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50 glorious shoulder long bob ideas

If you could call an iconic woman’s haircut, what would that be? The answer must be the bob. The traditional shoulder-length bob has been a very hot trend for some years now. The best argument we have for this statement is the fact that so many Hollywood celebrities have put on this haircut. That’s why we’ve decided to create a comprehensive list of 50 goody shoulder-length bob ideas that will inspire you. Do not worry, your favorite star is in there too!

We start with a color that is perfect for the summer. This platinum blonde has a greyish tint on the roots to make her look as natural as possible, and a few beige-blonde stripes here and there to warm her up a bit.

Platinum shoulder length bob

Source [19659006] 2. The Asymmetrical Shoulder Length Bob

This cut is asymmetrical in the sense that it is longer at the front and shorter at the back, creating the illusion of an elongated and slimmer face. We also advise you to share your hair for this page.

ash gray asymmetric shoulder length bob


3. The Charlize Theron

Probably the most beautiful woman in the world, for years the face of J’Ador Dior, looks the actress Charlize Theron in this sunny, blonde, shoulder-long Bob. Notice how she paired it with a dull wine lipstick and theatrical earrings in a darker hue of the same color as her lips.

charlize theron shoulder length bob


4. The Heidi Klum

One of the most famous faces in fashion, model Heidi Klum opted for the shoulder-length bob as she got older. It was a wonderful choice, because she has beautiful, blonde, thick hair and a square face.

Heidi Klum shoulder-length bob


5. The Selena Gomez

Although she now boasts of her long and lush raven locks, there was a time when the former Disney star decided on the shoulder-length bob. The caramel stripes in auburn hair are just adorable.


6. The Brittany Snow

This is a “pitch perfect” star who has used the shoulder-length bob really well. She dyed her hair in a very pale tone of bottle blond and used this form of chopped off Bob to frame her pointed face. And those eyes. Wowza!

Brittany Snow Shoulder Length Bob


7. The Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

If there is one thing that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley knows to do in terms of beauty, then that’s messy hair and beach waves. She could actually be the owner of the best beach waves in the world!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shoulder-length bob


8. The Jessica Alba

The young Jessica Alba was also very shoulder length. She might now love the Hollywood sirens, but at that time she was sweet as pumpkin pie with that dull cut and cinnamon shadow of the dark blonde.

jessica alba shoulder-length bob


9. The Mena Suvari

Leave this “American Pie” star to take the heat everywhere. Her shoulder-length bob is absolutely smoldering. While we agree that the age of the neon baby pink lip has expired, we can not get enough of her hair!

mena suvari shoulder length bob


10. The Christina Hendricks

Adhering to the hair color that has made him famous all over the world, this’ Mad Men ‘Star’ keeps him up to date with a very flat-shouldered bob. The cut is very simple and it lets the color and make-up guide all the talking.

christina hendricks shoulder length bob


11. The Barbie Blonde Shoulder Length Blonde

Sometimes Barbie as your inspiration is actually a good thing. This cream blond blonde, perfectly cut in a reversed long bob and paired with a rosy lipstick, is the picture of perfection.

barbie blonde shoulder length bob


12. Bobs and Curls

A shoulder length bob is also perfect for creating mini curls. You can break your curling iron or you can do it the old fashioned way by tying your hair with a headband overnight. Either way it works.


13. The Hipster Shoulder Length Bob

While not very different in cut or shape from a normal asymmetric bob, a hipster bob is represented by the details. For example, the color must always be an unconventional, like this beautiful salt and pepper gray.

Hipster shoulder-length bob


14. The Blunt Cut

If you’re brave and a really edgy woman, you can always choose the very blunt cut shoulder-length bob. Its main feature is that the ends were not refined at all, leaving you with a very straight finish.

blunt cut shoulder length bob


15. Chocolate cinnamon

No, we are not talking about the recipe for your favorite babka. In fact, we have the recipe for your next favorite hair color. It’s a milk chocolate brown, with a few cinnamon strips here and there that give it a little light.

Chocolate and cinnamon shoulder length bob


16. The featherweight shoulder length Bob

This is a choppy and voluminous bob, very dull and raven colored. You can get this volume by ripping it out with a soft brush or with the necessary hair care products. The shaggy ends are also a must for this type of bob.

feathered raven shoulder length bob


17. The Ombre Shoulder Length Bob

Since the ombre trend has been so big in recent years, there is no reason why you should not apply it to your bob. You can go for the natural look, or you can choose and combine two non-traditional colors.

