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Barrette Banana – how to use and create beautiful hairstyles?

Barrette Banana – How To Use And Create Beautiful Hairstyles
How nice to hear the compliments of beautiful hair. Hair clip bananas help to create a simple and stylish styling in your own hands. In fact, sometimes because of the large amount of work so little time that there is no way to go to the salon.

The name barrette-banana got for the similarities with the southern fruits. The product has the shape of an elongated hairpin crab and actually resembles a tropical fruit. The long edges of the clip are connected vertically, keeping the hair in different hairstyles:

  • Pony tail;
  • Sense;
  • Harnisch;
  • Shell;
  • has just collected loose hair [19659008] Hair clip banana for hair – how to use?Women’s Barrette Banana is familiar with the 80s of the XX century. Wore this clip for thick hair, releasing the strands on the sides. Today pins are used for different styling and is a great way to remove hair from the face. “Bananas” are:
    • different sizes and styles;
    • Made of durable plastic, metal, wood;
    • simple or decorated with sequins and stones.

    Ponytail is the simplest hairstyle with hair clip banana. Instructions for using this product correctly for this style:

  • Before use, open the clip and place it near ..
  • Comb hair strands
  • Hold the accessory in the extended view of the neck with your teeth up.
  • Fix the “banana” to the desired height of the tail and connect the clamps.

Hair clip Banana hair like you

Fashion hair banana

Every girl wants to feel attractive. For this the ladies use a lot of tricks:

  • acquire stylish clothes, expensive jewelry;
  • Finish your hair and nails.

In the fashion world, there is a wide range of accessories, including hair clips banana hair. Stylish products are:

  • decorated with stones, crystals, colors of fabrics and ribbons
  • made of durable plastic. Metal clips do not please everyone because of its rigor.

To buy a hairpin banana or not, every fashionist decides after checking all the positive and negative sides of the product. For more than 30 years, this accessory is very popular. Over time, the enthusiasm is over, but fashion returns. The product has gained a second life due to its simplicity and practicality. Hair clip banana like a normal comb and attached like a safety pin.

Fashion hair banana

Metal Hair Clip Banana

Hair clips made of wood and plastic are not always able to support thick and heavy hair, but metal accessories very well will hold your hair, remove hair or cause pain during removal. Beautiful Hairstyles With a metal clip banana with a deep, loose ponytail or just loose hair placed a brilliant clip. The metal banana is the most popular and bought. This hair clip is durable and serves its owner for a long time.

Metal Hair Clip Banana

Hair clip banana with rhinestone

Articles with rhinestones are at the height of popularity, including hair accessories. Rhinestone decorated women’s hair clip banana revive the image and make it alive and unforgettable. This clip costs the girl more than three times as a normal hair accessory banana. The best product, decorated with rhinestones, perfect for a French braid or “Harness” barrette decorated banana gives the finished look of grace and lightness.

Hair clip banana with rhinestone

Hair clip banana with flowers

Every girl, regardless of status or age, loves flowers. These gifts of nature are one of the main decorations of the wedding celebration. Stylish hair clip with banana flowers for the hair will be the perfect complement to the image of the bride. To create a hair accessory often used Tameran – soft multicolored elastic material. Flowers from Tameran:

  • look natural of course;
  • they can break, they can easily return their form;
  • have a pleasant velvety surface;
  • very easy;
  • not afraid of moisture.

Hair clip banana with flowers

Hair clip banana with stones

In addition to the standard accessories, there are design models decorated with stones. Beautiful hair clip Banana can be found in the collections of international brands such as Chanel and Dior. Masters adorn the product with their own logo or lettering on the surface of the clip. Some bananas with gemstones at a price that suits the whole state, but you can find attractive accessories for a reasonable price. The decoration of the stones on the needle will give the image of splendor and contribute to the size of its owner. The ornament on the hairstyle that you can put:

  • vertically, this is the commonly used option;
  • horizontal, that gives the unusual styling;
  • from the side, it gives the hair the charm.

