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50 sweet plum hair color ideas

If you have decided to dye your hair plum then you are in luck. Unlike most colors in the spectrum, there is no shortage of shades to choose from. Moreover, each of them is more delicious and aesthetic than the other. Nevertheless, a cornucopia of colors could prove both a curse and a blessing. In other words, how do you choose the best plum hair color for you? Do not worry! We have compiled a list of the best 50 plum colors. Scroll down and choose the ones you like best.

Let’s start with a plum hair color that has been applied to brunettes. In other words, the base of this color is a good, old-fashioned brunette, while the top has stripes of classic, rich and powdery plum. Yum!

Rose gold is still strong as the absolute “it” color of the last few seasons. Everything must be in rose gold, and you know it. But have you ever thought of combining plum with rose gold? This would work wonderfully as an autumn hair color.

Yes, you can even make balayage with a beautiful plum hair color. Start with a natural dark hair color, like a deep brunette or a rich dark chestnut, and continue with a lighter shade of plum that will open and soften the whole situation.

The combination of plum hair color with red is always a great idea. You can see that it occurs organically in nature, mostly in flowers and fruits, so why not replant with your own hair? The resulting color is absolutely stunning.


5. Eggplant Plum Hair

One of the most popular plum hair colors ever is eggplant. In fact, it has been used on such a grand scale that it has become a classic in the plum blossom family. It is dark and elegant, with only a hint of shine.


6. Dark Plum to Purple Ombre

If you’re thinking about getting a purple ombre, you’ve certainly been heading in the right direction. This one goes from a dark plum to a casual purple on the surface with some dark magnolia strands thrown in just for fun.

Dark plum to human ombre plum hair color


7. Black and Purple Hairstyles

Another amazing combination you can try is that between dark brunette and dark purple. Both shades have a deep base, which means they complement each other wonderfully.

8. Eggplant Plum Hair Color

Here is an interesting fact. Although eggplant actually means eggplant, the plum hair shade is not the same. In other words, we have one hair color for eggplant and another for eggplant. That’s how far the plum tree goes.

Eggplant plum hair color


9. Blackberry Plum Hair

This particular shade looks as delicious as it sounds. The blackberry theme gives the darker plum a sweet effect that is almost pink in some places, depending on how the light hits it. We recommend you invest in some shine spray.

Blackberry plum hair color


10. The Kylie Jenner

The plum hair color is so popular that even some celebrities have fallen victim to their bait. Supermodel and reality TV show Kylie Jenner is just one of them. Here she is with a chopped off, medium haircut, in a nice, dusty plum shade.

11. Chocolate Cherry Hairstyles

Do you know what you get when you combine dark chocolate with dark cherry? A kind of plum hair color. It is very dark and woody, but also natural and organic, like the plums normally found in nature, rather than in an orchard.

12. The angled red praise

A praise is otherwise known as a long bob. This one is special because it is also angled on one side. But what we love most is its plum color, blended with a little red, which definitely gives it an extra kick.

13. The Wavy Bob

Another type of praise or Long Bob is the wavy one. All you have to do here is break out your old curling iron and create a few of those loose waves. Complete with a touch of hairspray to keep everything in place, and you’re good to go.

14. Raspberry and Orchid Hairstyles

This particular plum hair color is a combination of the shades we call raspberry and orchid. They’ve teamed up to create this wonderful pink shade, which is neither purple nor red, but almost ripe plum.

Raspberry orchid plum hair color


15. Purple and magenta

If you can not decide which of these beautiful shades you want to adopt, you can always go for two. This is a combination of magenta and violet, with the edges clearly visible.

16. Lavender Plum Hair Color

Is there anything nicer or more feminine than lavender? If you agree, why do not you wear it in your hair as well? You could go for the simple solution of a lavender crown, or you could go for the more permanent lavender hair color.

