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Antitrend 2019 Antitrend years in clothing and shoes, make-up and manicure

Antitrend 2018 Antitrend years in clothing and shoes, make-up and manicure
Antitrend 2018 – essential elements of contemporary style. Because, without knowing that it’s shit, it’s hard to let change and stylish innovations that relate to both the wardrobe and the exterior into your life.

Today it is important not only to know what fashion is, but also what solutions lost its popularity. After all, modern style is so intense a dynamic that it is sometimes difficult to keep up with current trends. Antitrend 2018 will help get rid of “yesterday” to make room for stylish updates.

Trends and Antitrend 2018

New season is a good reason to carry out an audit of your cabinet and change habitual biases ideas. Antitrend 2018 is not just an opportunity to make room in the closet. Outdated solutions always give something new, fresh and original place. Be the first among your friends, who will change in their day-to-day view and will emphasize their determination and openness for change that will necessarily bring about change in all areas of life.

Antitrend spring 2018

A new season in many ways radically different than yesterday’s popular choices. Because a change of the period occurred in the spring. But just at that time, the soul and stretches to change. Stylists not only offer loose bulky outerwear but also the usual bows to dilute new solutions. Let’s find out the most important Antitrend spring-summer 2018:

  • layering , This spring may not be necessary to get rid of the habit of wearing a long cut under a short dress. This rule applies to the choice products of the same tissue, but different texture on average, for example, combination of sweater and cardigan.

  • Pink and blue colors , Remember, incredibly popular last year, solutions in pastel blue and pink shades. This reminder should be the last use of such colors in anything. Instead of pastel, red and blue came in standard color.
  • mixer directions , Even in autumn and winter it was so popular to combine clothes of different styles. In the new season, this trend is gradually being downgraded to a “bank”.

Antitrend 2018 clothing

The dynamics of fashion trends affect not only the selection of fashionable wardrobe, but also on all sides of the picture. It is very important to pay attention to the style, colors, supplements, strengthening his decision stylish hairstyle, make-up, manicure and other elements. Relieve your wardrobe, based on the recommendations of stylists, you will not notice how half of it occupied the rear positions for a long time, and can not be used. Let’s find out the main Antitrend 2018 in clothing:

  • maxiskirt , Someone is still considered the length of the floor is female and mysterious? Such ladies will be disappointed to learn that their favorite Maxi has been forgotten. Do not be afraid to open your legs and complement the image of freshness and attractiveness. However, if you are bound by a strict dress code, stay at the hem to the calf.
  • Short leather jacket , This garment is not only fashionable, but also practical. In addition, the relevance of multi-layered decisions, in which short jackets often played the role, played a role.
  • Black classic suit , Maybe someone will be surprised, but such a strict practical thing moved in the second row. Its elegance and restraint of the better, to accentuate the dark blue, purple or brown colors.

Antitrend 2018 – Outerwear

The spring season is very diverse in the choice of clothing. After this time you can still see cold and sometimes even snowy days and the first rays of sunshine. Therefore, you should not refuse the clothes in your wardrobe with the arrival of spring. But what I should avoid in this category is fake fur. Synthetic fur, even in the topcoat or coats, is a sign of bad taste. The main Antitrend 2018 – this tough coat with fur pockets down jackets shiny metallic colors and black leather coat

Antitrend 2018 – clothes

The most important element of the spring summer wardrobe has always been a dress. Especially in this time, it is important to abstain practically in the cold of the pants and to demonstrate his grace. But no dress will be a good choice. Forget black knitwear. The same rule applies as with the classic suit. Gold dresses – trendelenburg trend 2018. Stylists advise to abandon the styles with bare shoulders. This includes a trend of the past few years, as Bandage to attract a Body-Con-Fit Mini or MIDI.

Antitrend 2018 – Jeans

It seems that there are no relevant solutions in the collections of such practical and versatile clothes as trousers denim. In the new season, however, the Major Antitrend 2018 category came in low waist jeans. This news comes as no surprise, as in recent seasons the downtrend has gradually faded into the background and this spring its demand is completely lost. Another unfashionable choice of steel jeans with rhinestones. If there was a touch of luxury and sophistication in front of the stones, then today’s finish is a tasteless addition that is just cheap design.

