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50 adorable long pixie cut ideas

The harvest is a huge decision, we all know that. Therefore, you may need something to mitigate the blow. In general, stylists find the solution for the long pixie cut. It’s not really a cut-off or cut-off elf in the truest sense of the word, so you do not have to suffer so much, but it’s still the short hair you’ve always dreamed of. In other words, it is a middle ground or compromise solution. And a pretty one. Here are our 50 adorable pixie cut ideas for you to choose from.

1. The long pixie cut with overpowered bangs

If you choose Pony for the long pixie cut, we have a great way to refresh things from time to time. Use some hair wax to paint everything over your head. In this way, it will look like a completely new haircut.

2. The Raven Long Pixie Cut

Here is a very feathered pixie cut, Raven in color, which works perfectly in the fall. You can combine it with your favorite nose ring and oversized sweater to expose your entire elongated neck.

Rabenlanger elf

3. The Platinum Long Pixie Cut

An asymmetric pixie like this one in a perfect platinum will do amazing things for your eyes and your skin. It is highlighted, both illuminate, so that you kindle a kind of fairy. It’s perfect for the summer when we all look for that dewy look.

Platinum long pixie cut

4. The Chunky Long Pixie Cut

What we liked most about this hairstyle was the ends. They are very chunky and choppy. You can ask your barber to use a razor to get that look. Professional tip – the best part is that you do not try this at home because you may not be able to.

5. The angled long pixie cut

This angled long pixie is meant for curly hair. To copy it, you need some hair wax and a hair dryer. Brush hair through hair as you blow dry, and arrange your hands in this chaotic yet stylish tangle.

6. The wavy long pixie cut

Here is another elf who needs some props. For that you need your old curling iron. Spread your hair aside and use the iron to create curls or waves on the longer half. Apply a little hairspray to keep everything in place.

7. The Jaimie Alexander

You may remember the actress Jaimie Alexander from the Thor films, in which she played the warrior Sif. In real life, she wears a pitch-black long pixie cut, and that’s a good thing. She looks absolutely stunning.

Jaimie Alexander's long pixie cut

8. The flattering long pixie cut

There’s a reason why this pixie is called that. It looks good for everyone and every type of face out there. There is only something about this disheveled jumble of soft curls that frames the contours of the face in a beautiful and inviting way.

9. The Kaley Cuoco

Penny, The Big Bang Theory, went to harvest in one of the show’s final seasons, making Sheldon our amusement. In real life she looks good, the pixie cut gives her a cute and chic look.

Kaley Cuoco long pixie cut

10. The Chic Long Pixie Cut

And here is the French version of Pixie. It’s asymmetrical and straight to the point that it’s boring. Of course you can tame it and keep it in one place with a few hairpins if you wish.

11. Long pony, yes, thank you!

If you’ve decided on a simple and conventional pixie cut, you can spice it up a bit by wearing your pony for a very long time. The advantage is that you not only look very cool, but also look good.

12. The Sexy Long Pixie Cut

Far from looking like a boy, as some may say, pixie cuts can be really goody. We recommend that you wear yours with a smoky smoky eye and a pair of statement earrings to accentuate your sharpness.

13. The Aqua Long Pixie Cut

Do not be afraid to choose bold, unconventional colors. This is indeed one of the great advantages of a Pixie Cut. Short hair means that you can try different colors. This is a fantastic shade of aqua green.

14. The Undercut Aline

What’s better than a long pixie cut? A pixie cut that comes with a surprise underneath. Take this Aline cut with hair design. How cool, modern and fresh is that? We also love the dark color of the hair with just a few streaks of ruby ​​red on top.

Undercut Aline Hair Design Long Pixie Cut

15. The side cut long pixie cut

As the name implies, this pixie has reduced its pages to a minimum, while the top part needs some volume. The pony here is asymmetrical and quite heavy, while the color is a uniform, stony gray.

16. The Ginnifer Goodwin

The actress is now famous for her long pixie-cut ideas. She always wears the same dark, dark, black and retro make-up and she looks good everywhere.

