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50 glamorous stacked bob hairstyles

The stacked Bob has been one of the hottest hairstyles for years. It’s a lively, bold and fearless hairstyle for women who never shy away from expressing themselves. In addition, it is a versatile hairstyle, with adjustments for all face shapes, personalities and occasions. Honestly, we could not recognize it for creativity, courage and charm in one. If you are looking for a dramatic and memorable makeover, see what options you have on our list.

1. Long stacked bob

Long stacked bob


The long bob is clearly one of the most popular approaches to this haircut category. Called “praise,” this hairstyle can be stacked in the back for lots of extra volume. As for the front, go as long as you want.

2. Feathered Bob

Feathered Bob


Whether you have thin hair or just want a completely dynamic look, a spring-loaded bob should definitely be on your shortlist. This tasteful haircut is especially recommended for women over 40 who want to enjoy a youthful mood.

3. Stacked Layer Bob

Stacked Layer Bob


In most situations you will find a stacked bob haircut with more than enough layers around it. Of course, layers are used for the stacking effect in the back, but you will also find them distributed throughout the front parts of the hairstyle.

4. Wavy Layered Bob

Wavy Layered Bob


If your hair is naturally wavy, you can rely on this stacked haircut to get the look you want. Stacked bobs not only look great with wave-shaped locks, but they also enjoy a dreamy look with low maintenance.

5. Short stacked bob

Short stacked bob


Dare to be short? You can almost shave your bob in the neck. This kind of stacked haircut is perfect for the hot summer days that will make you faint. By exposing your neck, you will not be so hot in the merciless sun.

6. Bob for kids

Bob for kids


We really like this voluminous bob for kids. Whether your daughter is a toddler or a teenager, you can count on this stacked haircut to bring out the best in her personal style. It also helps to keep her hair out of her face.

7. Undercut Bob Hairstyle

Undercut Bob Hairstyle


Want to add some more edge to your bob? Think about going with an undercut. Well, while most undercuts appear like a very bold move, you can soften yourself as in this photo. Of course, if you’re just talking about this rebellion, you can opt for a steep undercut.

8. Blonde Stacked Bob Haircuts

Blonde Stacked Bob Haircuts


Probably the most frequently stacked bob is blond. If you are fair-skinned, you can easily choose this hair color as a supplement to your new haircut. In addition, you can explore every tone of the blond palette, from platinum to dirty blondes and more.

9. Short reverse bob hairstyles

Short reverse bob hairstyles


If you do not want to have a solid color with your bob, do not hesitate to experiment with several tones. For example, a clever series of highlights can bring your entire hairstyle to life. You can also use different shades of your highlights for a sun-kissed look.

10. Very long Bob

Very long bob


Love goes to the extreme? Express that through your hairstyle! In this regard, you can get a dramatic long bob with a stacked back. As you can see in this photo, the angle is steep and the front is lush long.

11. Short Stacked Bob with Pony

Short stacked bob with pony


Bangs are a popular detail for women with stacked bobs around the world. As you’ll soon find out, you also have several options for pony to your coquettish haircut. We start with these layered side loops.

12. Edgy Bob

Edgy Bob


It’s easy to make your bob edgier. The real secret to getting the desired edge is … levels. Cutting your curls in different lengths creates a choppy, messy and mesmerizing haircut that will leave you with a deadly impression every time.

13. Balayage Bob Hairstyle

Balayage Bob Hairstyle


What if you just want a pinch of color without going over the top? Balayage is your friend, my love. This subtle color technique allows you to enjoy just enough undertones to make your bob hairstyle shine with natural beauty.

14. Bridal stacked bob hairstyles

Bridal stacked bob hairstyles


If you have a stacked bob and you’re also a bride, you’re in for a treat. The styling of your freshly cut curls for the big day is child’s play thanks to the beautiful shape of the haircut. For a dynamic approach, simply curl your strands.

15. Ombre Bob

Ombre Bob


A bold alternative for ladies who want more color in their bob is ombre. While ombre hairstyles may include natural colors, we recommend exploring more intense options as well. Take, for example, this icy blue shade.

16. Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob


Another messy hairstyle you can look into is the shaggy bob. This stackable haircut stands out for its effortless style, thanks to the added layering and disheveled styling. Although it may be surprising to some, the results are absolutely fancy.

