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Basic wardrobe – how to choose fashionable clothes for spring, summer, autumn and winter?

Basic wardrobe – how to choose fashionable clothes for spring, summer, autumn and winter?
Basic wardrobe helps you quickly create a stunning picture. This is something that will save your precious time and become a panacea for the headaches caused by the age-old “I have nothing to wear”. Can not I make one? Faster read the article.

A basic wardrobe is the amount of things that helps to make a stunning picture for a few minutes, and not every morning is necessary to think about what will work. All you have to do is write a list of the most important things that can easily complement the trend of clothing.

Basic wardrobe 2018

Basic 2018 wardrobe for women who do not want to look unbeatable under any circumstances, contains the following: [19659005white T-shirt;

  • Jeans friend;
  • trench coat;
  • Turtleneck;
  • Top;
  • Scarf;
  • A necklace.
  • White T-shirt – the garment that looks immaculate with clothes and business style, practical and casual. When we talk about what to wear, you can create an endless list: onesie, dress, jumper skirt, jeans, pants, skirt, shorts. As for boyfriend jeans, she, like white T-shirt, combined with many trendy things. If you want to create a business outfit, stylists recommend classic dark blue color models without fading and cracked inserts.

    This year, the ditch was filled up with the collections of many famous brands. If you do not have this thing in a simple ladies wardrobe, do not hesitate to fill them with rows of trendy dresses. An important part of neutrality. It can be sudovogo, camel, beige. As far as the length is concerned, everything depends on your preferences. Classic version – MIDI length

    Turtleneck is part of the basic wardrobe worn with oversized cardigans and cardigans, business suits, blazers, dresses with shoulder straps. It’s in the list of things universal trend of 2018. As for the color, look at the turtleneck gray, burgundy, black, white, peach or beige.

    A basic wardrobe consists of a top, necklace and scarf. Top should be decorated with floral print. With him every path that suddenly transforms becomes feminine and tender. It will be the perfect duo and with a strict classic suit and a daring leather pants. The most practical option – top in a small floral pattern. Equipment? A must-have this year – spotted scarf and a chunky necklace in neutral shades that look spectacular on a basic T-shirt, and a gray turtleneck.

    Basic wardrobe for the spring

    Let’s examine more closely basic wardrobe for spring 2018. These included the following things:

    • the trench mentioned above, a leather jacket;
    • Trouser suit loose cut;
    • Jacket Men’s cut;

    • basic wardrobe – shirt, as from the man’s shoulder, practical thing that will make friends with skinny, boyfriend, leather pants, dress combination;
    • Pants whistling or “cigarette” combined with floral tops, translucent blouses, long jackets;
    • Pencil skirt silent sounds will make a stunning business outfit;

    • the base of the spring things came in the dress gray, blue, black or white, that should suit your body type;
    • a massive necklace and a bright neck sc arf will help to diversify clothing without light prints;
    • basic feather wardrobe – it is also universal sudovye pumps, ballerinas, sneakers

    Basic wardrobe for the summer

    Basic summer wardrobe – these are things that can make you feel feminine, gentle and elegant. This list contains:

    • Dress made of natural materials (flax, cotton);
    • white shirt, straight cut, cut pants and ripped jeans look really great;
    • Classic-style denim shorts with a high waist;

    • Maxi skirt made of slightly flowing fabric;
    • Basic wardrobe Supple pants in ankle-length (7/8) or straight cut;
    • if you are a lover of boyfriends, wear jeans that fit your body type;

    • a cuddly cardigan in a neutral color;
    • a tailored blazer;
    • spacious and comfortable bag so far without the basic accessories

    Basic autumn wardrobe

    Autumn basic things in a woman’s wardrobe must fulfill its main function – to create a feeling in the soul of this beauty is still spring. All autumn can not be without:

    • classic coat of medium length or maxi, double-breasted or single-breasted;
    • wool jacket, which can be worn with pants and with a feminine dress with thin straps;
    • Your fall wardrobe is hard to imagine without the stylish trousers – bananas with a high waist or wide pants that are cozy and stylish;

    • no medium-length skirts to cool outfit;
    • Clothes made of thick fabric can be so plain or decorated with graphic patterns of quiet tones;
    • perfect shirt, decorated cage or monochrome shirts light blue, milk or white;

    • without volume a versatile sweater in autumn look not cozy,
    • Men’s shoes look immaculate with an elegant blouse;
    • will be a handbag on a long strap.

    Basic winter wardrobe

    Basic wardrobe for women should include the following things:

    • Sheepskin coat, coat or coat;
    • Down jacket or parka is perfect for the everyday picture.
    • Wool pants will replace the jeans;

    • the skirt is not made of wool in the winter ice cold;
    • Soft cashmere sweater makes your look cozy;
    • Jersey dress MIDI length can be worn with any outerwear;

    • in addition to cashmere, it will fit a thick knit sweater or with a beautiful hair;
    • Also, do not forget the cardigan that can be worn over a blouse or knit dress;
    • Leather or suede pouches, ankle boots and insulated boots – do not forget to put them in your modern wardrobe.

    How to make a basic wardrobe?

