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72 Short Hairstyles for Black Women with Pictures (2019)

Short hairstyles for black women are very impressive and versatile! “Short hair, don’t care.” Did you hear this motto? It seems like the favorite motto of women with short hair. Every woman among them celebrities act, your long curls for short cultures and we love it! Let’s take a look at these stunning short hairstyles for black women, the style and balance. Embrace the natural texture of your hair. It will keep you cool in the warmer months. Most of all, it can save you more time for your morning routine. Even if you have short hair, still there are a million ways styling. Today, black women always obsessed, in these spectacular hairstyles. Short hair is an excellent way to express your personal style and attitude.

Some women believe that short hairstyles have limited variety and freedom. If you feel bored with your long hair then switch to short hairstyles. If you are looking for a chic short hair style, then here is a collection of inspirational short hairstyles just for you. During the early years, short hair is worn only by men, but today, short hairstyles make you look goodier and very feminine. In general, any woman who now dare to wear a chin-length or a short bob hairstyle.

Short hairstyles did not just mean summer, because it can be worn every season. Many women think that short hairstyles are a boyish style, but actually it is the most versatile and it can even be a compliment to the different facial features. Curly styles that can make your hair look thick and springy. If you are planning a hair makeover, then these 72 short hairstyles for black women can give you different ideas.

72 Trendy Short Hairstyles for Black Women

1. Short black wavy hairstyle

A boy-cut hairstyle is very common among black women. It gives you a fat look and strengthens your personality.

2nd side Swept fringes

This style is very popular among black women. It has tapered edges and punches that give you an elegant look.

3. Afro Black women hairstyles

This is an ultimate sensual and feminine look, you can also rank higher. Why not try mixing a multi-hair color?

4. Little Afro

This is a classic look that will make women feel confident and goody. It’s the passionate way to embrace your natural look.

5. Smooth and wavy

This is a goody hairstyle for everyone.

6. Copper Short Hairstyles For Black Women

As time goes by, life changes. Try to keep up with the times, but never forget to express yourself.

7. Beautiful and stylish

Black women have the most beautiful hair on the planet. You can draw a short hairstyle that makes you unique.

8th. Punk Short Hairstyles for Black Women

This glamorous hairstyle can make you look like a queen. It can bring you recognition and respect, without spending too much.

9. Best Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Some black women who are afraid to try short hairstyle. But with some experimentation, you can definitely discover the style that suits you best.

10. Low maintenance hairstyle

This is a perfect natural hairstyle for ladies on the move!

11. Tight curls

This is a contemporary look that can save you more time in the morning rush.

12. Side swept pony

This cute short hairstyle emphasizes the beautiful features of your face. You can also change the hair color, depending on your personal taste.

13. Black Short Hairstyles For Black Women

This is suitable for women with straight hair, the pony are clearly combed on one side.

14. Elegant Pixie Cut

If you would like to keep your morning routine to a minimum, then just follow Rihanna pixie. It can even let you show off your cosmetic skills necessary for your beautiful eye make-up and red lipstick.

15. Curly Bob Hairstyle

Anika Noni Rose, an American singer and actress wears a trendy curly bob hairstyle.

16. Fine Straight Short Haircut

They can look beautiful all year round, with straight, short hair, which is very light and easy to care for.

17. Curly Blonde Pixie

A pixie cut with tightly cropped sides will extend your face, making it perfect for women with round face shapes. Wearing a fancy cut with a blonde shade can make you stand out.

18. Short Pixie Haircuts for Black Women

Look elegant and feminine, choose the best hair color to highlight this fabulous cut.

19. Mohawk

Of course, wear your short curly hair by making it super short on the sides and keeping you voluminous at the top.

20. Chic Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is a chic hairstyle that is easy to create and manage.

21. Cool Short Hairstyle

To create this style, cut the pages a bit longer and shorter at the back. Add some pony to it so it looks more charming.

22. Short and cool hairstyle

This is the latest short hairstyle that works practically on different types of hair, whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair.

23. Cute short hairstyles for black women

Every woman wants to be beautiful, to catch people’s attention. Having an amazing hairstyle can help you achieve that desire.

24. Extra short hairstyle

As long as loves to wear Natural hairstyles. She always stands, whether you have sports box braids, afros, and even this extra short hairstyle. It fits your perfect.

25. Foxy Short Hairstyle

A fringe fringe hairstyle is perfect for women who have short, straight and dark hair.

26. retro curls

With big curls, your hair can look fuller and thicker. This retro style can make you look special, but it can also be a great everyday style.

27. Short pixie style

This is a beautiful elegant hairstyle with shorter hair on the sides. The long bangs can be draped over the forehead to make it look elegant and feminine. It looks flattering to women with long slim faces.

28. Brown Hairstyles For Black Ladies

This is a casual hairstyle that looks impressive with the long side bangs.

29. Cute short hairstyles for black women

No matter who you are or what you are, there are always hairstyles that suit you best!

30. Popular haircut

Bob Haircut is very popular with celebrities like Rihanna. If Rihanna can look fabulous on this style you can.

31. Asymmetric Blonde Bob

A simple conical pixie with long curly bangs can give you a timeless and elegant look. You can easily update it with your favorite hair color.

32. Short Curly Hairstyle

Lupita is one of the most beautiful actresses who has a nice smile. This cute harvest highlights your fantastic facial features.

33. Adorable short black hairstyles

If you are interested in modern hairstyles, then asymmetric bob or pixie is the best choice. Applying some highlights or ombre color may make it more gorgeous.

34. Short Wavy Bob

Beyonce rocks, a caramel-bob style. It’s simple yet glamorous look!

