Long Hairstyles

50 new hairstyles for long hair that you can try today

1. Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bangs

Taylor Swift did it. Kim Kardashian did it. Damn, even Michelle Obama did it! Of course we’re talking about Straight Cut Pony. Blunt Bangs claimed their right to fame a few decades ago. Just add some dull bangs on the front, covering the entire forehead. A fat fringe can completely transform an average hairstyle into a trendy and edgy one. The hairstyle also helps to hide a wide forehead and accentuate your cheekbones.

2. Pony with waves

Pony with Wave Hairstyle

Trust me, who has decided on pony, will change his life. And they look even more amazing with some goody wavy hair. They give the mane a little glamor and give it an over-chic look.

3. Smooth and shiny

Smooth and shiny

The first time I straightened my hair, I felt like a very different person. Because straight hair has the power to make you dull to fabulous. You can play with different colors, shades and placements when flaunting this hairstyle. Corresponding lights and lights can add depth to the texture of your hair.

4. Side swept

Side swept
Do you know where you are wrong with your hair? You are sharing it wrong. If you feel that your hair makes you look boring and much older than you, then you will probably share it in the middle. The solution is pretty simple. You just have to start sharing it on the page. Dividing your hair at the top center of an eyebrow helps to create asymmetry in your face, resulting in flattering angles. It’s also a great way to grab attention and improve your functions.

5. Straight hair with layers

Haircut with straight hair
The haircut “Rachel” is with good reason still one of the most sought after haircuts in the world. Jennifer Aniston, in Friends, showed us exactly how to get a layered haircut to frame your face. And the hairdressing world was changed forever.

6. Simple Braid

Simple Braid
Do you remember how you hated it when your mother braided your hair tight so they would not get too tangled or dirty when you went to play? Looks like she’s on something! A simple braid can give you an edgy but cute look. In addition to being extremely fashionable, it’s fun to create and showcase them.

7. Fishtail Braid

Hairstyle by Fishtail-Braid
Tired of looking like a plain Jane with your simple braid? A fishtail braid is the perfect way to tie up your hair and get a little relief, yet look classy and elegant. All you have to do is follow a criss-cross technique.

8. French Braid

French Braid
Do you know what’s better than a French braid? Three French braids, of course! Try this cool, nautically inspired, braided style that is functional yet still makes your style dazzling and fun.

9. Waterfall Braid

Hairstyle of Waterfall-Braid
The waterfall Braid looks just as nice as it sounds. Most of your hair is loose and you can show your shiny and long curls (if you have Rapunzel-like hair!) Or the punk-way (if you like your braid) with equal vigor.

10. Perky Side Pony

Perky Side Pony
Are you a Barbie girl in this Barbie world? Then try this cute Barbie hairstyle! This side ponytail gives the ponytail a unique twist. Tease the hair and tie up a messy side pony. You can equip this hairstyle with a sparkling hair band.

11. Boho Braid

Boho Braid
Do you consider yourself a free spirit? Would you like to show it through your hair? Then the boho braids were made for you! Boho braids are a hairstyle that are a big hit among women – celebrities and non-celebrities alike. They are pretty to look at and easy to make.

12. Flirty ponytail

Flirty ponytail
Girl, I know you want to look like a futuristic baby. And this hairstyle will help you with that. Experiment with your farewell to try out new looks like this one. This unique twist on the crown tenses the ponytail and gives your hair a little oomph.

13. The Pouf

The pouf
Whether you spell it as “Poof”, “Pouf” or “Pouffe”, one thing we can all agree is that this is a classic style around for ages. It may take a little bit longer to master and recreate this royal miracle, but it’s worth it.

14. Messy Bun

Messy Bun
They are romantic. They are stylish. They are beautiful. Buns have been fashionable for school and college girls for some time now. No matter how many bad hair days you have, a messy knot can be your savior!

15. Sleek knot

Sleek knot
Look like a queen and feel like a queen with this smooth knot of knots that looks dazzling. Whatever, a big bun will always stay in fashion. It is considered one of the simplest updos. It looks not only professional, but also very trendy.

16. Cinnamon rolls

cinnamon buns
NO, it’s not what you think. This is not a roll I’m talking about. The Cinnamon Bun is a hairstyle that is popular among hairstyling enthusiasts. If you are a lady who likes to experiment with buns, try this pretty hairstyle. All it takes are a few hair clips to get that look.

17. Knotted ponytail

Knotted ponytail
Normally, you would not want to have any knots in your hair. But this is a hairstyle that explicitly demands one. This knotted ponytail is the most comfortable hairstyle you can create. It’s also one of the cutest hairstyles out there.

18. Side Bun

Side Bun
If someone knows the struggle to style their hair for work every morning, it’s me. And, trust me, this side bun is a savior. Besides being so easy to do, it also looks super sweet on everyone!

19. Braided ponytail

Braided ponytail
Who does not want to look like a warrior princess? I definitely do that. So, here’s a hairstyle that brings you a step closer to your imagination. The tiny braid, which is braided into a big braid, gives this hair look a truly magical feel.

