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8 best blue-eye makeup tips

Stay away from blue eyeshadows: If your eyes are already blue, applying more blue to the eyelids may look strange. But there is one exception; You can apply blues that are different from the color of your eyes. As if you have light blue eyes, then dark blue eyeshadows should work.

Mix and Overlap: If you go crazy with your eye make-up, this is the way to go. Choose more than one color, but it’s better to go to the opposite end of the color spectrum and go with brown and copper tones. They work well together and also on blue eyes.

Show your eyes with Navy blue: With blue eyes, you’ve often noticed that black eyeliners often tend to overlap and give a rather funny look. The trick is to go dark-black for Marineliner instead. It will work with blue in your eyes to make it beautiful.

Go warm: Blue is considered a fairly cold-looking color, so go with the opposite shades to make the eyes look good and warm, that is, to work with earthy colors, browns, rust, etc. This works very well for one night.

Go Purple with Purple: [19659013] The best way to make the most of your blue eyes is with bright and beautiful shades of purple. This will make the blue in your eyes even bluer if that would be possible without it looking weird

Have fun with Fuchsia: Actually, orange and other colors like fuchsia seem crazy, but it actually works, if you use it a little brown in the eyelid crease. This is again more for party and night wear.

As you can see, it is possible to make your pretty blue eyes look even prettier. All you have to do is prepare yourself to be more adventurous when choosing colors for your eyes. Remember this important tip: on the days when you decide to go the extra mile with your eyes, it’s better to keep the rest of the face simple. You know which lipstick works with your complexion without overstraining eye makeup? Otherwise you will add too much color and the beauty of your face will be lost in the colors.

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