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Beautiful blouses – 52 photos of the most beautiful and fashionable blouses for every taste

Beautiful blouse is an essential feature of the stylish basic wardrobe of the modern fashionista. A diverse selection of models, colors and finishes will help you make a good choice not just for austere, formal, romantic and urban looks.

The wardrobe of a modern girl must not only be stylish and practical, but also attractive. Not every detail can be. However, if you add the image of the one or more objects, the entire image will be transformed. And the real choice is beautiful blouses.

Nice blouses for 2018 – News

In the new season of stylish female clothes, which is not only presented in the strict classical style. In the trend of original and unusual solutions in the cut and finish, color scheme. Designers focus on popular models of goodual parts-certain body parts, cut-outs, translucent and transparent materials. Staying in trend and longer style tunics that always emphasize femininity and romantic style. But let’s see the most beautiful blouses in 2018:

  • Bow , Stylish choices for the new season are romantic models, complemented by playful little bows. The finishing can be as one, and some big or short.
  • With ruffles and flounces , Pay attention to the feminine design with decoration in the form of small or large voluminous ruffles. This finish is just as relevant as on the edge of the neckline and on the sleeves, waist or as separate inserts.
  • Oversized , Do not assume that the free volume section does not look attractive. On the contrary, stylists accentuate popular styles “not with his shoulder”, because such a picture underscores the fragile and graceful figure, especially in a translucent design.
  • Short Sleeve , The most relevant option for the warm season in style tank tops. The trend and the option of short-sleeved T-shirt, flashlight 3/4 length.
  • Beautiful ladies blouse

    This garment belongs in the category of basic wardrobe. In the arsenal of every fashionista there must be room for one or two stylish products. This does not necessarily include only strict combinations of clothing. Beautiful trendy blouses look great and casual ensembles. Most popular are models made of natural fabrics. Transparent and translucent design universal for every day and for the evening. But one of the main features supports colors. Let us see the actual solutions:

  • In a classic lingerie , Win-win universal choice are models in black and white. But in the trend and combination in one design the two contrasting shades and other tones of the scale – ash, graphite and others.
  • Prints , Attractive and original will bow in the beautiful patterns and patterns in riding. The most feminine floral print with a small and large motif. Back in fashion again Animal abstraction, especially popular in combination with transparent material.
  • The pastel colors , Colors such as peach, mint, lavender, lemon give the picture more and more freshness. Therefore, pastel colors are not out of fashion for several seasons.
  • Rich monochrome , The actual choice for lax classic combinations, and are considered a deep solid wine, sapphire, emerald, chocolate, eggplant. Trendy and striking monochrome solutions in yellow, orange, crimson, green and others.
  • Beautiful blouse with lace

    Fine material Fashion design is always stylish, feminine and refined. Beautiful lace blouses in different colors are presented, but the most elegant and versatile are the colors in white, black and natural tone. In the trend of the product completely made of net or with an attractive lace trim. The fashion choice was contrasting design. And the real decision in this case is pretty white blouse with lace in black. Dark moldings can decorate the collar, the edges of the shelves or act in the form of ruffles, peplum and other details.

    Beautiful chiffon blouses

    Another popular material choice for sewing fashionable feminine clothing is chiffon. This sheer, lightweight fabric is fluid, emphasizing elegance and finesse. Beautiful chiffon blouse for casual bows and strict combinations. Particularly popular were the models with cascade ruffles or layer cut. In this case, the corresponding A-line silhouette with a matching yoke. Fashionable, transparent shirt with very impressive and attractive prints.

    Beautiful silk blouses

    So popular in the past seasons, as the silk blouse remains fashionable this year. Beautiful blouses made of silk are ideal for elegant evening combinations. In this case, the most important decision will be the selection of products with saturated or bright colors. Shiny, flowing material is popular in the loose fit with short sleeves, the accentuation of the waist. Fashion trend of steel and extra long tunics, often in asymmetrical style and design brindavanam.

    Blouse with a nice back

    Fashionable solution for the design of stylish blouses was the finish of the back. Such models are popular in style on the smell. In this case, the shift remains. Two shelves fluttered on his back, fluttering in the toe, slightly raising the body and accentuating the slender posture. The most beautiful blouse with original necklines. Here, the appropriate solution may be V-shaped or an interpretation of closed geometric shapes, rhombus, oval. Designers offer a stylish silhouette with a sheer lace or mesh back. Alternatively, lacing with bows.

