphasize these features.

4. Traditional Up Do Hairstyle with a Twist:

Traditional Up Do hairstyle with a twist
This is another variation of the traditional Up Do, which is different but not unconventional. In this hairstyle different strands of hair are curled and nailed. The curls have the shape of a bun. This is a more elegant version of the traditional bread roll and goes well with sari. This could be used as an option for brides who want to eat a bun, but do not want it to look too stiff or too messy.

5. Spanish Up Do Hairstyle:

Spanish Up Do Hairstyle
This hairstyle is for brides who are looking for an up do, but not for the usual stuff. It works best with thick and long hair. For this hairstyle, the hair is dried to get some volume and then split horizontally. The upper part of the hair is provided with elaborate curls, while the other flows down the back. The updo is then adorned with flowers, crystals and even bows. This bust hairstyle can best be worn by round faced brides.

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