17. Stacked Bob Fine Hair


Living with fine hair can be challenging for some, but there is nothing that a masterful haircut can not solve. For example, you can increase your volume and create the illusion of a thicker texture with a multi-layered, angled bob and choppy bangs.

18. Stacked haircut for round face

Stacked haircut for round face


If you have a round face shape, we highly recommend an asymmetry in your hairstyle. In other words, your stackable bob may be slightly shorter on one side to flatter your face. Side pony are also a nice touch.

19. Short Stacked Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

Short Stacked Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair


On the other hand, women with thick hair also have their fair share of difficulties, especially with short haircuts. To make the most of your hair texture, use this photo as an example of the shape you should try.

20. Bob hairstyle for heart-shaped face

Bob hairstyle for heart-shaped face


Women with faces in the shape of hearts can use this photo for inspiration. The hair is discreetly inversely cut, just enough to outline the jawbone and complement the rest of the facial features.

21. Steep stacks

Steep stacks


If you tend to act outside the box, you can choose a very steep, stacked haircut. The shape of your hairstyle will definitely attract attention, and that’s what we mean positively. Try this approach if you love to go against the grain.

22. Super Short Stacked Bob

Super Short Stacked Bob


For a boyish yet goody stance on a stacked bob, you can play around with this alternative. In fact, it’s visibly shorter than most of the other options on our list, but it’s no less wonderful. It also has a surprisingly feminine touch at the end.

23. Long stacked bob with pony

Long stacked bob with pony


Pony contributes significantly to the irresistible shape of your bobsleigh. If you choose a long, angled bob with a stacked back, consider a full, frontal pony. They complement the rest of the hairstyle and your properties.

24. Bob with Afro Curls

Bob with Afro Curls


If you like more volume than others and have Afro-textured curls, we’ve found the hairstyle for you. A stacked haircut will push your corkscrew spools even more, providing a stunning shape that makes heads turn.

25. Bold Colors Bob

Bold Colors Bob


Is fat a definite characteristic for you? Apart from your bold haircut, you can take your entire hairstyle to the next level with equally intense color. You can combine all the vibrant colors, but here is an example of silvery white and bright lavender.

26. Short Stacked Bob Haircuts with Blunt Bangs

Short Stacked Bob Haircuts with Blunt Bangs


Does your Bohemian soul long for a representative haircut? Get your artistic side out with some blunt bangs to go with your stacked bob. This dreamy haircut lets you direct your inner hipster in no time.

27. Bicolor Inverted Stacked Bob

Bicolor Inverted Stacked Bob


You can enhance the stacked part of your bobsled by exploring contrasts. In other words, define the back part of the hairstyle with a dark under-color and leave a lighter shade on top. In this regard, platinum and dark brown work well together.

28. Tousled Bob

Tousled Bob


Whether you have wavy or curly hair, a disheveled bob is a must for defining your dynamic hair texture. Although the disheveled aspect is more related to styling, first make sure that the Bob is created with layers.

29. Choppy Bob with lowlights

Choppy Bob with lowlights


Aside from highlights, lowlights or subtle stripes can have a massive impact on your hairstyle. For example, if you have dark hair, you can add a pinch of deep maroon to spice up your look. It serves as a perfect finish.

30. Curly Stacked Bob

Curly Stacked Bob


We go back to curly girls for this one, with an excellent example of a subtly stacked bob on natural curls. Thanks to your already revealing hair texture you have a nearly perfect hairstyle every day, which is almost perfect.

31. Long Bob with loose curls

Long Bob with loose locks


Women who were not blessed with naturally curly hair, however, can get a similar effect on their stacked bob. All you have to do is curl up a few thick strands to get that beach rippled. It’s a sweet and quick styling tip when you’re preparing for fancy events at short notice.

32. Medium Stacked Bob

Medium Stacked Bob


Not that for extremes? It is not a problem; You can go for a medium bob every day. We recommend this hairstyle for women who prefer balance against conspicuousness. Also for women who are afraid too short with her bob

33. Braided Bob Hairstyle

Braided Bob Hairstyle


As surprising as that may sound, you can style your bob in many ways. Set the classic fixed styles aside, you can create a braided or twisted headband. In fact, you can combine both for a boho hairstyle.

34. Stacked inverted bob with highlights

Stacked inverted bob with highlights


This is another example that proves you can not go wrong with Highlights and Bobs. The color technique and the haircut are a perfect combination in the sky and complement each other perfectly. Choose your favorite color and let it shine!

