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55 fashionable ideas for brown hair with blond highlights

If you happen to be a brown-haired nature girl or even have a beautiful brown bottle, then you might have thought of putting some highlights on it. That’s an amazing idea, but one question remains. How do you choose the right colors? There are so many! Luckily for you, we’ve gone deeper into research and developed 55 outstanding and fashionable ideas for brown hair with blond highlights. Here you are!

The first thing you need to know about the combination of brown hair and blond highlights is that it simply illuminates the color. Instead of changing them completely, like other colors, the blonde just looks like a powerful light source that attracts the sun’s rays.

This is a great hairstyle if you want to show off your brown hair with blond highlights. The whirl produced by the bun will look a bit like a scoop of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. And who can resist that? Yum!

In fact, in addition to blond highlights, this light brown hair also has some lowlights. Therefore, it seems to be lit both inside and outside. It creates a wonderful effect, especially if you smooth your hair and keep it moving.

There are highlights, and there is Ombre, and then there is Balayage. It’s a process that adds both darker and darker hair to darker hair, making it look more natural than if you were born with that color.

These are sandy-beige highlights on a natural-looking brown hair. You can also add some platinum threads here and there to make things even more open and make it look like you’re on the beach.

We are all familiar with beach waves or, as they are otherwise called, mermaid waves. But here is a little tip. You work much better if you have some highlights in your hair instead of a solid block of color. It helps to create depth and dimension.

Speaking of waves and how great they are, here is a shoulder-length bob, in brown with blond highlights of course, who also has some beach waves. You can use your hair curler to get it, or you can just braid your hair overnight.

We are not done with the waves, because here is an incredibly simple and cute hairstyle that revolves around the mermaid look. It’s a medium cut with a few blond tips on this reddish brown that will be easy to care for.

Or would you rather be a real siren and have super long curls and beach waves? This is a long and wavy brown hair with blond highlights. More specifically, it is a dark blond brown with pale blonde balayage highlights.

No, this blonde has not completed her studies. So please keep the blond jokes back. This brown hairstyle with blond highlights starts with a light brown base that supports graded blonde highlights as they move toward the tips.

Think of this brown hair with blond highlights as a drink that you order at your favorite coffee shop. It is long, dark, rich and has caramel. Add a little vanilla in it, as well as some milk to lighten the whole, and here’s your next hair color.

So we call blond and caramel to toffee and honey brown hair with blond highlights. You can see all those colors and sounds in your hair, like a warm and sunny autumn Sunday you spend outside.

We are back to the coffee metaphors, because brown hair with blond highlights is so similar to this drink that we can not help ourselves. This time we have a serious case of highlights and lowlights that make it look like a swirling nutmeg espresso.

Here’s a stunning summer color for you as far as brown hair goes with blonde highlights. Both the highlights and the lowlights are in an ice blonde, while brown is only visible when the hair is in motion.

This is brown hair with blond highlights in a superb ash shade. It is very dull and discreet, seems almost gray in some places, which means that it does not outshine the brown at all and makes it shine in all its glory.

Brown hair with blond highlights can also mean ombre. You can start with your natural brown hair if it’s dark enough or you can dye it and then let it melt into a pool of golden blondes all over your back.

17. Muscat brown hair with blond highlights

This is a different kind of Ombre. It starts similarly with a dark chocolate brown hair. The difference is in the shadow of the blonde you use. This is a deeper nutmeg note mixed with some chestnut.

18th Autumn Brown Hair

Let’s be honest. Brown hair with blond highlights is the best color for fall. Therefore, we recommend that you be inspired by the fall season and borrow some of the beautiful colors of the falling leaves.

19. Brassy blondes

What else can you add to brown hair with blond highlights? How about some nice brass tones? Copper and brass have been in great demand over the past few seasons, and now is the time to give them a try.

20. Beige and Bronde

This idea has not only a combination of brown and blond, but also Brond and Beige Blonde. Everything on the canvas of good, old-fashioned brown as a foundation. How cool is that?

Beige and Bronde highlight brown hair with blond strands

21. The brown and blonde praise

Praise is for Bob, and what you can see here is the praise that was absolutely amazing in the late 2000s. The one we propose, of course, comes in brown hair with blond highlights that will be your way to renew that hairstyle.