Ginnifer Goodwin Long pixie cut

17. The Evan Rachel Wood

Although we love the architecture and the height of her long pixie cut as a whole, we just love the hair color of Evan Rachel Wood. It’s a medium-sized honey blond with burnt caramel roots that illuminates her entire face and highlights her baby blue eyes.

18. The Mia Wasikowska

Also our own Alice in Wonderland has opted for the long pixie cut. Only that hers is long in the front, she decided for the unicorn Quiff Sport. We also like the color of her hair, a nice ombre brown with blond ends that fits in her eyebrows.

mia wasikowska long pixie cut

19. The Lilly Collins

Actress and Model Lilly Collins can not help being elegant no matter what she does. Even her long pixie cut is regal. It’s a side that Bouffant shares in a super dark toffee brown that matches almost exactly the color of her eyes. Wowza!

20. The Keira Knightley

The princess of the pirates themselves, Keira loves a good harvest. And she definitely has the face for it. Her slender face shape and her high and well defined cheekbones make her look absolutely stunning in a choppy long pixie cut.

21. The Jennifer Lawrence

Here’s another incredibly famous siren that was crazy about a good harvest. Jennifer chose a more mature, almost matronly way to wear her own long pixie cut for this red carpet, complete with an almost naked make-up and diamonds around her neck.

jennifer lawrence long pixie cut

22. Short back, long front

Which do you prefer? Well, it does not really matter because you both will get this big and modern long pixie cut. However, we must warn you that this cut is a bit maintenance intensive, so think about it before you get it.

short back long front long pixie cut

23. The Miley Cyrus

Here is a beautiful, long pixie cut by pop singer Miley Cyrus, who decided to combine a fauxhawx with a high pompadour, all in a beautiful shade of butter white. If you want to be a small imitator and get it, make sure your roots are a bit darker than the rest to make it look natural.

Miley Cyrus long pixie cut

24. The Natalie Portman

The black swan is another Hollywood actress who benefits greatly from a long pixie cut due to her very slender and edgy face. Although her cut in this picture is almost boyish, she still looks feminine and tender.

Natalie Portman long pixie cut

25. The Scarlet Johansson

The opposite of delicate and total ballerina, like Natalie Portman, is Scarlet Johansson. The actress who plays the Black Widow looks like a complete badass in this long pixie cut that would be able to take even one or two super villains.

scarlet Johansson long pixie cut

26. The Charlize Theron

Charlize is by far one of the most beautiful women in the world and for years the face of J’Ador Dior. And it’s a good thing she did. We can admire much more of her besides the perfect face structure.

charlize theron long pixie cut

27. The Shailene Woodley

The whole world fell in love with “The guilt of our stars” in the young actress and we too. She’s definitely hair cut for all of us, especially with this messy long pixie cut, she’s so proud to wear on the red carpet, every chance she gets.

Shailene Woodley's long pixie cut

28. The Stone Gray Long Pixie Cut

Sometimes the color does all the work for you. It also makes all the talking and it can say a lot more about you than you ever knew. This is a stone-gray color that works well if you combine it with smoky eyes and a slight coral lip to warm things up a bit.

29. The Carey Mulligan

She played Daisy with Jay Gatsby and Bathsheba Everdeen, so she deserves our attention. In real life, she likes to do it with a bottle-blonde long pixie cut and nude make-up. No need to gild the lily!

30. The Michelle Williams

She could have played the biggest bomb of all time, Marilyn Monroe, on the big screen. In her private life, however, Michelle Williams loves the basics with a sand beige beige pixie cut and make-up on a brown base.

Michelle Williams long Pixie Cutv

31. The hall Berry

The actress Halle Berry has a different approach to the long pixie-cut than her fellow actors. She loves lace in her hair and she never misses an opportunity to show her. She always wears her hair in a nice dark coffee color.

32. The Mandy Moore

We love to see how beautiful Mandy Moore grew up. Her Dark Caramel Long Pixie Cut shows just that. It really shows her age, complemented by that statement golden earrings and smoky eye.

