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8 stylish and trendy long hairstyles for schoolgirls

While school is all about studies, exams, scores, and girls, you know it’s all about style and fashion to keep up with the latest trends, right? While we do not ask you to try out the latest red carpet or runway ideas, there is something fashionable that we definitely want you to try.

If you have long hair and get ready for school, here are some easy and really stylish hairstyling ideas. They will not take too much time and will also be suitable for school while they look good. So try it and let us know which ones you loved!

1. Multiple braids with pony:

Multiple braids with bangs

While the exact reconstruction of this hairstyle takes time for the school, here is a simpler and faster version. Split your hair in the middle and make a middle braid with hair just above your forehead. Take a few strands from one side and braid them. Repeat on the other side. Bring back the three braids and tie them into a low pony.

2. Loose Side Braid:

Loose Side Braid
Part your hair on the side. Now take all your hair on the other side and braid into a loose, deep braid. If you have pony, of course, let it fall over your face, unless they are too big and need to be stowed. In this case, try mixing them with the braid. otherwise hold yourself back with a pen. This is one of the simple hairstyles for long hair for the school.

3rd Rope Braid:

Rope Braid
A simple hairstyle for long hair at school! This is great for the summer, with this chic look while it’s neat. Comb all your hair and tie in a tight high bangs. Now take the hair and braid it, tie it up again at the end. This works both with a split hairstyle and without.

4. Bun Braid:

Bun Braid
Another great summer for the fashion industry. Pull all your hair and bundles together to make a half roll, roll some into a roll and leave the rest open. Now take the loose hair and braid it and tie it at the end.

5. Side pots half open:

Side pegs half open
Share your hair in the middle. Now take the front side strands on one end and braid, repeating on the other side too. Take both braids on the back and pin over the neck. Let the remaining hair be open. This helps to pull the hair out of the face and does not look messy.

6. Flip Tail:

Flip tail
Great for all ages. Comb your hair to remove knots and knots. On the back, part hair in the middle. Twist both sides and bring them back, tie them together. Simple and great for summer.

7. Sleek Ponytail:

Sleek ponytail
While this is already big on the international fashion scene, it will also be perfect for the school. Tidy hair and split in the middle or sideways. Bring the hair aside and tie a tight low pony.

8. Wavy side pony:

Wavy side pony

If you have wavy hair or loose curls, you can still go for this. Comb the hair with a preferred side piece. Bring the hair to one side and tie it to a low bangs, best tying it to keep the waves and curls from falling out and getting messy.

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