22. Copperbrown hair with blond highlights

Since we’ve seen what brass is for brown and blond hair, let’s take a look at copper. Slightly brighter than brass, but just as sweet, coppery blonde gives your brown hair, which is just so sought after, a metallic color.

brown, brown hair with blond reflections

23. Baby Doll Brown Curls

These are baby doll curls for brown hair with blonde highlights. To copy this look, you need to break out your iron curler. Also buy high quality hairspray because you need a lot of it, especially if you have long hair.

24. Mocha Brown Hair with blond highlights

And we are back for coffee. There is simply no escape, right? This would be a mocha brown hair with blond highlights that resembles Balayage very much, just that it is not. These are simply old highlights, only expertly made.

Mocha brown hair with blond highlights

25. Braided hairstyles with highlights

As you probably already noticed, braids are very popular. We’ve loved the boho chic look for a few years and he loved us. Now you can braid your brown hair with blond strands in a romantic French crown braid.

26. Diamond White Highlights

If you have a color of Ash Brown, then you can sweeten it slightly with some amazing and fresh diamond-white, blonde highlights. Make sure you have some in the facial area so they can highlight your eyes.

27. Gold Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

The name speaks for itself when it comes to this example of brown hair with blond highlights. The brown underneath is dark and dull, while the highlights simply look like molten gold, shiny and lush down the back. Wowza!

28. Natural blonde hair with blond highlights

If you do not like big contrasts, then you can always choose a more subtle and restrained look like this one. You can still see the blond highlights, but in this case they look more like natural sunkisses than something that comes out of a bottle.

29. Supermodel brown hair with blond highlights

Among the many, many things we envy when it comes to supermodels and their good looks, it’s about their hair. Somehow, supermodels always have the best hair. This is of course nutmeg with ice-cold beige blonde.

30. The Kristen Stewart

We also have many celebrities who have brown hair with blond highlights on our list, and this former “Twilight” superstar is only the first. The color brings out her beautiful blue eyes as well as her tanned skin.

31. The Kim K

Before she went all black hair wise, Kim Kardashian liked her a little brighter, in the sense that she too wore brown hair with blond highlights. She had a really tanned skin, so on this level she also worked wonders for her.

32. The Side Ponytail

If you are looking for a hairstyle that can refresh your daily hair routine without taking too much time, look no further. Meet the pages ponytail. It’s extremely easy to do and a wonderfully fresh version of the classic pony.

33. Neutral pale blonde highlights

We’re back for ideas on what kind of blonde you could wear as part of your brown hair with blond highlights. This one has a maroon base and both the lowlights and the highlights here are a very nice neutral, light blonde.

neutral light blonde highlights and deep brown hair with blond highlights

34. Loose and Chunky Highlights

We absolutely fell in love with this haircut. It’s a combination of very loose curls and choppy ends that your hairdresser will get through the use of a razor blade. That’s a secret of the trade. The highlights are tinny and metallic.

35. The Kate Beckinsale

The world fell in love with her as the pretty nurse caught in a love triangle in Pearl Harbor. We have to say that we are still in love with her, especially when we see that adorable brown hair with blond highlights that she wears.

kate beckinsale brown hair with blond highlights

36. The Jennifer Garner

Electra also went a bit blonde over the years, but never completely abandoned the chestnut completely. That’s why she chose brown hair with blond highlights. Her thin, French pony and the spaghetti straps dress of the 90s are a dream.

37. The Sarah Jessica Parker

Let Carrie know what the most fashionable hair color is. Straight from the streets of Manhattan we have brown hair with blond highlights. We love how she made only the ombre and a few frontlines to highlight her eyes!

Sarah Jessica Parker brown hair with blond highlights

38. The Olivia Wilde

An eerie beauty with steel-gray eyes and an angular face proves the actress Olivia Wilde that brown hair with blond highlights can complement absolutely no one, as long as it is done right. Se paired with smoky eye make-up and a pink lip.

