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72 table braids, hairstyles with instructions and pictures

Field braids can show you a way, a versatile hairstyle. You can look exquisite and at the same time, it is very easy to do. This hairstyle has a low maintenance and best of all is that it is very easy and easy to do. However, this style is perfect for women who weak their hair. There are a number of ways to style the box braids.

Box braids hairstyles are for girls who are already sick and tired of the style of their hair every day. However, it’s not really boring, but it’s about the beauty and versatility of the box braids. Can one have an authentic and stylish look! You can do the natural hair care. Since we were little, our mothers have plaited hair so as not to damage them, as some elements of the environment. Summer is the time when most of the girls swims hairstyles that are braided. It’s not really a surprise, as this hairstyle is perfect for the summer.

What’s in the pigtails?

Field pigtails are the individual pigtails are usually separate pens. Their length may vary, but some girls use synthetic or natural hair to weave themselves for adding length, thickness and fullness. These braids are great because they are not attached to the scalp, as opposed to braiding. Although it may take more time to complete, the finished product is amazing, and you can even wear it during months.

How The Style Field Braids?
Field braids are so versatile. In fact, there are many ways to style.

Top knot Bun – This hairstyle is simple but goody and elegant. Is better than any suit. Get involved with opportunity and formal events. To do this, they will need to turn them into a ponytail and split their braids in two. Turn them and loop the ends around the base. Sounds confusing, but in fact it’s easy.

Braids – they create a relationship, asymmetrical braid that braids. You can wrap it in any page of your forehead. This may seem very impressive!

French Braid Updo – This is the ideal hairstyle for any formal event, but not for casual events. If she knows how to make a braid, then she can easily do it. Just in the neck and they move all the way up. When you’re done, come on the right or left side that you prefer. The use of a pin to secure.

Reverse French Braid Updo – this is similar to the French Braid Updo. The only difference is that instead of the hacked page, a rollback is performed. Looks like a Janelle Monae hairstyle.

Twisted-pair cable, half of the crown – Make a French braid from ear to ear and drop the rest of the thread. Loop trimmed on one side and secure it with a needle. Another version is the loop from the braid to make the head, like a crown.

Ponytail – Collect your box braids and make them into a ponytail. You can wrap a scarf around it. Look more beautiful than a flower in it.

Twists- After getting a ponytail, you can turn them to add a little creativity to your hairstyle.
Buns Turn your picture – pigtails in an updo is the best known form of style. There are different variants. It can be simple, bulky, loose or firm.

Wanting to see how they style their in-box braids? Well, here they are! You can choose the best style for these eyes – taking pictures. Already it can start!

Better picture braids hairstyle – inspiration
1. African American braids for long hair

2. Elegant box – braids

3rd field braids

The options in braids hairstyles are endless.

4th shelf box braids

With braided buns, you can take advantage of the huge amount of their big scythe.

5. Valuable time in the scythe

These box braids are so cute. He has a nice, flat in length. Adding red lips and, fantastic, she is ready for her evening outing.

6. Stunning pigtails

In the field of braiding, can be an artist. There is no limit to what they can do.

7. Field braids For celebrities

Use your style potential. Why not start with a big bow?

8. Box braids hairstyles with shaved sides

Box braids with shaved sides are nervous.

9. Field braids for long hair

The size of their braids does not care, but dare not go, jumbo.

10. Table of the Lichen Gallery

Field braids can be wonderful in a variety of ways.

11. Tia Mowry field braids

This sweet hairstyle can be made to create the top of the swirling scythes is a super high bun.

12. In braiding ponytail

Cuddling in pigtails in a ponytail high, can make a cheeky cheerleader look.

13. Field braids hairstyle

Turning the pigtails are one of the favorites of some of the women, as you can perform quickly.

14. A blast from the past

It is a fact that the story repeats itself. When it comes to the trends for the hair, it seems that the double buns are here to stay.