17. The reverse bob

Another type of bob that you can use perfectly to present your amazing plum hair color is the inverted bob. Its long and choppy sides will help to prolong your facial features and create the illusion that they are much slimmer than they seem.

inverted Bob plum hair color


18th wedding day purple hair color

Here is an amazing idea for your wedding day. This is a dark and matte purple, yet it is sweet and juicy. The romantic part is brought here by the big, tautly strapped statement piece of hair jewelry.

19. Light Grape and Cream Highlights

Now this is a fantastic piece of Ombre. It starts with a light grape on top. Far from being wine in color, this is actually sweet grape. It turns into grape jelly, combined with thick and soft cream reflections to the ends.

20. Merlot Balayage

As we talked about grapes, let’s take a look at how Merlot looks like plum hair color. This is a dark purple base hair with a Merlot color melt, all packaged under the same name we got used to – Balayage.

21. Curly Plum Hair Color

Like many other non-traditional hair colors, plum is also great for curls. But be careful that you do not go over the top. This shade is an amount that can be taken alone, without having to add the fullness of a full curl.

22. Concord Plum Hair Color

This hue is called Concord and we must admit that he is one of our favorites. Just as with children, we should not vote, but we have and this has just won our hearts. Just look at this gorgeous plum color and how it makes her eyes!

23. Violet Plum Hair Color

Here is a shadow that lends strongly to nature, namely the flower of the same name. It’s simple and sweet and it goes well with a bunch of mermaids or beach waves. All you need is a sea salt spray.

violet plum hair color


24. Boysenberry Hair Color

As a fruit, boysenberries are a wonderful cross between loganberries, raspberries, blackberries and blackberries. And that is exactly what this hair color looks like. A mix of a basket full of goodies that are typically found deep in the forest.

25. Magenta Plum Hair Color

If your plan is to go all hipsters, magenta is definitely your color. It is undoubtedly crazy and not standard enough to survive as a hipster. You can also add a touch of neon to it as well as any statement jewelry you like.

Magenta plum hair color


26. Plum Hair and Black Bows

A darker shade of plum hair color can always be sweetened with a simple sweep. Think Alice in Wonderland or a Disney princess. However, to avoid looking like a 12-year-old girl, you can always choose a more mature and elegant black bow.

black bow plum hair color


27. The Katy Perry

Pop singer Katy Perry is another celebrity who put on the plum hair color. We can not really say that we are surprised, as she has probably tried every single color known to man and beast. At least in her videos she did that.

Katy Perry plum hair color


28. Mardi Gras Plum Hair Color

This particular shade is called Mardi Gras and you can easily see why. It is young, fresh, hip and ready to party. All you have to do after you get it is to make sure you know how to style it properly.

Mardi Gras plum hair color


29. Antique fuchsia

If Mardi Gras was not exactly your cup … ok, we say tea, why do not you try Antique Fuchsia? It has a vintage sheen, as if it was discovered somewhere under a granite slab for 2000 years when it was worn by the queens of the ancient world. And you know that purple is the color of the royal house.

30. Light amethyst

Another color that is worthy of your attention is lighter amethyst. At first glance, it may be a washed-out lavender, but you’re wrong. Amethyst is much colder and stony in appearance, and it has some traces of indigo that make it look so spectrally.

light amethyst plum hair color


31. Fandango Plum Hair Color

Here’s a cool fact. The word fandango means a Spanish courtship dance to a lively song played by a guitar. They usually have a tambourine or castanets. Where do you recognize it? “Bohemian Rhapsody”, of course. They sing it every time and you did not even know it.

fandango plum hair color


32. Marsala Plum Hair Color

We have seen many plum colors and are not finished yet. Still, we have to admit that Marsala is probably the hottest and humblest of them all. Combine it with make-up in the right color and we do not really know how a man can resist you.

33. Dark Mauve

Are you a rebel? Then this is the hair color for you. You’d think it’s eggplant first. In fact, it’s a dusty and powdery dark mauve with a few beige stripes here and there. They are not meant to be seen by themselves. Just to bring a little light into the whole.