    If you talk in detail about what is included in the base wardrobe, it is important to understand some of the nuances:

  • It’s important to understand for oneself which one prefers the style of dres that suits you best and suits your lifestyle. Choose the pictures with a display that came to your liking.
  • The second step is that you should deal with the previously selected images. You have to remove everything that does not suit your body type and color type.
  • You have to create a card of desire? Now it’s time to make a map association. Draw a circle and divide it into zones. For example, you spend most of your time at work, where there is no dress code. There you go with clothes of casual style (40% of all things). Sometimes you have to hold business meetings and training and therefore only need the basic clothes to have a business (20%). Go to the café in your free time? Do not forget to add party clothes in your circle (15%). If you sometimes attend social events where you want to perform in cocktail dresses (15%). Go to the gym? Then 10% will be allocated for sporting goods.
  • It’s time for planning. Determine from the previously selected images themselves which segment is suitable.
  • If you do not want to draw a circle, here is a video by the famous blogger Oli Buryakova that explains how to write basic fall wardrobe from scratch, picking up objects that can then be harmoniously combined.

    [embedded content]

    And if you need the advice of a professional stylist, then take a quick look at the video Alena Vorontsova.

    [embedded content]

    Basic things for women clothes

    Basic things for female clothing in 2018 is wearing pajama style, coats, jackets, oversized cardigans. The basic trend down jackets became the outerwear of swamp and khaki. As long as it was volumetric. Cardigans and cuddly sweaters choose a calm color scheme. When we talk about basic jeans, you choose them based on the type of shape. For example, long-legged ladies face the skinny and pretty girls with gorgeous shapes – bananas, boyfriends, flare, straight whistles. The basic wardrobe should be a strict direct skirt to a MIDI length.

    Basic things for female clothes

    Basic shoes in the women’s wardrobe.

    Under the modern women’s wardrobe are six pairs of stylish and versatile shoes: [19659005] ankle boots heel (cube, wedge);

  • practical pumps black, white, sudovogo color;
  • Sneakers or shoes that can be worn with jeans and clothing;
  • [19659005] Boots that protect feet from the cold;

  • Moccasins are a perfect fit for a business and casual style;
  • high-heeled sandals, perfect for special occasions.
  • Basic shoes in the ladies wardrobe.

    [embedded content]

    The basic bags are in the closet

    The basic things in the wardrobe are scarves, sudovye ballerinas, beige trench coat, black pencil skirt, skinny trousers, but also some of the classic handbags that fit perfectly in every picture. These include a daily bag with one or two short handles, a shoulder bag (messenger bag) that is worn over the shoulder over a strap, a large rectangular bag with a minimalist design and a small black clutch.

    The base bags are in the cabinet

    [embedded content]

    Necessary accessories in the wardrobe

    After the details of the basic things in the wardrobe girl, it is important to mention that in the list of universal mast Havov includes the following accessories:

    • previously mentioned bags (large, medium, evening);
    • Jewelry (bracelet, necklace on a long chain and men’s watches, emphasizing the fragility of the wrist);
    • Belt (wide ideal for dresses midi length and maxi, and thin must (19659006) headgear (hats and caps);
    • gloves;
    • Scarf and scarf;
    • Sunglasses.

    [embedded content]
    [embedded content]

    Basic wardrobe for woman

    Basic ladies wardrobe for women with a curvy figure contains the fol lowing elements:

    • Cardigans, knee-length and underwoven wool and skins, curvy hips and lengthened the silhouette;
    • Slinky jeans with medium and straight cut;
    • Tops, T-shirts with a boxy-fit open neckline and ¾-sleeves;

    • Dress in minimalist design;
    • Trouser suit with flared trousers;
    • Pencil skirt of dense cord with dark color and flared rock polk, folded;

    • Shirt and blouse in a box-shaped cut, a small sleeve with asymmetrical hem made of flying light fabric;
    • Sudovye pumps, boots, to the knee;
    • Coats, jackets and a coat with knee length or slightly underneath.

    Basic wardrobe for women 50 years

    Basic wardrobe for women 50 years consists of: [19659005] straight jeans in dark blue;

  • lower;
  • Cashmere turtleneck;
  • trench coat;
  • Coat with belt and MIDI-len
  • sheath dress;
  • wide pants;
  • T-shirts made from a material of average density;
  • Shirts in bright colors;
  • Skirt A-shaped or straight cut;
  • Pants suit with waisted pants;
  • Boots to the knee and the ankle boots with rounded nose;
  • Low-cut boats
  • [embedded content]

    A simple maternity wardrobe

    Carefully designed simple wardrobe for mothers in the decree helps her to save her precious time, to write stylish pictures. It should consist of the most comfortable things that make a fashionista look good, and the key feature is their color scheme to update and enhance a young mother’s complexion. Combine warm colors with cold and vice versa. Add to the basic list of bra and top for feeding. And abdominal mask oblong single-breasted, dress, A-line, trench, gensoukai

    [embedded content]

    Basic wardrobe for girls 20 years

    Basic wardrobe for a girl who is still in search of the ideal dress style consists of:

    • Shirt classic plaid casual model;
    • straight-cut jeans, blue skinny, friend;
    • Denim shorts;
    • white T-Shirt;
    • Skirts bell mini-length, “pencil” medium length;
    • a neutral midi dress, cocktail short dress;
    • solid cardigan;
    • Coat oversize, bomber jacket, biker jacket, parka, moss green, trench.

    [embedded content]

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