33. The wavy long pixie cut

If you have wavy hair and you also want a goblin, nothing when it comes to styling. Apply a little hair wax and press it over the head again with a soft brush and create waves. Problem solved!

34. The Audrey Tatou

Just when you did not think that Audrey Tatou’s face could get any sweeter than it already is, she goes and gets a feathery pixie cut. And now, if possible, she looks more enchanting than ever. Copy the look, including the minimal make-up with the baby pink lip.

35. The Pink Long Pixie Cut

If you choose a pastel color, you must start with the traditional pink. It’s easy to peel off and today you can even do it at home because it comes in easy to use bottles. Choose the color you like best and go for it.

36. The Julianne Hough

Actress Julianne Hough knows what she wants and wants. And you should do it too. This is a long Pixie cut in a beautiful classic beige blonde twisted into a false Mohawk for the red carpet.

37. The Ruby Rose

The model Ruby Rose opted for her androgynous appearance and opted for a long pixie cut. This time you can see her in a beautiful chestnut with a touch of red color that emphasizes her green eyes and her creamy complexion.

Ruby red pixie cut

38. The Anne Hathaway

The long pixie cut is also a great pro tip to look younger for a long time. It enlightens your entire face and extends your neck and wipes away with a heartbeat for five to ten years. This works especially if you try a darker shade on your hair, rather than a lighter one.

39. The Pink Bowl

An interesting and unique interpretation of the long Pixie cut is the Bowl hairstyle. You can see it in a shocking pink color combined with some creamy white for contrast and depth. Keep your make-up to a minimum, so you do not risk seeing theatrically.

Pink bowl of long pixie cut

40. Slick and Buzzed

Although it sounds like something you would post on Twitter at four in the morning, that’s exactly what this long Pixie cut is all about. It’s short, smooth, it comes from a buzz-cut in the back, and it’s very artistic. What do you want more?

41. The P!nk

Nobody makes a long pixie better than singer P! Nk. In fact, she wore them when they were not even such a trend and she was still rocking. So cool is P! Nk really. Enough said. Words are superfluous here.

42. The Cropped Long Pixie Cut

This simple version of the Pixie Cut is all about accessorizing. If you know how to emphasize all the important things, you will have no trouble turning a simple cut into something very stylish, cool and energetic.

43. The Curly Long Pixie Cut

If you have very curly hair, a pixie cut could actually be a blessing. It will be a very low maintenance type of hairstyle that you do not have to worry about. In addition, it serves as a protective hairstyle for your magnificent curls.

44. The elegant long pixie cut

Although he is short and sometimes boring, a pixie cut can be as elegant as it comes. Again, it’s about your styling decisions. And you know what makes everything elegant. Law. The red lipstick. Open something and everything will be alright in the world.

elegant long pixie cut

45. Hipsters Unite

Here’s a mix of hipster elements that will surely make you scream in ecstasy. The hairstyle is a long pixie cut in a very high and messy pompadour. Then you have the cat eye makeup with matte lipstick, the retro-false aviator sunglasses and the oriental nose ring.

elegant long pixie cut

46. ​​The angled long pixie cut

This year’s trend calls for an undercut. So if you really want to be stylish, you not only have to have a pixie cut, but also shave one side of your head. The different earrings hurt a bit. Pun intended.

47. bed head

If you love the idea of ​​running around with a Pearl Pot all day, you can do something about it. For example, you can invest in a high-quality sea salt spray or a good hair wax and then use your hair dryer to create this gauge head.

48. The Hair Scarf

Long pixie cuts go well with headscarves if you choose the retro vibe we all know and love. Choose a colorful or a scarf that has a fun pattern for the summer.

long pixie cut hair towel

49. The asymmetric long pixie cut

Asymmetric pixies have the advantage of following the line between a pixie cut and a short bob. This means that you get the best of both worlds, depending on how you shape your haircut.

asymmetric long pixie cut

50. Undercut and silver

If you plan to die on your Pixie Silver, we recommend leaving the Under Shave in its natural color or darker than the Silver. This will help make it feel more natural.

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