15. Box braids hairstyles for black women

Field braids are also known as jumbo braids or poetic fairing braids. Regardless of what you want, call it, this trendy hairstyle is definitely something you should try.

16. Box Braids Hairstyles For Long Hair

Aside from the fun, this hairstyle can also protect your hair naturally very well, especially during the winter season.

17. Pull braids to a knot

Field braids are a beautiful hairstyle that can be improved with a simple and fast style, like a bun.

18. Box braids hairstyles for women

Field braids are not really new. In fact, this hairstyle can be seen everywhere, in fashion magazines, blogs, fashion, and even on the slopes.

19. Elegant bowknot

In braid hairstyles are very popular today, especially in the Afro-American community.

20. Braids with flowers

The braids became known after the movie “Poetic Justice”. Today this hairstyle is often referred to as “poetic justice pigtails.”

21. High ponytail

In this style, as long as her hair is as she is with the owner of her ponytail. The brilliant cut the top is a great match.

22. Cardboard braids hairstyle

This hairstyle is timeless, due to its simplicity and attractive appearance.

23. Side bun field braids

In this hairstyle, you can let your beautiful hair fall naturally on one side.

24. Dutt braided

This is one half of a hairstyle style, put in pigtails and in a chignon. This aspect looks more nice with chopsticks, he added.

25. In the style of the braids

There are a lot of designs and styles that you can create. Start unleashing your creativity now.

26. The braids

Pull back your hair and secure it with a chest of jewelry clip.

27. Side lichens

Show your braids on one side while your cheekbones are on the other side.

28. Simple braid

A simple bun can be paired with beautiful headdresses. This style can be used in your evening with friends.

29. Twisted Big Braid Of The Side

This type of hairstyle is so goody and with little maintenance.

30. Half the half down with bowknot

Field braids can work a lot with or without hair extensions.

31. Cute braids for long hair

Leave your long field braids, they will give you the feeling that she has a long, straight hair.

32. Half the half down with Ninja-Bun

Field braids are commonly used by celebrities such as Solange, Janet Jackson, Beyonce and others.

33. DIY braids for long hair

A shawl around his head, they can make them more colorful.

34. He moved to the back, with a bow tie

With a suitable maintenance pigtail, it can take several months.

35. Reverse French Braid updo

This is more or less the same for the French lichen. In that style, the scythe returns and holds her tight.

36. Side Of Sweep Braids

This hairstyle can be used at any time of the year.

37. Cute braids for long hair

This screen saver hairstyle is perfect for girls who are already tired of the style of their hair.

38. Side Of Sweep Field – Braids

What swept it that makes it so attractive?

39. Field braids lichen French

This is a fantastic hairstyle that can lead you crazy around the world. So cool!

40. Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

Side of sweep can add and emphasizes your cheekbones.

41. Black box braids hairstyles

The short bob hairstyle is unique to black women, as they do not require the daily hair styling procedures.

42. In the scythe-side sweep

A side swept hairstyle can give you more volume for your hair.

43. Box braids buns

Beyonce was seen rocking field scythe. Janet Jackson popularized this hairstyle in the 90s. 2019, was restored by Beyonce.

44. Center-Parted In the scythe

Zoe Kravitz revealed that the lichen-signature look really started out as a joke.

45. Short hairstyles

With this hairstyle, you can look great every day, without much effort.

46. ​​Center-Parted Hairstyle

In the braid is a screen saver, the hairstyle.

47. Box braids hairstyles – bun

If you already have enough of it, flowing hair, then there are no more worries. You can make a perfect bun with box braids.

48. Long and flowing, braids

Field braids nice, comfortable and, more than anything, has a low maintenance.

49. Blonde in the braids

It seems Bey is having a little fun with her hairstyle lately!

50. stripes – new style

Before you decide to subject the box braids, you should first check the health and strength of your hair.

51. French Braid updo

This is the ideal updo for any formal event, but it can also be used to get the job done.