35. Natural black hairstyles for thick hair

Having a thick curly hair can be a bit difficult to style. Create a charming hairstyle, just press some hair on the side and secure it with a sparkling hair accessory.

36. Short Bob Cut With Long Pony

This is a totally winning hairstyle for every black woman.

37. Short Bob Hairstyles For Black Women Over 40

Heavy pony levels can bring a dramatic statement. It is absolutely stunning, especially if you have pointed pine line.

38. Simple Short Hairstyles for Black Women

Most often, a good haircut can attract men, and at the same time makes you look younger.

39. Super Edgy style

Feeling trendy and edgy?

40. Short Natural Hairstyle

This short hairstyle can allow you to take control of your curls. It is best paired with neutral eyes and fat lips.

41. Simple and sweet

This is a nice and simple hairstyle when you are out and about.

42. Boyish hairstyle

This style is perfect for women who are looking for a masculine appeal. It can be styled in a variety of ways. You can also part of the page or the middle.

43. Side Shared Style

Do you know that many men believe that women with short hairstyles are more inviting?

44. Short Edgy Hairstyles For Black Women

Mohawk for women can also look gorgeous, bright red or platinum.

45. Edgy Undercut

A versatile short hairstyle, can be brushed to mark forward, the edgy undercut. Besides, you can reach it down brushing, a completely different look.

46. ​​Cute cropped style

A sweet short hairstyle, you can show the natural texture of your hair.

47. Short hairstyle ideas

It was during the early part of the 20th century that the short hairstyles for black women were introduced to the fashion industry.

48. Angled Bob Haircut

Rihanna first wore this iconic hairstyle in 2007. Now, many women still think that this asymmetrical bob is cool and goody.

49. Side Shared Curly Hairstyle

A super versatile cut that can be worn – naturally or with some wax.

50. Spiky Pixie

Halle Berry’s legendary pixie-cut looks so simple yet very versatile.

51. Super Short Curly Hair

It can also look great in other great colors like platinum.

52. Asymmetric Curly Style

The messy curls can be achieved using curling irons or curlers.

53. Short Hairstyles for Black Women, The Thin Hair

Black women are strong and attractive. They also carry fat looks that fit your personality.

54. Short wavy hairstyle

Black women usually choose their hairstyle according to their complexion, height and facial structures.

55. Sleek harvest with heavy pony

Some women are afraid to experiment with pony, but Rihanna shows how beautiful it can be.

56. Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

If you want a trendy and stylish look, then your best to follow the hairstyles for black women celebrities.

57. Short natural hairstyles for black women with round faces

There are several short hairstyles for women with round faces. Short natural hairstyles are hotter and very intriguing.

58. Straight Bob

A cool bob can be supplemented with huge earrings.

59. Natural curly hair

Sometimes it’s best to let your naturally curly hair do its own thing, right?

60. Simple Hairstyle For Black Women

Imagine this hairstyle in a messy look to make it more stylish.

61. Pixie Short haircuts

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most popular short hairstyles for black women. It can enhance your beauty as well as your personality.

62. Short pixie hairstyle

Women who have short pixie hairstyles do not have to spend more time curling or straightening their hair. Good luck for you!

63. Slicked Back Hairstyles For Black Women

With this hairstyle, you can relax your mind. It is very easy to maintain.

64. Short Layered Hairstyle with Pony

Some women love to play with their hair and experiment with different styles.

65. Straight hairstyle

The brow fringe is perfect for straight black hair.

66. Natural straight hairstyle

Only daring and courageous women are able to wear this unique style.

67. Tiny finger coils

Most women have curly hair, keep you short. This is because when it gets longer it can be harder to manage.

68. Spiky Pixie

This is an extremely impressive and very creative too!

69. Unique Short Hairstyles For Black Women

Short bob hairstyle with side swept bangs is perfect for women of all ages.

70. Very Short Pixie

Another way to pull off a pixie cut is to add shorter pony.

71. Bulky Mohawk

Mohicans are not only popular with men but also with women. It also offers a retro look!

72. Voluminous pompadour

When Spike Pixies teased and disheveled by the wind, it gives you a stylish look. Janet’s hairstyle is a combination of retro and modern style. If you want elegant appearance then this is the best option to make a lasting impression. You can also combine it with the best accessories and make-up.

Tips on how to keep, short strands in shape

You might think that you only need shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind when you have short hair. To keep your tight cropped curls looking gorgeous, just follow these tips.

Plan regular haircut. This is very important in maintaining your shape. You should visit your barber regularly to cut. You can do this every four to five weeks if you want to have the best looking short hairstyle.

Practice a healthy hair routine. Not all hair is the same. Short hair has its own set of products. Use these products to keep your style. Even if you have shorter hair, you need to keep it healthy and shiny by using shampoo and conditioner regularly. Applying conditioner to your hair every day may keep it dry by looking.

Think about your scalp! Sometimes you could not realize that your scalp also needs your care. Build-up on the scalp can cause dryness and flakes. Use a scrub for the scalp which is to revitalize your scalp.

As much as possible, avoid too many hair products. If you have previously had several styling products for your hair then maybe it’s time to minimize. There are some hair care products that can do more harm than good if used for a long time. Never overuse gels and pomades as it can make your hair dull and greasy.

We hope you enjoyed this collection of short hairstyles for black women , After knowing the best short hairstyles, is it time for you to choose the best and try it? Have you noticed the short hairstyle that you were looking for? If so, visit your hairdresser immediately. You will never regret that the great transformation! You want a low-maintenance look or do you want a bold statement? Women who are on the go requires a tinted moisturizer. Are you brave enough to get you going for the hack? We hope you have one

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