34. Raisin Plum Hair Color

This is the shadow you should wear in winter, if ever there was one. And here is a professional tip. If you want to add more depth or volume to your hair, you can always opt for extensions. Find some in your color or color them in raisin plum

35. Mulberry Plum Hair Color

Mulberries come in different colors when you see them in their trees. However, we love the pinks and chose them as inspiration for this plum shade. The color is exactly like the fruit. Sweet, juicy and even a bit bitter, reminiscent of a pink grapefruit.

Mulberry plum hair color


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36. Dark iris

The dark or black iris is a rare flower that typically grows in China and Myanmar. But why do we love the so-called Nightshade so much? Because it’s an amazing inspiration for our hair color. It has its own merits to be one of the most beautiful shades in the plum palette, and we love it!

dark iris plum hair color


37. Tyrian Purple

This color is also called Phoenician purple. But do you want to know a funny fact? The pigment is produced by some marine snails called Murex. Since it was so difficult to preserve, it was much appreciated in antiquity. Do not worry, they now have synthetic replacement, so no snails come near your hair.

38. Wine Plum Hair Color

Wearing wine in your hair would really show your devotion to this king of drinks. Obviously, just as there are several types of wines, there are different hair colors that are similar to them. However, if you want to keep things simple, you can always go for the basic burgundies.

Wine plum hair color


39. The Layered Bob

Stylists teach us that having two different hair colors is a good idea to get a layered haircut so that we can both represent. This asymmetrical bob is a hairstyle that shows both the brunette and the purple plum.

layered Bob plum hair color


40. The Selena Gomez

Although she never really went crazy with her choice, Selena opted for a plum hair color. We love how her make-up fits this story too, with a contoured pink eye and pink lips.

Selena Gomez plum hair color


41. Space Buns

One of the hairstyle trends that has really taken hold over the last few seasons is one that we’ve come back to since the 90s. Of course we’re talking about Space Buns. They are not only whimsical and funny, but they also look delicious in the plum.

Raumbroetchen plum hair color


42. Psychedelic plum hair color

A revival of our old fashion and styling habits can go further than in the 90s. Think of the psychedelic era, its colors and how you can combine it with today’s trend. Choose a winged eyeliner from the 40s and 50s and some face piercings from the 2000s and you’re done.

43. Heliotrope plum hair color

This purple shade gets its name from the heliotrope flower. It is a very light shade, which is also mixed with some purple above. This refined blend gives some otherwise perfect pastel hair color some texture and depth.

44th Opera Mauve

This Pantone color, known as the Opera Mauve, is considered one of the most enchanting mauves in the world. It is totally dramatic and theatrical, which is why it probably got the name ‘opera’ mauve.

45. Red and purple

A hair color that looks purple, which actually looks red when viewed in sunlight? Yes, please! Where do we sign? The gloss effect is another thing that you can admire and we can not stop!

red and purple plum hair color


46. ​​Plum hair for parties

If you are looking for a fantastic New Year’s Eve or other special party, then this is the place. These golden star ornaments scattered over your plum hair will look absolutely phenomenal.

47. Glossy Plum Hair

One way to highlight your beautiful hair color is to use a shine agent such as hair spray or a little oil. It will add a little more shine and it will nourish your locks and keep them healthy.

48. Sweet plum hair color

If you have plum hair, you know how to adjust your make-up and accessories to it. Wear colors that do not match the color you’ve chosen for your hair so you do not look over the surface too much.

49. Ruby plum hair color

Ruby plum is a shade that starts as a basic purple plum, but which has added a healthy dose of ruby ​​red. It’s perfect for girls with brown or black eyes, as the red undertones warm your eyes and bring them to life.

ruby red plum hair color


50. Curly plum hair

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than natural, long, curly hair in a fine but delicious plum color? If you need more curls in your mane, we suggest you try a few hair extensions.


Now that you’re an expert on the plum pedigree, eh? Do you think your next hair color will be? Sultry Marsala? Magenta? Delicious wine, raspberry or mulberry? Or maybe the floral and feminine heliotrope, violet or orchid? Write us in the comment section below and let us know.


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