6 adorable hairstyles with pony for 2019

90s fringes

Get an amazing hair look with these tbt vibes. Rock ’90s fringes paired with bulky earrings. This style will give you all the retro feelings you would like to have. In fact, the tendrils paired with half to half below ‘provide a wonderful hair design. Create your updo with a little bouffant, but do not try to overdo it, otherwise you might get an outdated look.

6 adorable hairstyles with pony for 2019

Knot Back Pony

We talked about women trying to hide their pony? Well, here’s a modern way to hide the pony. If you have a full-grown pony and you want to take him away from your face, just turn them into Teeny Bantu knots and you’ll have a whole new haircut without a pony. It’s a simple style that guarantees you an evening without annoying pony.

6 adorable hairstyles with pony for 2019

Wet Hair Look

Here is a breathtaking style for fashion gurus. Rock this just-left-the-beach look regardless of the weather. It’s about applying a generous amount of hair gel to make a wet hair look. This lumpy effect is great for choppy fringe and bob haircuts. If you have such a harvest, choose the style without hesitation.

6 adorable hairstyles with pony for 2019

Retro shag

It’s the right moment to rock your lion’s mane. But this mane should be paired with curly bangs for a vintage punch. Obviously, the following haircut looks fresh and a little unexpected. If you are looking for a way to improve your mane, you should put some chic accents in your curls.

6 adorable hairstyles with pony for 2019

Long wavy pony

Long, wavy pony is perfect for anyone who wants to try pony without full effort. You do not just have to cope with full blown pieces. You can make this pony the way you want it. Sweep them aside, put them back, etc. These ponies are great for shaping the face.

6 adorable hairstyles with pony for 2019

Wild Updo

Natural curls are always in the mainstream, but you can choose some ways to get a fresh and cool look. You do not have to cut your curls to get pony. It is possible to do so by pulling your hair forward and draping it over your face to create an illusion of pony.

6 adorable hairstyles with pony for 2019


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