52. Hairstyle – bun

For women who are thin-haired, do not do more, big braids, because obtained only with smaller volume.

53. Leave

This is the easiest and easiest way to use the plait dialog box.

54. rolls nothing good

If you have thick hair, small braids, so they are easily styled.

55. Simple hairstyle

You can have a part of your in pigtails in the middle or on both sides. In reality, there are several options.

56. Faux Hawk braids

Some women have a misconception that the pigtails are painful. If the pain is unbearable, then inform your hairdresser.

57. Joy Bryant hairstyle

With senses, they can still see, impressively too, with a little make-up.

58. French lichen with shaved sides

If you are standing in a crowd, then you wear a completely different hairstyle than in the scythe with shaved sides.

59. Kandi Burruss braids

This is a stylish way to protect your hair, especially during the warmer months.

60. Braided hairstyles for African American women

Add decorations to your loose braids to give them a unique look.

61. Hair Inspiration

Today, most of the celebrities are rocking in the field of scythe.

62. Cute Short Table of Lichens for Black Women

Most women think that the braid field, they can look beautiful on long hair, but some women prefer wearing short.

63. Fashionable short hairstyles Bob

For those who are busy women who do not have enough time in their hair styling, short field braids are the best. Is comfortable and elegant.

64. Cute Braids for Shaving the Head

Not many people are adopting this type of hairstyle.

65. Bob field braids

You can choose to flip your pigtails left or right, whatever you prefer.

66. Chopped box braids

Before you completely uninstall the dialog pigtails, why not use them during one or two days.

67. Black Harvest Above and braids

Most black women prefer the plait dialog, in a bob hairstyle.

68. Safe Middle Lichen

With a little practice, you can get a perfect field-truss knot in no time.

69. Micro braids in the long hair

In this cool hairstyle, the braids, gathered in the top in an elegant chignon. The fabric adds some colors to the bow.

70. Nice hairstyle

In this style, the braids on the front threw itself backwards.

71. Housing Long braids

You will definitely love wearing your hair this way, as it is easy.

72. Braided crown

Another type of style, her braids is a loop in the top of the head to see how a crown.

How to Im Braiding ?
In the creation of the box braids, the first thing you need to do is create one image at a time. May be small, medium or large. Divide a section of the hair into three parts and braid it to the end. Repeat this process until all the hair is braided. There are two methods for the field twisted. You can do this with extensions without extensions.

Box Braids with Extensions:
First step: Separate the hair into four legs and place a clip in hair to fasten it, except for the section in which you want to start.

Step two: Make a vertical, then horizontal part to form an image.

Step Three: Get your synthetic or natural hair and apart from some parts.

Step four: Take a section of items and hold it in the middle to make a setback in the form of a “U” shape.

Step five: Wrap hair extension hair real. This is the foundation to your curls.

Step Six: Combine real hair and synthetic hair and divide them into three equal parts.

Step 7: Start weaving until it reaches the top of your hair.

Step eight: Take a strand of hair and tie it around the tips for that.

Step nine: Repeat this process until the entire head is covered with box braids.

Step ten: For sealing the tips, immerse in boiling water.

Field braids without extensions:
Step one: split the hair into four legs securely and from each side with a hair clip.
Step two: In one section, create a vertical, then horizontal part to a box.
Step three: Divide the hair into the interior of the enclosure in three equal parts.
Step four: Start plaiting until the end of your hair is reached.
Fifth step: Repeat this process until the whole head is full of the box with the scythe.

Field braids can be used on any occasion or formal events. You can even on your prom. Africa braided hair styles are considered one of the best hairstyles that exists between African-Americans and black-celebs. Lately, Beyonce, Janet Jackson and others have been shown. If you want to use curly thread at work, then make sure your employer agrees. You can braid the small box braids, box middle braids or big box. What is your favorite field – braids hairstyle?

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