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50 gorgeous short hairstyles for thick hair

hick hair can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. While it’s absolutely fabulous to have lush locks with lots of volume and depth, they can also be a nightmare when it comes to hygiene, maintenance and styling. Fortunately, there is a simple trick that you can apply and take care of. Hack everything! There are so many excellent short hairstyles for thick hair out there, you will not believe it. Many of them are even inspired by your favorite stars and we promise you will fall in love with them! Scroll down to see everyone.

1. Short layered haircuts for thick hair

This first idea is a very basic layer of chin length Bob. It takes the edge off thick hair and, thanks to all its layers, makes it less voluminous and fluffy. Invest in some high quality hair products to make them look shiny and supple.

2. Short structured hairstyles for thick hair

Actress Raquel Welch has always had an impressive hairline. When she went over the hill and turned 60, she also got the big cut, just like most women. Only that, for her it was a super stylish multilayer pixie cut as she has such thick hair.

raquel which short hairstyles for short hair

3. Modern short haircuts for thick hair

This is a super cool long pixie cut, textured and very chaotic, with 2000s inspired spikes all around. But what we love most about it was the color. It’s a very silky iceberg blonde, almost metallic, that will work fantastically with smoky makeup.

4. Low maintenance short haircuts for thick hair

Will it be lower maintenance than that? This is a beige blonde bob with long bangs on one side. It has choppy ends and it is very straight and supple, so you do not have to worry about styling it everyday.

5. The Felicity Jones

If you’re looking for celebrity inspiration when it comes to short hairstyles for thick hair, look no further. We have several on this list and actress Felicity Jones is just the first. She usually wears this fantastic black-brown bob with very loose beach waves and heavy set pony of the 60s.

felicity jones short hair for thick hair


6. The Lily Collins

We saw actress Lily Collins walk through thick hair for many short hairstyles. However, we must say that this pine length Bob is our favorite. It prefers her round face best and makes her look incredibly chic and feminine. No wonder she was chosen to be the face of Givenchy!

Lily Collins short hairstyles for thick hair


7. The Christina Hendricks

Some actors become known alongside their actors for different aspects of their aspect. This also applies to Christina Hendricks, who is well known for her commitment to redheads. So do short hairstyles for thick hair, ladies.

Christina Hendricks short hairstyles for thick hair


8. Short shaggy hairstyles for thick hair

Meet the Italian chic. This is a rippled and shaggy bob that will draw all eyes upon you. If your hair is not naturally wavy or curly, you can always create that look with your flat iron, along with some sea salt spray for that mermaid feeling.

9. The Mandy Moore

We were pleased to see Mandy Moore and discover that she has turned into a fabulously fashionable and beautiful woman. Here she wears a chocolate brown, long, with blond and red stripes spiked pixie cut and a few beautiful gold statement earrings.

Mandy Moore short hairstyles for thick hair


10. The Anne Hathaway

Another celebrity who desperately needs ideas for short hairstyles for thick hair is our dear Anne. It was not always easy for her to tame this mane. Remember these scenes in The Princess Diaries ? But if she could do it, then you and then we all pretend to be the princesses of Genovia

11. Asymmetric Haircuts for Thick Hair

How cute is this asymmetrical pixie? One side of it is completely scraped off, while the other retains all the beauty of your natural curls. This type of short hairstyle for thick hair really brings out the best of both worlds.

12. The Selena Gomez

A celebrity with amazingly thick hair has always been Instagram girlfriend Selena Gomez. Nowadays she wears her hair long and curly. However, there was a time in her teenage years when she went for this awesome and sleek Bob.

13. The Charlize Theron

Probably the most beautiful woman in the world and for many years the face of the French perfume J’adore Dior, the actress Charlize Theron is a fan of short hairstyles for thick hair. Here she is wearing a very long and curly blonde Pixie cut.

charlize theron short hairstyles for thick hair


14. The Victoria Beckham

She’s probably had almost as many hairstyles as her equally famous husband. Obviously, some were more successful than others. For example, this is an asymmetrical, caramel-blonde, long pixie, perfect for hairstyles for thick hair.

15. The Meg Ryan

Although we got used to her long haircut when she became famous for starring in some of the best romantic films of all time, we also love Meg Ryan with this shaggy and layered hairstyle that almost gives the impression she has curly hair.

16. The Lea Seydoux

French actress Lea Seydoux also has healthy hair. That’s why she loves to make short hairstyles for thick hair. This is an amazing sandy, unkempt bob she has paired with almost no makeup. And we think she looks absolutely fantastic.

lea seydoux short hairstyles for thick hair

17. Short hairstyles for thick, dark hair

If you love this haircut and want to copy it, then you need to break your hair dryer or rotating brush. Use some styling mousse and turn the brush gently so it does not get caught in the hair. You know perfectly well that it’s impossible to come out.