    Blouse with a nice collar

    The goal gate in the product plays an important role. Thus, the base in the form of a shirt or a straight tunic can be made concise and simple. However, adding a stylish and attractive collar to the product will make the overall look unforgettable. Such models are particularly relevant to severe bows, where every decoration is minimized. Beautiful office blouse often supplemented with Ascot collar. The long front straps can be tied in a strict tie or a flirty bow. Another topical solution to a romantic and casual bow is considered a ruffle of little ruffles.

    Beautiful blouses with neckline

    In recent collections, designers have emphasized the relevance of styles with a deep neckline. While this finish can be narrow or wide to reach the waistline. Beautiful and unique blouse with neckline presented in a free form of brace. This option not only looks attractive, but visually adds volume at the expense of wrinkles, ideal for girls with small breasts. Fashionable solution products are considered to be one-piece with a gauzy cutout of lace or net fatinovy.

    A nice knitted blouse

    A popular choice for pictures every day especially in the heat of a steel model of fine yarn. For such clothes we use silk or cotton thread. Given that the binding in the finished product looks tight, the actual decision will be the technique of openwork crochet. The most unusual steel jackets in the style of Irish lace, which look like a complex work of art in the finished state. Fishnet may not be the whole design. For example, the trend of the steel blouse with beautiful sleeves of knitted lace. As main fabric used cotton, chiffon, silk.

    Beautiful blouse with embroidery

    A stylish solution for processing year after year remains contrast embroidery. Such decor always looks feminine and attractive. Embroidered designs and patterns in traditional style, floral and animal motifs. Typically, the base is a dense solid material or a versatile neutral shade. Anyway, fashion new latest collection beautiful black blouse made of transparent chiffon or tulle, embroidered with gold or colored ornaments.

    Nice blouse for a complete

    Modern fashion emphasizes that women’s clothing is not subdivided into categories of styles based on the body. Gone are the days when full girls had to dress in robes. This influenced the collection of stylish blouses for women plus size. The changes resulted in not only editing but also color schemes. A fashionable choice this year was a beautiful white blouse for a complete and bold, solid color. However, if you need to visually narrow the shoulders and minimize the top, it’s better to forego a dark design. Let’s see the most stylish styles:

  • Fitted , The actual choice will be the model-appropriate silhouette. An alternative solution would be a long tunic with a belt that emphasizes the waist. This feature will make the figure’s lines more fluid and graceful.
  • asymmetrical , Unequal cutting lines always help to divert attention from problem areas of the constitution. The trend is not just asymmetrical clothing patterns, but also the finish – oblique zipper, chaotic case and so on.
  • Off-the-shoulder , The open top adds a fresh and youthful image. If you have no problems with broad shoulders, my choice would be a collarless model with a horizontal neck. Upwards, a variant with cutouts never seemed to be wider.
  • With the smell , A good choice for the fuller figure is a model for the smell. This design allows the product to set its parameters and create a natural cutting that will highlight a beautiful bust.
  • Nice blouse – what to wear?

    In a contemporary style, this popular women’s clothing has become a universal element of the wardrobe. Stylists combine feminine blouses with a variety of bottoms and accessories. However, it should be noted that the spectacular peak always emphasizes the romance and tenderness of a combination. Therefore, with the exception of the ensemble, a wardrobe and a grunge-sporty style have established. Particularly popular are the beautiful summer blouses, which play a major role in contrast to closed autumn and winter bows. Let’s take a look at the most fashionable solutions:

  • The overall picture , A win-win solution is the way in one color. And here it does not depend on the direction of the bow, because all parts have the same color palette, which works harmoniously.
  • The classic picture , Traditionally, blouses are used for business and office bows. In this case, the actual solution is like a suit with a jacket over the blouse and some elements of the classic pants, a coat skirt.
  • Romantic style , For a soft, feminine combination, it fits perfectly with any top in combination with a flying skirt or shorts, high heels and expressive accessories – big earrings and arm jewelry, a pretty handbag with stones and crystals and others.
  • Urban way , A soft, feminine top looks great with shorts in lace or cotton, a mini skirt, denim pants and leggings. But the mainstream of urban onion is completing. Here are comfortable sandals, sneakers, boots on a flat course.
  • Nice blouse with jeans

    In fashion the actual pictures of the mixed direction. And with a feminine top, a good solution is considered jeans. Very nice blouse looks stylish with a figure-hugging skinny, flared standard length, casual boyfriend, adds podvorotni and tattered decor. If you’re afraid of experimenting, you focus on classic black jeans without decoration.

    Nice blouse with skirt

    In the choice of skirts, the delicate blouse is no limit. The most popular is simply a pen, especially in a classic loop. In this case, it is appropriate to be a beautiful white blouse. For a casual and romantic perfect combination of lush sun-mini or midi length, short straight cut and flying maxi. The long models are relevant in elegant loops.

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