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Balayage hair brunette 2019

Balayage hair brunette 2018

We have already discussed the trendy technique of hair coloring Balayage. Today we would like to delve into the topic and talk about painting for medium-long hair. It’s no secret that many women choose medium-length hair because it’s a convenient and practical solution.

To make the picture vivid and memorable enough to give your hair a nice shade and healthy shine. In this case, the hair has every chance of success in forming a harmonious image. An important trend this season are the combined techniques of hair coloring. This can be a combination of

Ombre and volumetric staining of the hair. Do not miss the fashion trend of the season!
Many women dream of luxurious hair, which allows you to visually refresh the image to make it younger. Comes to the aid of the new technique of dyeing hair called balayage. Let’s discuss the main trends in the world of hair coloring is medium-length and talk about what is the technique of dyeing hair Balayage and how it differs from and Shushush Ombre!

Balayage refers to the French technique of hair coloring is translated as “revenge”. Why such a name?

The thing is, unlike many other hair dyeing techniques during balayage, the master how he sweeps the brush over his hair. We talk about the vertical to the hair. It is a modern dyeing technique using wax-based agents. It turns out that the hair dye does not spread, which allows to achieve unique results! Balayage can be made on hair of varying lengths, but most harmoniously it looks at the middle strands.

Balayage hair brunette 2018

Balayage hair brunette 2018

Balayage hair brunette 2018

Balayage hair brunette 2018

What is the benefit of this technique of hair coloring balayage?
1. Color depth
2. Long before the correction
3. Update the picture
4. Allows to emphasize the natural beauty of the hair and give it shine
5. Does not damage the health of the hair
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