18. The Jaimie Alexander

We first know her as Lady Warrior Sif in the first Thor movie and she’s been turning her head ever since. Speaking of heads, she’s a fine example of how to handle short hairstyles for thick hair. Find her.

19. The Audrey Tatou

The second French actress on our list of short hairstyles for thick hair has opted for a very rich, cocoa-colored long bob. Obviously, her is completely Parisian chic, so you’ll have to copy it in detail if you want to look like you’ve just come back from an excursion to la belle France.

20. Mature short hairstyles for thick hair

If you have exceeded a certain age and your hair is wholly or partially white, we recommend that you do not dye it. Hug and enjoy what nature has given you, because it’s a great color and change that needs to be celebrated instead of hiding under hair dye.

mature short hairstyles for thick hair


21. Sexy short hairstyles for thick hair

Everything about this look screams beauty and sultriness. This is an ear-length bob with a retro side piece and loose vintage curls. Decline Marylin Monroe or Jane Russell. Combine it with smoky cat’s eye and a pair of dramatic earrings.

goody short hairstyles for thick hair


22. Curly Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair

One of the best ways you can manage your very curly hair is to cut it into a short bob. We recommend this iron-on puff-up version. It just looks incredibly fancy and very 20s Jazz Age, do not you think?

curly short hairstyles for thick hair


23. Short sassy haircuts for thick hair

Speaking of jazz, here’s another kind of bob that will get you even closer to the wild 20’s. If Flapper is your preferred style then this is definitely the hairstyle for you. Use some argan oil to get that extra shine in your hair.

24. Send short hairstyles for thick hair

Here is the British actress Keira Knightley in her ad for Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Perfume. She is the embodiment of the young Frenchwoman with a short and simple brown bob, natural make-up and of course Chanel.

Keira Knightley as Chanels Coco Mademoiselle short hairstyles for thick hair


25. The Sophia Loren

When it comes to short hairstyles for thick hair, when it comes to inspiration, there is no one better than Sophia Loren. She was the true diva and bomb of the 50s and 60s and showed the world what European beauty really looks like.

sophia loren short hairstyles for thick hair


26. Short hairstyles with bangs for thick hair

Speaking of the ’60s, this is a panty with thin and light pony inspired by this era. You can use it as your muse for short hairstyles for thick hair. We love, as all other elements belong to this era. The long, oval nails, thick eyeliner and the typical dress

27. The Natalie Portman

Here is another actress who is known to be the face of an iconic perfume and just loves short hairstyles for thick hair. Natalie Portman has long been the beautiful face of Dior’s Miss Dior and we could not be happier. It’s a game made in heaven.

28. Short blond hairstyles for thick hair

If you’re thinking of becoming blonde for the first time, you have to do it in style. Take Rita Oras example. Here she channels the unique beauty and style of the only Marylin herself. How about short hairstyles for thick hair?

rita ora short hairstyles for thick hair


29. Nice short haircuts for thick hair

Which Sienna Miller is your favorite? The one with short hair or with long hair? As far as short hairstyles go for thick hair, we naturally prefer the short-haired. However, we will not say no to a long Sienna Sienna as long as she keeps her sweet, white, honey blond strands

Sienna Miller short hairstyles for thick hair


30. Easy to manage short hairstyles for thick hair

This naturally wild short bob is absolutely fantastic. The color is really something to see. The base is a warm, natural and juicy brown, interspersed with blond and bronze peekaboos. If you have green or hazel eyes you should definitely try this color.

31. The Zendaya

Her many hairstyles are almost as famous as they are today. However, we must say that we absolutely adored this former Disney star when she performed with this blonde shaggy pixie cut with layered pony and matte brown lipstick.

zendaya short hairstyles for thick hair

Source [19659006] 32nd 50s Short hairstyles for thick hair

If you are in love with the 50s or just love pinup, we have the hairstyle for you. These are bottle-blond curls that you’ll probably notice, especially when you pair them with a showy red lip and some eyeliner

Here are some more pinup hairstyles for you.

33. Retro short hairstyles for thick hair

You know that retro has been the craze in recent years since the hipster trend emerged. But here is a tip. If you go for these thick hair hairstyles, make sure that you only have the perfect make-up and outfits. Otherwise it just looks outdated.

Retro short hairstyles for thick hair


34. Short Edgy Haircuts for Thick Hair

This is a fantastic ginger asymmetric bob with wavy ends and short bangs that brush the eyebrows. The look is so beautiful that it almost looks like The Fifth Element looks. Combine it with naked eye makeup and a tangerine red lipstick to mirror the orange in the hair color.