35. Ginger Red Bob

Ginger Red Bob


Whether you are a natural ginger or you love to die your hair copper, your bob would look in that color. The result is a terrific mix of edgy and natural, cute and goody, appropriate yet daring.

36. Hot Pink Bob

Hot Pink Bob


We could not neglect our rebellious girls in this list. If you are defined by a free mind and spirit, you can go beyond that with a striking color. A tone of pink, as in this example, works amazingly with choppy bobs.

37. Messy Stacked A line Bob

Messy Stacked A Line Bob


To continue our idea of ​​fearless bobs, do not hesitate to try this alternative if you are a wild woman. The haircut is choppy all around, and the dull layers are accented by chaotic styling. We also love the color play on this.

38. Stacked Bob

Stacked Bob


Among the multi-layered hairstyles, high-stacked bobs are a favorite among ladies looking for a volume boost. With these haircuts the angle is extremely steep and creates a fascinating visual effect. Make sure you invest some time in styling to get the results you want.

39. Pastel Bob

Pastel Bob


We are really impressed by the color melt in this hairstyle. In addition to the troubled layering of the bob, the hairstyle is brought to life through a metallic and pastel-colored balayage. Purple, silver and blue are blended harmoniously for this spectacular result.

40. Brunette Stacked Angled Bob

Brunette Stacked Angled Bob


Although we often find stacked bobs in blond tones, they look great on raven locks. Regardless of whether you are a natural brunette or you have freshly dyed, deep black hair, you can count on a stacked bob to flatter the color.

41. Stacked hairstyle with saucers

Stacked hairstyle with saucers


While this style comes very close to the two-color example from # 27, it shines subtly. Although two contrasting colors are used for the paint application, they are mixed smoother than in the above example.

42. Celebrity Stacked Swing Bob

Celebrity Stacked Swing Bob


When it comes to stacked haircuts, we can clearly identify Victoria Beckham as a source of celebrity inspiration. Former Posh Spice has been rocking this hairstyle for a few years and brilliantly.

43. Dark Rainbow Bob

Dark Rainbow Bob


If you are caught between the desire to mix a plethora of colors in your hair and keep things dark, here’s the idea you need. It actually combines both details by using deep rainbow highlights on a black stacked bob base.

44. Stacked Chin Length Bob

Stacked Chin Length Bob


For an elegant and polished hairstyle, we recommend that you go chin-up with your bob. It’s not too long, not too short, too casual or extravagant. In other words, it’s a charming haircut that impresses every time.

45. Bob with long side bangs

Bob with long side bangs


Another tip for extra volume is to incorporate long pony bangs into your stacked hairstyle. You should keep the pony as long as the rest of your hair to get that spherical effect. Then enjoy your inflatables!

46. ​​Long Pixie Bob

Long Pixie Bob


We chose this hairstyle for the transition from one haircut to another. To put it another way, it’s a beautiful shape for women who make a pixie haircut into a bob. The strands behind one ear are an exquisite detail.

47. Choppy Stacked Bob Haircuts

Choppy Stacked Bob Haircuts


Hack your way to the bobsleigh of your dreams with this photo as your inspiration. It’s another boho approach to this stacked haircut, with a lot of attitude and confidence to go with it. Do not be afraid to annoy your hair after cutting it like this.

48. Asymmetric Stacked Bob

Asymmetric Stacked Bob


Remember what we said about asymmetric bobsleds? This photo undoubtedly proves our point, especially for women who want a shorter stacked bob. We also dig the platinum white hair color for the funky look.

49. Splash of color Bob

Splash of color Bob


Torn between bright colors and earth tones? You can get rid of any hesitation by using just a little color at a certain point in your hair. For example, you can keep your base black and get one or two frontal stripes in purple.

50. Super Curly Bob

Super Curly Bob


Our last beautiful bob is one that glows with outnumbered curls. We have taken it for our extra curly readers who are thinking of a short hair rejuvenation. As you can see, the abrupt angle makes the hairstyle even more memorable.

In summary, a stacked bob is an exceptional choice for ladies who want to mix noble and edgy. Bobs are now extremely hot, and the stacked alternative has all the sugar, the spice, and everything you want in a flashy haircut. You can get yours in an elegant and clean version or with vivid colors that match the style. Which one would you get and why? Share your thoughts with our community of fabulous hair lovers below!

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