Short Hairstyles

Beautiful layered short haircuts for women

If you want this cute and simple hairstyle, then the short, layered haircut is the way to go. This hairstyle is one of the best, and it requires little care, which means you only spend a short amount of time fixing it in the mirror and using fewer products. Layered short haircuts are very popular in the current beauty industry and every lady dreams of wearing these beautiful hairstyles. If you have a good hairstylist who gives your hair all the finer touch, you can be sure to capture that great, elegant look. The hairstyles can be classy, ​​cheeky, sweet and sultry and if you want to confirm, come and book with our hairstylists and you will not be disappointed. Another thing to keep in mind with these haircuts is that the layers improve the texture and volume of the cut locks. Therefore, it adds an extra amount of hate in your hair. We have therefore decided to give you the different variants of this short hairstyles which are currently in the trend to give into the inner life. So get inspired by them and we hope you can change your current haircut in a variety of ways.

1. Short Layered Tousled Bob with Pony

This hairstyle has a big advantage if you have short hair as it will give you an impression of a voluminous and goody hair. A handful of mousse, which is used to make the damp hair voluminous, is used to convey this impression. Take a look at this inspirational collection and it’s an explosion.
Short layered haircuts

2. Short Layered Hair 2018

This haircut is very sweet, noble, cheeky and chic, because it can increase the volume of your curls with the layers. This look is really perfect for any occasion and also ideal for any face shape. It can also help to avoid split ends.
Short Layered Hair 2018

3. Layered Bob Haircut

This hairstyle has long curving layers, which makes it incredible Portable for a lot of ladies, check out this compilation and we hope you’ll be inspired to try it with us.
Layered Bob Haircut

4. Best Side Parted Layered Shorthair

Best Side Parted Layered Shorthair

5. Layered Long Pixie Haircut

Layered Long Pixie Haircut

6. Blonde Longe Pixie

Blonde Longe Pixie

7. Layered Bob with Pony

Layered bob with pony

8. haircut and color idea

Haircut and color idea

9. Cute pixie

Cute pixie

10. Finishing layers

final layers

11. Jessica Rowe Layered Short Pixie

Jessica Rowe Layered Short Pixie

12. Blonde Pixie Cut

Blonde Pixie Cut

13. Ruby Rose short hair

Ruby Rose short hair

14. Layered Bangs Pixie

Layered Bangs Pixie

15. Pixie short haircut

Pixie short haircut

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