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Best Hairstyles for Shoulder Length Hair – My Top 10

Shoulder-length hair is virtually the best manageable hair length for our busy schedules. If you do not like a boyish haircut then this is the most appropriate hair length that you can even use to style easily.

You can draw layers, curls and pony with this elegant haircut. Choppy and sleek styles for the entire hair length are not a bad choice either. Best of all, it does not take much time to style these everyday hairstyles for medium-length hair or shoulder-length hair.

Here are my top 10 hairstyle suggestions for shoulder-length hair. Based on your sense of style and the shape of your face, you can decide which one to choose and which sport you want to exercise.

1. Front Side Swept Bangs:

You thought, only sidebangs look good? You can rock with front pony. Do some soft and wispy front pony that you can sweeps together for another show together. This is one of the newest haircuts for medium hair.
Front Side Swept Bangs

2. Layered shoulder-length hairstyle and curls:

Loose messy curls are a great success if you choose a shoulder length hairstyle.
Shoulder and curl stratification

3. Messy Shoulder Length Hairstyle:

A shoulder length hairstyle can get a messy and lazy look with the touch of your curler, followed by combing two or three times with a paddle brush and then blow-drying. A medium length hairstyle will not stop you from achieving that great chaotic look.
Messy shoulder-length hairstyle

4. Feathers and Outward Curls:

This is a sweet look that you can easily achieve with a shoulder length haircut. It must be maintained according to the layers or fringes that run through the entire hair length. You can use your paddle brush and hair dryer to get the feathers on the pony.

Feathers and outward curls

5. Waves and Shoulder Length Hair:

This is a great look at sports and you do not have to run to the salon to achieve that celebrity look. You can use your big barrel curler and some paddle brushes to drop your curls and put in waves all over your hair. Use a strong holding spray or glossy spray to keep the curls in place.
Waves and shoulder-length hair

6. Bangs and shoulder-length hair with tip curls:

This is almost a maintenance-free hairstyle, though for the middle pony to stay in shape, you need regular trimming. A large barrel curler also helps you reach the top curls.
Pony and shoulder-length hair with lace curls

7. Choppy Shoulder Length Hair with choppy bangs:

This is a spot on if you are a fan of choppy hairstyles.

Choppy shoulder-length hair with chopped off bangs

8. Half Way Loose Curls and Front Fringes:

With monthly salon visits, you can easily maintain the beautiful front pages. A barrel curler can do the rest of the job.
Half Way Loose Curls and Front Fringes

9. Side Parted and Bunch Messy Tips:

This can show a great look for the cute sweet Barbie doll in you. Tease the bottom ends for the bunch look on the tops.
Side Parted and Bunch Messy Tips

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