39. The Khloe Kardashian

We’ve already seen Kim, let’s take a look at the other powerhouse of the Kardashian family, Khloe. She went for chocolate brown with a reddish tint in the front, combined with a very pale, almost whitish-blonde ombre.

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40. The Chrissy dough

A bff of the Kardashian clan, supermodel Chrissy Teigen, knows for sure what to do to look pretty. These coffee-colored eyes are paired perfectly with brown hair with blond strands, so that’s exactly what she does.

41. The Selena Gomez

Who is the most famous and popular person on Instagram? That’s right, Selena is. Her pictures are appreciated internationally by millions of followers and that’s partly because of her beautiful hair. She also has brown hair with blond strands.

42. The Emily Browning

We suddenly fell in love with Emily Browning when she was featured in Neil Gaiman’s fantastic saga “American Gods,” and we’ve all noticed that she has never looked better. This is due to her amazing hair, which of course is brown with blond highlights.

43. The Messy praise

If you are wondering what kind of haircut you should go for this summer, we have prepared an answer for you all. It’s this messy and shaggy praise, perfect for both the office and Coachella. And it’s the best match for brown hair with blond highlights.

messy praise brown hair with blond highlights

44. Extra volume of brown hair with blond highlights

If you want to cheat to get more volume into your hair, you can always use extensions. Find some natural ones that suit your hair tone, or get neutral and then color everything at once for a fantastic result.

Extra volume of brown hair with blond highlights

45. The Doutzen Kroes

After seeing her beautiful face in dozens of commercials and then showing hundreds of catwalks around the world, we sincerely wondered what Doutzen Kroes could do to improve her game. We found the answer. Get brown hair with blond highlights. What she did

46. ​​The Beyonce

Could Beyonce stay away from this massive trend that conquered the nation? Of course not. Did she look fabulous with brown hair and blonde highlights? Of course. She is Beyonce. She looks fabulous in absolutely everything. Take a cue from her, ladies.

Beyonce brown hair with blond highlights

47. The Cheryl Cole

The British singer Cheryl Cole is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women on the other side of the pond. Besides, she can sing. What more do we want when it comes to inspiration? We also want her brown hair with blond highlights, please. Thank you.

48. The Jessica Alba

Actress Jessica Alba sure knows how to play the game. She has perfectly tanned skin and dark, coffee-colored eyes. So, which hair color would suit her the most, except for a wonderful combination of brown and blond to tie it all together?

49. The Lea Seydoux

If you have not seen her version of Beauty and the Beast, we recommend that you look at her. She is a regular Belle of the Ball, playing brown hair with blond highlights in a whimsical fairytale in an absolutely stunning decor that remains true to the original story.

Lea Seydoux brown hair with blond highlights

50. The Shakira

Brown hair with blond highlights looks fantastic on Shakira’s natural curls. We love the fact that she went here for minimal and nude makeup and her eyes and her beautiful smile made the whole conversation possible.

Shakira brown hair with blond strands

51. Elegant brown hair with blond highlights

If you set your heart on blonde highlights, you do not have to just choose a shade of this beautiful color. Instead, try mixing a few so that they blend naturally with the brown and look like an innate color on your curls.

elegant brown hair with blond highlights

52. summer Brown hair with blond highlights

This classic color combination is perfect for the summer. It requires very little maintenance, so you have enough time to go to the beach. This also means that you can take a longer vacation without worrying about visiting the hairdresser.

53. Curly, brown hair with blond highlights

Adding some blonde highlights to your curly brown hair is a fantastic way to style it and breathe new life into your hair. It is also a perfect solution if you do not want to dye all your hair.

54. Blonde Baby Lights

If you love your brown hair and just want a little blonde touch to lighten your features, Baby Light is the answer to your problem. They are barely visible to the naked eye, but they will certainly do their job.

55. Faded Brown Hair with blond highlights

We’re absolutely in love with those faded blonde sunglasses that just seem to drip down from the brown base. It’s a soft, bohemian and romantic style that you can even wear for your own wedding.


Here is our list of the 55 most fashionable ideas for brown hair with blond highlights. We have shown you more shades and tones than we would like to count, as well as a wealth of celebrities who serve as your inspiration. It’s your turn to write us down in the comments section and let us know which of your favorites is!


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