Ombre shoulder length bob


18. The Cool Shoulder Length Bob

If you want more selfies for your Instagram account, you’ll need a matching bob. And this could only be the coolest. It’s an icy beige blonde, straight and straight, with a dull make-up that goes with it.

cool shoulder length bob


19. The Textured Shoulder Length Bob

If you have fine hair, this is a trick that you will surely appreciate. If you add texture or layers to your hair, it seems that you have much more volume and depth than you actually do. Here are some ideas on how to style thin hair.

structured shoulder length bob


20. Beautiful Pangs

If the shape of your face allows it, you can always make a nice selection of long pockets. Sweep them all by sharing your hair and get that glamorous and mysterious look we all crave. Minimal make-up by day and smoky eyes by night complete this look.

beautiful pony shoulder length bob


21. The waterfall shoulder length Bob

Beach waves in a waterfall? Yes, please! This is a new hair trend that looks at quickly because it is so beautiful. Look online for tutorials, tips and tricks on how to do it yourself. It is not difficult at all!

Waterfall shoulder length Bob


22. The Jennifer Lawrence

We have to admit. We loved Jen with long hair, but we love her with a shoulder-length bob. Especially in this platinum blond, which brings out her eyes and complexion so well. You can also try adding some caramel roots to keep it natural.


23. The layered shoulder length Bob

Apart from the great layering this bob offers, we also love the nutmeg color. It is striped with blond, beige and white strands, under lights and peekaboos that really give it a natural feel.

Nutmeg with layer length shoulder length bob


24. The Jennifer Aniston

The days when Jennifer Aniston played Rachel are long gone. Today she goes for a beautiful shoulder-length bob in a very light blond color that makes her look as young as ever and highlights her eyes and sun kissed skin.


25. The asymmetric praise

Another version of the shoulder-length bob is Lob, also known as Langbob. This type of bob starts with the length of the shoulder in the back with some very long strands in the front.

red asymmetric praise shoulder length bob


26. The Inverted Shoulder Length Bob

If you’re looking for the crazy 90s, you can always choose an inverted bob. At that time, they were always the craze, basically every girl in the world has a version of this haircut. Take it up the stairs and add some pony to your pony.

inverted shoulder length Bob


27. Die Jenna Dewan-Tatum

The wife of actor Channing Tatum, Jenna, an actress herself, really knew what she was doing when she chose that particular haircut and color. The clipped shoulder-length Bob framed her narrow and square face and the dark brunette reveals the jade-green face of her eyes.

jenna dewan-tatum's shoulder


28. Bob’s shoulder length for thin hair

Thin hair? You should not care, because a bob can take care of everything. Invest in some quality hair care products and let this great haircut speak the whole language instead of worrying about what your hair looks like.

shoulder length bob for thin hair


29. Teenage Shoulder Length Bob

This cut is so versatile that it is suitable for all ages, from mature women to teenagers. The latter version could benefit from some baby curls that you can get with the help of a good old curling iron and some hair sprays.


30. The Sarah Hyland

This crazy teenager from the successful TV series “Modern Family” is now a very beautiful young woman with a shoulder-length bob. She is wearing the same brown, blonde and caramel combination she has been for years.

sarah hyland shoulder-length hair


31. The Keira Knightley

No, not even England is safe from the Bob fever, because this haircut has also made it over the pond. Here’s Kaira Knightley with a messy and brunette shoulder-length bob.

keira knightley shoulder-length bob


32. Half Up Half Down

Styling Your Shoulder Length Bob is an easy job to learn a few tricks. For example, you can always try this simple and lazy half-topped half-down knot that resembles a bit of a bed head and is so bohemian chic.