35. The Morena Boccarin

If you think your face is familiar, you are not wrong. She was interested in Ryan Reynold’s love interest Deadpool , She was incredibly cool, as she is in real life, with her brunette pixie cut and the side swept pony. Do not you like how her name fits her hair color? Morena means brunette in Spanish.

Morena Boccarin Short Hairstyles for Thick Hair


36. The Julianne Hough

Leave it to actress Julianne Hough to show us how blonde short hairstyles should work for thick hair. She wears a cross between a short bob and a long pixie with really feathered ends and dark caramel roots. Just look at what it does for her crystal clear blue eyes!

julianne hough short hairstyles for thick hair


37. Short stylish haircuts for thick hair

As far as style goes, we advise you not just to copy this haircut. We give you the green light to copy this whole look. To the dotted silk shirt with the theatrical bow on one shoulder, the make-up of the 60s and the beautiful selfie in make-up mirror.

38. Short haircuts for thick wavy hair

In this article we have referred several times to Marylin impersonator. But now we think we have found the best. It’s a great idea for short hairstyles for thick hair that you can use as well. The color is of course Marylin Blonde, and all you need are well-placed curls and lots of red lipstick.

39. Short bobs for thick hair

Actress Julia Stiles is here to demonstrate how to strip short hairstyles for thick hair as the girl next door. It’s easy. First, get a simple bob with a set of side-swept pony in the color of your choice. Then style it with some mousse. Then you will become everyone’s darling.

40. The Marion Cotillard

We believe it is now certain that our list of short hairstyles for thick hair has been dominated by French actresses and French perfume. That’s why we do not care, especially if she’s so beautiful. Marion Cotillard wears a fresh and sweet, natural brown bob.

Marion Cotillard short hairstyles for thick hair


41. The Emma Stone

Speaking of sweet Bob, on the red carpet it does not get any sweeter than Emma Stone. By the way, did you know that Easy A is a natural blonde? But she likes to dye her hair a fiery shade of red or a much more delicious kind of ginger

42. Simply too short hairstyles for thick hair

Lucy Hale’s outstanding short and choppy Rabenbob was to win prizes for its beauty. We thought she had Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby if not as Daisy herself, then at least as a feast for the eyes. We are in love!

lucy hale short hairstyles for thick hair


43. The Michelle Dockery

We bet you’ve never seen Lady Mary with that amount of make-up and shown so much skin in front of you. The basement of Downton Abbey will certainly have something to discuss when she comes back. Not to mention her fantastic, hot, chocolate-colored 20s bob that we’re happy to see in real life.

44. The Ginnifer Goodwin

Although Ginnifer Goodwin has become the queen of the boyish elf in recent years, Ginnifer Goodwin looks just as good in a bob as short hairstyles for thin hair. We love how she always associates it with oversized earrings to extend her round face.

45. The Diane Keaton

It seems to us that actress Diane Keaton has been wearing this hairstyle since we can remember. It has now become part of her image and a bit iconic look for her. We support her loyalty to the style and look forward to seeing if she changes it in the next few years.

Diane Keaton short hairstyles for thick hair


46. ​​The Sharon stone

Here is a pixie cut that takes you back to the 2000s. Sharon Stone holds the beacon for this decade with a bottle of blonde spiky hairstyle, raw black eyeliner and big hoop earrings. She is another lady who is faithful to times long past.

Shorthair hairstyles from Sharonstein for thick hair


47. The Pink

No matter what she does, pink is always up to date. Maybe because she was always ahead of her time. This super shocked platinum fairy from 2008 is still very popular today, almost ten years after she wore it. It proves that some women really know how to wear short hairstyles for thick hair.

pink short hairstyles for thick hair


48. The Afro

What to do if you have such curly hair? The answer is so much easier than you ever thought. Get the shortest pixie cut you can. The second step is to dye your Pixie cut in one of today’s hottest colors, like this copper red mixed with a little bit of brown.

Afro short hairstyles for thick hair


49. Best Short Haircuts for Thick Straight Hair

Here is a fact for you. If you have straight and thick hair and you make a dull cut, it will blow you up like a little mushroom. That’s why you’ll need to give your stylist a few shifts so the curls can line up nicely on your head and lose the volume and breath.

Lisa Rinna short hairstyles for thick hair


50. The Kerri Russell

Once you’ve reached these layers, we talked about it, you can walk to your curling iron and get those amazing sweetheart curls that Keri Russell wears. Split your hair sideways and catch your pony as well. The pink lipstick is of course a must.

Here are the 50 gorgeous short hairstyles for thick hair we promised. They included everything from multi-layered bobsled to curly bobs, boyish pixies, spiky pixies, 50s curls, retro looks, celebrity-inspired cuts, and more. Write us in the comment section below and let us know which of your favorites was and why.

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