Shoes – Antitrend 2018

The finish is an important detail. Finally, shoes can give a preferred style and serve a practical bow. In the new season, reality has become catchy and attractive solutions that turn into bright accents. Boring colors and practical, the classic ideas came from the trends. But in the choice of material is to dispense with embossing and perforated leather. The alternative in this case is stitching. However, before you select Finish, you should set the style. Let’s review the Antitrend 2018 women’s shoes:

  • Ankle boots with a high ankle , This feminine footwear remains popular only in a low-key way. Closed ankles not only visually shorten the legs, but also emphasize the modern style of bad taste and inappropriate fashion trends.
  • The high heels , The trend of practical low-pads is not the first season dictates the fashion rules. However, this style, when worn with welcome high heels, should be removed from your wardrobe this season.
  • Sneakers with rhinestones , Sport shoes in combination with a romantic finish are outmoded and out of date. This spring and summer are becoming increasingly popular, traditional design in the style of sport and leisure.

  • Tip toe , Forget about such features as the pointed front of the shoe. Even a dull elongated shape in the past, replaced by a neat round toe.

Antitrend 2018 – Accessories

Which modiste in her elegant bows without original additions? Accessories generally solve a lot in appearance. With the help of beautiful details, you can transform rather boring ensembles to bring a feminine touch into simple combinations and even adjust the proportions of face and body. Supplements always attract attention and emphasize the individual style. And not to “confusion” should read a review of Antitrend 2018 – Women’s Accessories:

  • Chalker , Textile or lace trim on the neck – the last century. A unique, fashionable collar in modern fashion is considered collar-like and has a depressing effect.

  • Tights in the grid. This accessory was eventually placed in the category of attributes for a striptease or role playing for love couples.

  • Hat with rhinestones , Collection of hats show the trend of simplicity and restraint in design. And the first in descending order went to a decoration, like rhinestone. Whether large or small numbers, such a decoration was inadmissible in fashionable hats of the new season.

  • Urban backpacks , As you can see backpacks are less common in fashion collections by famous designers. However, this trend only applies to a large and cumbersome model for the city. Stylized small backpacks are still in vogue.

Beauty Antitrend 2018

If you make beauty, you should make sure that this fashion trend of the past season as broad expressive eyebrows, no longer relevant. To give value of nail extensions or false eyelashes, even if the master guarantees the naturalness of the tool wears out. Speaking of naturalness, Antitrend 2018 in makeup has added the effect of the absence of make-up. In the new season, it’s important to be fresh, attractive and even shocking.

Antitrend 2018 – make-up

One of the first tools that stylists do not recommend using shades of brown in the upcoming fashion season. Each color palette guarantees tired and sleepy eyes. The illusion of damp skin under Antitrend 2018 in make-up. These include brilliant law firms and military personnel. Express last dull lipstick, add sensuality with the help of brilliant instruments to the lips. And another taboo imposed on flash tattoo makeup, even if Perevozka small size.

Antitrend in manicure 2018

This year it is important to pay attention to the shape of the nails. Owners of sharp claws have to part with my weapons. Still established soft edge, square and oval nails. Antitrend 2018 Manicure presents in its ranks rainbow of colors and combinations. Although the trend is catchy and juicy choices, this ensemble of contrasts is already considered a bust. Antitrend nails 2018 – and the elaborate use of stones and crystals. This finish is a valid and easy solution for a maximum of two fingers.

Antitrend 2018 – Hair

Stylists create beautiful styling and recommend not resorting to tortuous solutions. This is evidenced by Antitrend 2018 – hairstyles with a complex weaving. This category applies to perfectly smooth hair. In the fashion is still confusion, ease of installation and simple disorder – sloppy braid, the winding beam and other ideas.

Wedding 2018 – Trends and Antitrend

If your wedding ceremony was unique and memorable, one must give of all the classic and traditional ideas. And that applies to everything – from the clothes to the smallest details like table decoration and decor. The main wedding Antitrend 2018 covered to a greater extent the atmosphere of the holiday. However, it should be kept in mind that the make-up and hairstyle of the bride must fit into a romantic style that eliminates any punch, sharpness and eye-catching accents. Let’s see what will be categorical for a modern wedding:

  • bride Tomorrow , Sealing the home environment and training girls in the past. Better attention to the direct process of marriage.
  • Wedding arch , This element has lost its relevance at the end of last season. In this spring and summer the trend has adorned every interpretation of the altar and the dull background.
  • decorative balls , Do not leave your holidays, even the most stylized balloons. Replace this form of decoration with natural flowers and greenery.

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