Hair clip banana with stones

Hair clip banana with pearls

Jewelry with pearls is one of the trends of this season. The jewelry industry produces pearls under artificial conditions, but does not lose its charm. Natural pearls are organic gemstones that comes in different colors and shapes. It perfectly complements the wedding hairstyle. Hair clip banana decorated with beads, also artificial, will decorate any style.

Hair clip banana with pearls

Volume clasp banana

If you have strict and very long hair regular hair clip banana female hairstyles do not work. In this case, you need to buy a very large model that reinforces secure stacking. Girls with thick long hair go with big, massive clip bananas. This model is convenient to use, the product will not be revealed at the wrong time. If the hair is rare, a big “banana” is not necessary, the accessory will look bulky.

Volume hair clip banana

Hair clip banana new

Also popular item, beautifully decorated with fabric or feathers. This trend is observed in the creation of hair accessories such as Barrette banana. Hairstyles for long hair are made with large flowers, creating a vivid image. A particularly successful model, made in the Kanzashi technique (Kanzashi) – original Japanese creative model. The basis of Kanzashi is the ability to set long and sharp flower petals. This type of art in the Japanese language means “pin”. Accessories used for this ability:

  • Satin or brocade ribbons, they can be different colors and size;
  • Silk, felt or lace;
  • Center flowers, decor petals of beads, buttons, beads.

Hair clip banana hair styles

Hair clip banana is different in size, but chooses depending on the hair length the right accessory, so he can cope well with the task. I should choose a small model for my medium-length hair. How do I sting a needle – a banana? You must make a light fleece so that the clamp does not slip. Little girls who love styling with fleece-front “banana” would be perfect. Great hair accessories choose ladies with thick and long curly hair.

What and how to wear a hair clip banana? The product is decorated with rhinestones or stones, suitable for evening dress. Monochrome hair accessory goes well with a business suit and is suitable for everyday use. In order not to pay attention to the hairpin, it is necessary to choose “banana” the same color as the hair. For a safe stacking you must use lacquer.

Tail with barrette banana

The simple styling with a hair clip banana is “ponytail”. It can not afford a girl without help. This hairstyle does not have to be from behind, she could be on her side. You get an original haircut with hairpin banana clip, if the space is not vertical but horizontal either to dress the clip, it is necessary to choose a product matching the hair.

Braids with barrette banana

Perfect for a walk or a romantic date, fashionable braids, barrette banana in such cases we do not need the usual plastic, decorated with stones or sequins. One such option – “French braid”:

  • classic plaited braid;
  • the accessory is attached so that the scythe was surrounded by a comb;
  • Edge of the braid comes with bobby pins at the base of the “banana”.

Still one of the most popular hairstyles is the “openwork spit”. This hairstyle will be more suitable for the festive occasion. This braid girl would be hard to do herself, she needs help:

  • first separate the strand on the crown and make it to the fleece to create a volume;
  • fixes the thread of the Invisible;
  • braided French braid;
  • secured vertically with a barrette banana;
  • to hide the bobby pin, loosely loosen the wire, pull it lightly;
  • the bottom and side edges of the strands are secured with bobby pins;
  • Hair is fixed with varnish.

Barrette Barrette Banana Hair Clip

Over a hundred years ago, hairstyle “Shell” wore her hair big ladies. Now you can stack this way, in everyday life as well as at social events. It is suitable for business style, parties and wedding parties. After a few training sessions with the barrette banana “shell” you can easily create with your own hands. This hairstyle is ideal for ladies with oval face shape. Girls with round faces are advised to do the pony and let the curls on the cheekbones.

This hairstyle has several names – “banana”, “twist”, “shell”, “role”:

  • Laying on freshly washed hair;
  • apply mousse, and then dry with a hair dryer, give the hair volume at the roots with a comb;
  • Hair god damn, made a ponytail, which is slightly shifted to the left; [19659004] starting from below, the curls are turned clockwise to the top;
  • the remaining region of the hair, you can leave or do the roller;
  • “Bowl” is fixed with the hairpin banana and a few invisible
  • Hair is fixed with varnish.

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