33. The Priyanka Chopra

The Indian actress is perhaps one of the most beautiful women in the world, and we’re pretty sure her shoulder-length Bob has a thing or two to do with it. She wears her in a very natural and dark brunette, usually with theatrical makeup and jewelry.

pryanka chopra shoulder length bob


34. The Very Straight Bob

Usually, very straight hair is quite difficult to style. But if you’re carrying a bob, you can do a few things. For example, you can try this mini knot, with some loose strands that can frame your face.

very straight shoulder length bob


35. The chic shoulder length Bob

Delightful and effortless is what we would call this version of a long bob. We especially love the natural blonde who was mixed for a good deal with a little bit of beige and caramel. To get this voluminous look, you can use a bit of textured spray and blow-dry.

charmingly chic, shoulder-length bobsleds


36. The Kendall Jenner

Now model and reality superstar Kendall Jenner is so famous that even her hair should have her own Instagram. One of her favorite haircuts is a shoulder-length bob she wears in a very natural, deep, brunette color.

Kendell Jenner shoulder-length bob


37. The Khloe Kardashian

We stay in the Jenner Kardashian family to watch a blonde version of a shoulder-length bob, this time on sister Khloe. She went for the asymmetrical, beige blonde with dark roots.

Khloe Kardashian shoulder length Bob


38. The Mightful Shoulder Length Bob

If you’re a lazy or natural-looking type of girl, this is definitely the hairstyle for you. The reason is that it requires minimal maintenance after you get it. All you need to do is look after your hair normally and then put it through a comb.

efortless shoulder length bob


39. The Jennifer Lopez

Although her long and voluptuous mane is her pride and joy, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has also fallen victim to the lure of shoulder-length bobsleigh. She went for the shaggy version of it, in a cinnamon and caramel color.

Jennifer Lopez Shouldered Bob


40. The Sandra Bullock

Can our girl Sandie B do something wrong? We do not think. Here she is with a dark colored, very straight and choppy shoulder length bob. We love the make-up of the 90s as well as the spaghetti-dress Kate Moss.


41. The Emma Watson

Emma Watson’s shoulder-length Bob, a rather thin one, was the result of cutting her hair into a boyish pixie after shooting all the Harry Potter films and then growing all her hair

emma watson shoulder length bob


42. The Anne Hathaway

We have to be honest. We love ourselves some Anne Hathaway with beach waves. And if she’s wearing a shoulder-length bob, we love her even more. Did you notice the little red stripes in the front?


43. The Lucy Hale

Apart from the amazing haircut, the big waves and the perfect ombre, the eye immediately goes for Lucy Hale’s immaculate make-up. It’s a medium smoky eye with a touch of golden eye shadow and a dazzling wine-colored lipstick.

lucy hale shoulder length bob


44. The Julianne Hough

Actress Julianne Hough, who stays true to her platinum blonde, shows us what a shoulder-length bob looks like. She has not left her shaggy beach waves either, which means she looks just as tasty as ever.

Julianne Hough shoulder-length bob


45. The Kim Kardashian

We are now at number three in the Kardashian-Jenner clan and it is none other than Kim herself. Yes, although she has always loved her long mane, she too has had a time when she went for the cut.

Kim Kardashian shoulder-length bob


46. ​​The Rose Byrne

The delicate face of actress Rose Byrne benefits from a shoulder length bob through frame and volume. She also remains true to a single hair color and does not change it over the years. It is very partial to a chocolate brown.


47. The Margot Robbie

Blonde hair, blue eyes, shoulder-length Bob, the recipe for a modern bomb. What do you want more? Margot Robbie’s smoldering good looks are perfectly complemented by the hairstyle she has adopted in recent years.

Margot Robbie shoulder length Bob


48. The Kaley Cuoco

The story of this “Big Bang Theory” actress is similar to that of Emma Watson. She first cut her long hair into a fairy and then wanted to let everything grow again. What she did. Only that, in that process she had to go through that wonderful beige shoulder-length bob.

kaley cuoco shoulder-length bob


49. The Taylor Swift

This is one of those rare occasions when we see Sweethe Swift without her red lipstick. But this gives us a great opportunity to focus more on her hair, a dull and choppy shoulder length cut with a side-swept pony in an ash blonde.

Taylor Swift shoulder-length bob


50. The Gwyneth Paltrow

Another screen siren who has never taken off her basic hair color is British actress Gwyneth Paltrow. She always loved this platinum blonde and she really loved her. She is also a big fan of very straight hair that wraps her hair like a curtain. You could almost say that she likes to pull a Rachel.

gwyneth paltrow shoulder length bob



This completes our list of 50 beautiful shoulder-length bob ideas. From celebrities to hairstyles you could see with your neighbor, we’ve all gathered them here. Which one inspired you the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

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