20. Princess Jasmine / Bubble Braid

Princess Jasmine Bubble Braid

Princess Jasmine from the movie Alladin The hearts of millions around the world stole with their big almond-shaped eyes and thick bubble webs. Her iconic bubble fringe can be easily tied with a couple of hair ties around the ponytail.

21. The Braided Headband or Milkmaid Braid

The Braided Headband or Milkmaid Braid Hairstyle
Going out for a nice day in the sun? Check out this Milkmaid pigtail hairstyle to work with your sweet summer dresses. Just tie your hair in 2 pigtails and put it over your head to get that look. Is not this hairstyle cute?

22. Voluminous curls

Voluminous curls
Tired of your boring straight hair? Then it’s time for you to invest in a good quality curling iron. Voluminous and springy curls look girlish and seductive!

23. Voluminous lace knot

Voluminous lace knot

Image: Shutterstock

If, like me, you spend plenty of time on Tumblr and Instagram all day, you’ll know that the messy top has an art and aesthetics look knot. Along with some cute baggy clothes and oversized sunglasses, you’ll end up wearing the street fashion game with your messy top knot look.

24. Finger Waves

Finger waves
This retro 1920s hairstyle is one of the few timeless classics. Finger waves are easy to create and give your hair a jump.

25. Bed head curls

Bed Head locks
Bed-head curls look amazing on long hair. Curl your hair into curls and finger combs to recreate this stunning hairstyle.

26. Pinned Back Hair

Pinned Back Hair
You may want to tease the hair for a little more volume and pin down the sides again. Look at Victoria Justice, who fully lives up to this hairstyle, pun intended (or maybe it is!). Anyway, she looks divine.

27. Sassy Side Part

Sassy side part
Comb the roots back and flatten them before spraying on the hairspray. This style is pretty definite and looks great if done right.

28. Slicked back

Slicked back
A light hairstyle to straighten your hair is very glamorous and makes you feel like a celebrity.

29. Beachy Mermaid Waves

Beachy Mermaid Waves
The Beachy Mermaid Waves have always looked divine. To re-imitate this hairstyle, drape parts of your hair around a magic wand and spray it on the spot. Loosen the curls with your fingers and voila, you’re ready.

30. Side pots

side braids
Side braids are so stylish. Just give it a try and who knows why it’s an absolute favorite!

31. Curls with a straight bangs

Curls with a straight bangs
Curls look beautiful when combined with a straight face framing pony and chunky fringes.

32. scarf updo

Scarf Updo
The updo is probably one of the most popular hairstyles of colonial Europe. However, there seems to be a comeback. And we are so thankful!

33. Low node

Low knot
The low knot works well with all types of hair. It looks pretty cute. If you want to look younger then that’s the hairstyle you should choose.

34. High ponytail

High ponytail
A high ponytail stands for class and elegance. First, apply a volumizing mousse and pull up the long hair to get a firm pony. Next, use a thick curling iron to add extra volume and thickness. Once done, mist with a light hairspray to tame the overflights.

35. High Bun

High Bun
No matter how, a high bun will always stay in fashion. It is considered one of the simplest updos for round faces.

All you have to do is grab your hair, turn it into a bun and secure the bun with an elastic band.

36. tight curls

Hairstyle of tight curls
This chic hairstyle is a winner. The hair looks thicker, as the curls of the mane give a lot of volume. Get a dry haircut for best results.

37. All-Around Layers

All-Around-layer hairstyle
A dressed look, but by no means less glamorous. The all-round layers give you a youthful exuberance and are suitable for every occasion.

38. Cascading Hair

Cascading Hair
This is an extremely popular hairstyle for women with long hair. Highlight your hair to add the Oomph factor.

39. Wavy ends

Spiral ends
This hairstyle, curled at the ends, makes you look extremely pretty. It gives your hair a very regal look.

40. Long curly hair

Long curly hair
Tyra Banks sizzles in this hairstyle. She has also braided the front locks, and we welcome her innovation. In fact, we absolutely love it.

41. Left Loose

Left Loose
If you have long hair, why are you doing something about it? If this question touches a spark, then this look is perfect for you.

42. Sleek Cinderella Hair

Sleek Cinderella Hair
This pretty hairstyle restores the hairstyle of one of my favorite personal princesses – Cinderella.

43. French Braid With Layers

French-Braid-With-Layers Hairstyle
What happens if you combine a dignified French braid with wild hair? Take a look at this brilliant new variation of the orderly French braid.

44. Long hair with medium wave

Long hairstyle with medium hairstyle
The hairstyle reached its peak in the late 40s and early 50s. The hairstyle is good for fine to medium hair.

45. Headband with braids

Headband with braids
By now you know that we love braids. The headband over the braid makes it look even prettier.

46. ​​Feline Fringe

Feline Fringe
The Cats Edge is one of the newest long hairstyles. Very popular in the 80s, the long bangs and the face, which form gradual layers, give a seductive yet sweet look.

47. Smooth ceiling

Smooth ceiling
The blanket hairstyle looks absolutely stunning. Even better, if you have pony about it.

48. Angled Haircut

Angled haircut
Here are the latest trendy haircuts for long hair. This hairstyle is a good choice if you do not know what to do with your hair. The angled hairstyle gives your hair more volume and texture.

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