Beautiful nail designs – 40 photos of the hottest ideas of the new season

Beautiful nail design – a detail that could become the trademark of the image. Well cared for and originally decorated, the fingers help to tell about originality, creative style and love for me, which often emphasizes the elegance of the exterior.

Modern Art Nail art does not stop every year to surprise with new and unusual ideas. A nice nail design is not difficult. And in order to cope with the fashion trends, it is necessary to include imagination and creativity. In addition, the stylists help in finding stylish solutions and present annually updated reviews.

Beautiful nail designs 2018

In the new season in the trend every pallet. Impressive and attractive looks bright and contrasting nail polish. Restrained colors, however, can make a stylish and unusual ideas. The most popular ideas of the beautiful nail design 2018 always complemented by interesting surfaces. Every year, the number of decoration tools increases. And very important to find a harmonious base. Let’s see the latest of this season:

  • Beautiful blue nail designs , One of the trendiest this year is Sky Sea Gamma. The trend in all shades of deep and rich sapphires, catchy electricians, calm sea waves and others.
  • Reds , Feminine gamma will always add a touch of shine and elegance. Red nail polish is suitable for daily mix and dispensing. Original stylists experiment with shades of the palette – coral, wine, Marsala, blood and others.
  • The pastel tones , Soft and bright colors the most popular colors help to focus on the delicate romantic style in the picture. Although this manicure will complement a discreet bow, you will emphasize your femininity and sophistication.
  • nude , Win-Win Choice in Modern Art Nail art is considered the beige-brown palette. It is a universal solution that fits into any combination of clothing and accessories. And the most fashionable today has become a shade of hazelnut.
  • Nice design on short nails

    The owner of a small length of nail plates is very important to emphasize accuracy and to avoid conspicuous and contrasting solutions. Beautiful delicate pastel nail designs are the most successful and stylish choice. Here you can add a printed style in a floral theme. If you use stones and crystals, place the decor is easy and not at all fingers. The real choice is the moon manicure, which extends the nail plate visually. In this case, any suitable shape of the hole is triangular, square, concave, crescent.

    Nice design long nails

    Fashionistas with long nails was happier. In fact, you can add any decor to embody an idea. Beautiful design for long nails with the interpretation of colored animals. Popular prints were the peacock, leopard, zebra. Very impressive and stylish looks stone manicure and marble ideas. If you like a gentle solution, focus on fashion in recent seasons, deep design or negative space. A popular form in modern style is the style of a ballerina or ballet shoes. Fan of angular nails Stylists recommend smoothing the corners.

    Nice design sharp nail

    Again this year in fashion lace form. And stylists insist on emphasizing a daring triangle. The best solution will be Fantasy French. Beautiful and stylish nail designs can be made in contrasting colors, using a three-dimensional surface decoration or molding. The acute form can emphasize and use monochrome monochrome cover. In this case, the current color will be bright, trim tirkai. And to focus on the contraction, marigolds grace an elongated figure or pattern.

    Nice design on almond shaped nails

    Formoval popular because of its versatility. Such a form of nail plate for every length of toe and every kind of look – for young girls and older women. Almond shape itself is very soft and clean. Therefore, the type of manicure is better to choose the right one. Beautiful nail designs almond shaped ideas in pastel colors. And here in the trend gentle but bright nuances of raspberry, mint, lavender. To complement this nail art can be rhinestones, sequins and all Tirkai.

    Fashionable and beautiful nail designs

    It is important to create a stylish manicure is the question of decoration. Modern Art Nail Art presents countless original instruments with which to decorate the handle to add a touch of originality and creativity to the overall picture. The most popular currently are the brilliant solution, three-dimensional slip decoration, printed ideas. But let us see which trends belong to the category of the most beautiful nail design:

  • Broken glass , The effect of small fragments does not lose its popularity for several seasons. This manicure looks only short and tall. While the base can be bright, dark, bright, shiny.
  • Ombre , Another fashion style in modern art nail art presents in the technique of gradient transitions. In the trend of vertical, horizontal ombre, gradients from a corner or the middle of the nail plate and the transition from one finger to another. This manicure can be done in a color palette and contrasting colors.
  • Deep Design , Stylish new last season the so-called “nude pictures”. This manicure performs through stickers covering a portion of the plate and applying the general background above. Then the overlay is removed and the transparent print
  • Veil , Stylish and looks very impressive pattern with lace motifs. Particularly popular is this solution in black color, which conveys the idea of ​​the veil and gives the picture a touch of mystery.
  • Beautiful nail designs with rhinestones

    Sparkling crystals remain trendy decor for many years. Trendy with an oversized rhinestone and decoration for the little pixie. On the market today you will find both transparent and colored crystals in various shapes in gold or silver, framed, muddy and clean. Let’s take a look at this beautiful nail design with sequins and rhinestones:

  • The composition of the crown , This type of finish adorns the nail in the nail skin zone in the first place. Stylists perform a variety of interpretations of the crown: a large, flat, clear or colored.
  • The flowers and insects , Trendy as a concise composition on one or two fingers and original ideas in the style of triptych and diptych, looking forward to a few nail plates.
  • Abstract scatter , The simplest but no less effective method is to use small, large or mixed crystals on the entire surface of the nail plate. Such a decoration is particularly popular in the art in Feng Shui.
  • Beautiful matt nail designs

    If you are looking for an option that will not only look original and stylish, but also carefully, should remain on bezbokova coverage. For this purpose as a matt surface. This finish is not only suitable for sharp and long nails, but also for short plates. Very nice nail design presents itself in combined form with decor-transparent-shine. Small splashes of rain or water drops have become a popular choice in contemporary fashion. Another popular decor is the matte coating of steel patterns of velvet sand.

    Beautiful nail designs with stones

    An alternative solution of sparkling crystals are considered gems. High skilled craftsmen use natural and semi-precious stones, especially for the formal style image. This choice is especially relevant on a dark basis. Beautiful black nails design is versatile and only looks when you wear a ring with a stone the color of the surface of the manicure. Trendy decor and modern nail art remain liquid stones. This ornament is suitable for monochrome and print-based.

    Beautiful nail designs with Tirkai

    Another popular form of decoration in manicure was chrome pigment, rubbing it on the sticky surface. At first, these ideas passed the mirror effect. Later stylists presented and other types of sticki. In modern fashion demand is particularly beautiful nail polish with pigment beads, holography, beetles, northern lights and metallic shades in gold and silver. Stirka can act as a monochrome floor and decoration of the figure or the pattern, smile in French manicure or Crescent Moon style.

    Nail design with a beautiful pattern

    Picture and pictures are always in demand and remain a trend until today. There are several techniques that make such a manicure. The easiest way is the decal or the transfer method. Professionals will decorate the nails manually with any drawings that match the style of the image and the personal preferences of the ladies. The trend of the last shows became a beautiful nail design with a landscape pattern. This theme is relevant in every season. In fashion floral, animal and geometric abstraction. Each picture can be completed with sequins, crystals, stones and other ornaments.

    Beautiful nail designs with gold

    If you are looking for a truly spectacular and unusual option, then you should give up a win-win solution with gold embellishments. The easiest way to add gold to their sticks is to use sequins or glitter. Do not forget the popularity of mirror effect with the use of rubbing pigment. Perfect and looks expensive from unusually beautiful nail designs with gold casting. Such ideas are often supplemented by liquid stones or large crystals.

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